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RICHARD C. HOAGLAND: 'There is NO 'Photon Belt'

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From: rm
To: Patrick H. Bellringer
Sent: Tuesday, November 17, 2009 3:55 PM
Subject: RICHARD C. HOAGLAND: There is NO "photon belt." :)
Patrick and Anne,
I thought your might be interested in reading this non-confirmation-confirmation from NASA Science Reporter, Richard C. Hoagland regarding the Photon Belt. 
RICHARD C. HOAGLAND: There is NO "photon belt."  :)
Mr. Richard C. Hoagland
What can you tell us about the time-line of Earth's entry into the Photon Belt? 
* * *

There is NO "photon belt." :)

The physics of the Earth that's causing the current "Earth changes" we're observing (and wondering about re "2012") are FROM WITHIN the planet ....

Which is what I was trying to measure with the torsion instrumentation at Teotihuacan and Tikal presented in the SyFy Special.

To the "Newoinian mind," the idea that Earth has to travel "through something," or be hit by some kind of cosmic radiation in space to cause these dramatic changes, is normal. In fact, the Physics is a LOT more subtle; the geometric relationship of all rotating planets to each other, as well as to rotating "stars," orbiting "galaxies," etc., etc. is the real driver for these changes.

Newtonian physics is dead.

Really .... :)

It's a LONG story -- detailed in Chapter 2 of Dark Mission.


* * *

R.M.: I guess the gag order is still on.

FROM:  Patrick H. Bellringer
     TO: R.M.
DATE  Nov. 17, 2009
Dear R.M.:
    I prefer to believe Creator God Aton over Richard Hoagland any day.  For four and one-half billion years the Photon Belt has had great influence on Earth Shan.  When one understands this influence, it becomes obvious why the evil controllers wish to hide such information from the people.
    Hoagland's statement of "there is no photon belt", tells us how open his mind is to Truth, and how knowledgeable he is of the Phoenix Journals.  Quite sad!
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer