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Tom Kramer

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Sent: Saturday, April 04, 2009 4:51 AM
Subject: Escrow Your Taxes
If the latest reports are true that the US Government has declared "Bankruptcy" as of 31 March 2009 this means that Federal Reserve Notes (FRN's or the current FED printed currency) is no longer of any value as the FED too would be declared "insolvent" and the IRS (as the illegal collection agency for the FED) would also be insolvent and bankrupt.

Thus if the United States "Corporation" Washington DC has filed for bankruptcy you should logically not pay any taxes to an illegal IRS/Fed consortium until such time as they can officially and legally prove their right to accept such payments, particularly in worthless FRN's. Paying anyone with fraudulent paper is a fraud and you certainly don't want to be a co-conspirator in fraud.

My recommendation to all Americans is that by 15 April 2009, you place all your taxes into an escrow account at your local bank with instructions to release the funds to the IRS only when they can officially prove that they have the right and legal authority to collect such illegal and unconstitutional taxes and in what valid currency.

For employees, please be reminded to demand that your employer no longer has your permission to deduct withholding taxes from your salaries, but as above, do place the appropriate taxes into the same type of escrow account.  Then wait to see what happens.

If the FED/IRS cannot prove their constitutional and legal status (other than being insolvent and bankrupt) then you will be able to get all your money back. 

This unraveling scenario will result in a new US Treasury currency (Rainbow Dollars as they are being called) on a 1:1 swap for most people and foreign governments, but not for the crooks and banksters.  Funny isn't it that they are all being paid in FRN's that are really and in any tax haven.  Have another trillion in toilet paper guys. 

A new financial system is coming so hold onto your money and don't give it to the bad guys unless they are really legal.  Best to wait right now.

Tom Kramer

PS: Don't forget to sign and notarize a copy of the US Constitution to legally protect your rights as a true US Citizen.