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Ascension And Taking Your Power

AA Raphael -- Channeled by "Brian"

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ou humans because no one has ever been subjected to the degree of energy infusion that this will bring. Those of you who have not become accustomed to strong energy will find it difficult to adjust. Those of you who are accustomed to energy concentration will flourish in this environment. We will expect a great deal of anguish and confusion at this time.

Because of this we are pushing you all harder toward clearing and acclimatizing. This is necessary to prepare you for the higher energy influx, utilizing the visualization techniques we have outlined. We cannot stop the planetary cycles that will bring the photon belt immersion, and nor would we want to. The Earth's deeper immersion into the photon belt is a significant event in the ascension process and will bring about the energy influx needed to power the Earth and ramp up her natural vibratory rate to an even higher level that it is at present. This in turn will synchronize the Earth sufficiently to the fifth dimension to enable her to advance to the degree necessary for full ascension, which will occur sometime after the initial energy influx. This will be a gradual process, which we envisage will take at least seven years to complete. This is not a long time on our scale and you will not notice it as much as you probably expect.

Another thing about ascension is that it will be quite unspectacular and quite boring probably, but at the end of the process you will be able to look back and gauge your progress. Overnight spectacular changes are not to be expected and would be unrealistic. Being "In The Now" (ITN) will be extremely difficult for most of humanity to master in that time frame and we expect chaos because of this. Coupled with the energy increase, chaos is expected and chaos is wanted for chaos will bring about the impetus for change. This chaos may be dramatic or it may be succinct, we don't really know for we have misjudged humanity's embracing of spirituality and we could very well misjudge the effects of the coming energy influx. We certainly hope so.

All in all, the degree of chaos doesn't matter because whatever happens the result will be that Mother Earth will still be ascending. Her human inhabitants will still be recycling themselves and we have the nucleus of Lightworkers we require to seed the spirituality cause, to direct the truth of who you are to be brought to the surface and herald the era of Unity. Nothing further needs to be done in this regard. The human recycling process will eventually bring about complete Unity in only a few generation changes and this is not a long time in the scheme of things.

Being In The Now will set up the situation for great release and this release will help you Lightworkers in as much as you will not be recycled, unless of course you so choose to do so. The life review and subsequent clearing and assimilation of what you have experienced in this lifetime will not be available as you would expect. So, what we are advising now is that you artificially simulate that life review with the various visualization and clearing techniques presently surfacing. I am not fussed about which of them you use as long as you feel comfortable and as long as you attempt to clear your emotional baggage for you will see that this baggage will cause you discomfort as ascension progresses and the energy influx increases.

In effect you will be born again, but don't place too much emphasis on these words, just as long as you appreciate that you must clear your cellular memory of all negative impacts. This is vital for your physical well being and it is also vital for your spiritual well being.

Before we proceed to another topic let me say this. During the ascension process do not expect miraculous changes to happen overnight, figuratively speaking. Do not expect extraterrestrial beings to land in space ships to rescue you from your situation and don't expect that the ideals of NESARA will manifest quickly. This certainly won't happen. Don't expect that wars won't be fought just because you are praying for peace or infusing the peace grid with energy. Yes, this is having an impact but don't forget the right of others to continue with their contracts also. We can't change that. Only you can change your world by living ITN and realizing that it is not about you. It is about them and they have a right to manifest misery if they choose to do so.

You and Them. The two Earths that we have spoken so much about. If it wasn't for your media you wouldn't know and you wouldn't care, and that's what we mean for you by "living in the now." It simply means to live your life as if nothing else going on in the world mattered.

Now on to something of a different nature altogether:

Taking Your Power

This is not at all complicated. It simply means to be a controlling influence in all that you do. It doesn't mean that you disregard the customs and laws of your country or that you need to test your personal authority over that authority vested in certain individuals by the mechanisms of your society. These authorities have been created by due process and have become part of your life experience. It does mean that you must consider yourself personally equal to every other human and to every Spirit being as well. You may consider yourself to be above the animals and plants but even that is an illusion. Equality is the key.

Power and energy are synonymous here for if you are not taking your power, taking your share of Nature's given energy, then someone else is. This energy flows and you can't avoid it. It either flows to you or it flows away from you. It continues flowing and you can't stop it, you can only direct it. If you direct it to yourself, at least your fair share of it, then you are "Taking Your Power." If you don't take you power then you are directing it elsewhere. You take your power by knowing this and guarding against misdirection of your share.

Subservience to authority is another matter altogether. Authority that has a basis in fact within your society, such as your courts and magistrates, have been created by your society for a purpose. As you are a member of that society, you have a vested interest in its authoritative structures and subservience or observance to the rules of these structures is required by your society and therefore you. Authority that has no basis if fact, such as petty officialdom zealously applying minor authority in major ways is another matter and it is mainly karmic in nature. This misdirection of authority does have an effect on energy transfer and karma.

Customary compliments to your elected leaders or royalty, such as curtsies or bowing can be viewed as non-karmic simply because they are your adopted protocol for your society, as long as you remember that behind the facade stands another human of equal status to you spiritually. Just remember that the Queen gets her fair share of headaches too.

With petty officialdom, when it becomes a personal problem for you then suspect syncronicity in action. We use petty officialdom just as we use any other relationship to impart experience in your direction, and you will be well advised to remember that petty officials are not likely to be awakened humans and will most likely be among those most affected by increased energy influxes. With this in mind, drive safely and quietly. That policeman may be grumpy and you know why.

OK, where to now?

Taking Your Power in Personal Relationships.

James Redfield summed up the scenes for this in his Celestine parables and he did a marvelous job. You would be forgiven for thinking they were channeled works, but then again you would be forgiven for thinking that all the works of humankind are channeled works of some sort.

As you would be no doubt aware, you are born with certain attributes such as sex, genetic lineage, etc., but also a personality attribute that determines your "character" for this lifetime. You are also probably aware that each character attribute carries with it certain character traits and that these traits determine your normal reactions to certain situational stimuli. Sanguines, for instance, mostly try to confront aggression submissively whilst Cholerics will tend to fight fire with fire, aggression with counter-aggression. Jovial relations are the order for Melancholics and Phlegmatics will probably just ignore the aggression or shrug it off as a "bad hair day" for the aggressor.

(Note from Brian: For more information on the personality types I suggest the book "Personality Plus" written by Florence Littauer)

In each of these situations there is an energy exchange. The Sanguine gives up some of their energy in exchange for peace. The Choleric tries to hold on to their energy but inevitably and exchange takes place as a victor emerges. The Melancholics and Phlegmatics may come out energy neutral unless a distrust, which represents a dark energy deposit, in fact an energy exchange, occurs or develops. This is usual.

Remembering that "taking our power" means only directing our share of energy to ourselves and not usurping it from others.

How do we "take our power" in these situations?

This is extremely difficult to do in most situations and nigh on impossible in confrontational situations. Remember that this is why we have confrontational situations, to "experience" the energy exchange.

Now, if as we say, it is impossible to avoid an energy exchange, it is therefore impossible to avoid transferring some of our power to another, or to gain power from another. We must therefore accept that this will happen and what we can aim for is an equal exchange for both parties. This is what we call a "win-win." You win some of my energy and I win some of yours.

How do we create win-win situations?

The simple answer is that you don't have to. You don't have the faculties to do this yet. You only have to remember that an energy exchange has occurred and that an energy imbalance is likely. With this in mind you may simply ask Spirit to address this imbalance for the "highest will and good of all." Beginning with the words, " In the name of Spirit I ask that this situation be resolved according to the principles of Universal Law, for the highest will and good of all concerned." You are not handing over your power to Spirit by doing this, you are simply asking Spirit for the means to redirect energy to its proper destination.

Being ITN and redirecting energy is essentially the key here, and looking for win-win outcomes in all your dealings with others, as well as asking Spirit to help balance energy exchanges, should keep you on your path with ease and grace.

Another thing about energy balancing is that you don't really need to keep track of your karmic balance sheet. That is not really expected of you, especially seeing that we can do it for you in an instant, but you must ask.

All for now.