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The Significance of the Photon Belt

Dieter Braun (Indian in the Machine)

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Our species is changing as a result, however this information has been  hidden from the masses (world scientists decided for themselves that  they wouldn't share this info. with us).

Because of the photon belt, our bodies are all changing.  ALL of our bodies.

Some of us are aware, and most of us remain unaware of this process of  solar system changes.

The significance of the photon belt is that our entire reality on this  planet is going through a quantum shift.

The brain mass that has remained dormant in each of us is being  awakened, and our memory of our true heritage is coming back.

Our DNA is changing from carbon-based to crystalline DNA.

Those who will not regain consciousness at this time, will continue  their lessons elsewhere, as a new Golden Age is being established on  planet Earth (Shan).

Purity and detoxification is very important at this time, as they are  keys to your participation in the new Golden Age.

Purify your thought, emotions, body and experiences in order to attract  the Golden Age to you and your loved ones.

Any control you feel you have over other people whether it may be  financial control, emotional control, physical control, spiritual  control.....your belief in these past realities are becoming today's  illusions.

It is deemed that no human shall ever control another human being once  our collective consciousness achieves a certain higher vibration, and  that vibration is rapidly being achieved..

Both dark and Light are like quicksand at this time......they both have  a pulling effect.

This pulling effect may be causing some discomfort......make a choice  and be more comfortable.

If you consciously choose dark, you shall reap the rewards of being the  Creator of your own physical demise (and shall be reincarnated elsewhere).

If you consciously choose Light, you shall reap the rewards of being the  Creator of your own physical transmformation from 3D homo sapien, into  5D homo Christos.

These words that are guiding on on your computer screen may assist you,  however your real power is achieved through your focus (thoughts,  actions and intent), on Self-mastery.

In the old 3D world, people gained power by dominating others, in 5D  people gain power by mastering the timeless exquisite art of Self-love.



Canadian Indian....with a fond appreciation of the Galactic Federation

of Light and Archangel Michael.

Indian in the machine home in the Netherlands is Gea's place (updated with Lighted messages everyday!)