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Welcome to the Con of the Century! (video)

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We the American Taxpayer have been subjected to the biggest con job ever in this country. Here are a couple videos that will help you understand what's going on and how we can fix this and place the burden on the people that cause the problem, not the taxpayer...

I am sure that this weekend Ben and Hank told Congress some horror story about how the whole world is going to come to an end and that there is no money left anywhere and they have the Only solutions.

That is completely false and to prove it we are offering our solution. Do not believe the people that have been totally and completely wrong during this entire crisis. Chances are they are still wrong...

After you watch the video's you can learn more by visiting the links below...

Link to the letter written and sent last night by Karl Denninger to the Senate

Link to Karl Denninger's White Paper on the economic crisis


Desperate Actions by Desperate Men

A list of Quotes and Lies by Hank Paulson

A list of Quotes and Lies by Ben Bernanke

Who are they trying to help?

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