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You Can Save Social Security

Chris Dreibelbis - Campaign to Fox the Debt

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June 6, 2013

Experts have long said our entitlement programs are unsustainable, and last week we got another reminder.

The new Medicare and Social Security Trustees Reports showed these programs still need reform. With the Social Security Disability program reaching insolvency in 2016, Medicare in 2026 and the full Social Security program in 2033, we need to strengthen these programs – before it’s too late.

How would you save Social Security? Use “The Reformer,” a new interactive tool, to design your own reform plan.

If we don’t act responsibly to preserve Medicare and Social Security, we can face more abrupt and painful changes in the future – like sudden tax increases, changes to benefits, or both. But if we act today, we can avert future crisis.

Through gradual changes enacted now, we can avoid future across-the-board cuts and we can give workers time to plan. We can do all this while making sure that we’re protecting the people who rely on Social Security the most, as the recent Simpson-Bowles plan did.

There are many options for ensuring these programs are available for future generations and now you can try your hand at reforming Social Security using this tool.

Make your own choices today on modifying Social Security to save the program for future generations.

See how your choices stack up and then share with your friends!

Thank you,

Chris Dreibelbis

Campaign to Fix the Debt