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ASHTAR/ Anne Bellringer

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ASHTAR: Greeting to all Earth souled ones and especially those, who have found the Truth.  I AM ASHAR OF THE FEDERATION OF GOVERNEMNT OF THE LIGHTED REALMS.

It is rare that I have ever talked to a human before, for I am an etherical being. I have had other lifestreams, as an etherical being.   I have to my credit the Phoenix Journal 5, entitled “From Here to Armageddon, which I had penned by Dharma back in your time of 1989.  That may seem quite a while ago according to your time, but what I had to say then is just as apropos as today in your time of 2021. Just who am I?

As I stated prior, I am an etherical being.  I have been around eons of time and am one of the first to be created even before Earth was created and humans came to live upon her beautiful surface.   I am aboard the Command ship of Hatonn, who is Creator God Aton of Light squeezed into in 4th Dimension to better communicate with you upon Earth.  I command the etherical akashic records of all humans upon your planet.  In these records hold all the thoughts of every souled human upon your planet. Nothing is left out.

When a souled-human leaves his physical body or dies, as you ones have stated, that person’s soul has to stand before God and judge himself according to how well he has lived the best he/she can The Laws of God and Creation.  He stands as a soul bared of any physical body, for it is his soul that must judge his progress.  At that time all thoughts shall be known and nothing left out.

I am telling you the Truth now about Mother Earth and all the civilizations that have lived upon her surface, for I have records of that, as well.  I have observed writings that say they are from me, but most of them are not of me.  It is rare that I have talked with a human being of Earth.  That can be verified by those not of human form that are aboard the Command Ship.  They have never experienced a conversation between two humans talking to each other that of the Light and have advanced far enough in soul growth to talk to us as a conversation.

There are many kinds of ones living on different planets, just as you see them on the TV show Star Trek.  I communicate with them all.  Creator/Creation loves variety.  I am mostly concerned now with the humans upon Earth for this is the last civilization in 3D, and she shall graduate into a higher Dimension.  This is the great event for which 200 Star Nations await in observation.

I did speak with one upon Earth who is, also, an etherical being. The conversation was like talking to an old friend.

Upon your planet you have made people into your vision of greatness by rank.  By this I mean that someone could be better than one other person because they were better educated or had finer clothes, or were rich with money and lived in a big house. Your military is governed by rank.  The General is the commander and gives orders to those below him.  He is like a physical god and if one below him disobeys his command that person is court martials or demoted to a lower rank.

This is not so in the Lighted Realms.  We have a Heavenly Army, did you know that?  These are the Arch Angels, such as Michael.  Each one in this army has a job to do which does not make any one better than any other or the Great Commander for they all work together to accomplish what is needed. 

We call the Commander the Great One.  When he left his physical body as a Earth human, he was beamed aboard the Star of Bethlehem.  The word got out the “The Great One as arrived!”  That one is Patrick.

As I look upon this last civilization on Earth, I see that the soul growth of life is not much higher that the cave man of the civilization in which those that lived upon her surface were given freewill.  If you have read my Journal, you would know that the first humans on your planet did not have a freewill.

Creator wanted to have his creations learn and grow in their soul, so he gave the humans freewill to find his/her way to be one with Creator/Creation.  Has this happened?  I am sad to say that in the progress of man upon earth you can compare the amount of those who have found the Truth and are growing in soul growth can be compared to  to one drop of water in the ocean.   How many ones live now upon the surface of Earth?  There are 7.9 billion people, many clones, but none-the-less, those, who have found the Truth are very, very few compared to your population.  Hopefully more of these souled Masters still asleep shall open their eyes to the Truth before Earth turns over.  Do you see what I mean?

I am saddened how abused Mother Earth has been and is still treated, for she was created as the most beautiful supply planet in the entire Nebadon Universe.  Looking upon her as we do from our vantage point, she is covered with darkness.  Only a few beams of light still penetrate through the darkness.

I encourage you to read what I have written in Journal 5, and the progress of how man was made.  The Dark Brotherhood has done a good job of taking over your entire planet for centuries, but is now time for them to leave and be placed where they belong.

Now, I speak to those still slumbering.  Which side are you on?  There is no in-be-tween.  There can be no fence-sitters.  Shall you spend 350,000 years of 3D life over again from the beginning as a cave man to arrive back where you are at this point?  You agreed to those high stakes. 

In all my life since I was created, I have never seen any evil as bad as is on Earth at this point.  Yes, it is Satan’s jail, playground, but each of you Masters, including you who are still asleep, have your Great God Spirit within to win and see the greatness you are to accomplish your mission and help Mother Earth.

We all in the Lighted Realms love each of you with a great love and rejoice when even one more souled one comes to the Truth. 

I hope to greet each of you aboard Ship because you have graduated.  What glory awaits those who are awakened!