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More on the Photon Belt

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The following is a clip from Chapter 16 about re-incarnation in website It compliments your lengthy article on the Photon Belt perfectly and is not previously known.

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The Law comes in through Leo and Aquarius, Solar Law in Leo and Galactic Law in Aquarius. The cycle is repeated approximately every twenty five thousand years. On Earth, Leo is the astrophysical cosmic beginning of each yearly cycle. It is also the beginning of a twenty four thousand year Galactic cycle where the frequencies of Solar Law and Galactic Law are inducted for the Planet. The cycles progress clockwise though the astrophysical frequencies.

The evolution learns about both Solar Law and Galactic Laws in their twenty four five thousand year incarnating cycle. The cycle is pegged to the beginning of Aquarius, the refreshing of root race groups within the cycle is pegged to the beginning of Capricorn. The cycle progresses counter clockwise through the dispensations.

Earth's solar system circles the great central Starr Alcione in the Pleiades system every twenty five thousand years. A large high Energy photon disk surrounds the Starr at right angles to the orbit of Earth\'s Solar System.  The Energy is mainly higher astral and fifth dimensional.

As the Earth Solar System circles the Starr, it passes through the disk twice, first from the one direction and then from the other as it completes its cycle. The two frequencies of passage are completely different. The first passage enters the disk from the one side and takes two thousand years. The second enters from the other side on the opposite side of the orbit, likewise taking two thousand years.  The first passage corresponds to the Leo dispensation, the second to Aquarius.

Each twenty five thousand year period begins with Capricorn. After passing counter clockwise through the dispensations until Leo, the current incarnating group starts learning about Solar Law in a hands on way for two thousand years, where everyone becomes familiar with the tenants of Solar Law and how to work with them.

After passing through the remaining dispensations until Aquarius, the group begins to learn about the fact of Galactic Law and the importance of upholding a proper understandings about its nature in consciousness for the greater good of everyone.Â

Capricorn is the gate of life and the gate of death. If the group has learned the two Laws successfully, they move on to their next level of learning and a new group starts the cycle at the beginning of Capricorn. If not, the group as a whole re-incarnates again for another cycle to try again.

The current final group of Adamics have been trying again for nearly three and a half millions years. Which comes to an end this passage through Aquarius facing Capricorn.  If they are not successful this time, they will be removed from the planet and will be passed along to continue the cycles on other of the planets which were compromised in the rebellion until they do.