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California Oaks Are Dying, and There’s Nothing We Can Do About It

Tigers found to assist farmers and livestock owners by protecting domesticated animals from other threats

BREAKING: A major victory for wolves!

More than 150 cows drop dead in 2 hours one by one as owners watched in disbelief in Rangul Kenya under unknown circumstances

Woman Buys Fish Rotting Away At Walmart, Can’t Believe Her Eyes 4 Weeks Later

Chinook Salmon Kings Vanishing from West Coast

Thousands Of Invasive 20-Pound Rodents Are Invading California

Lab-Made Mosquitoes Released in Miami

Tipping point breached! Monarch butterfly has a 95% decline since 1980's in North America: Two-thirds of ALL animals and insects extinct in 2 years

Just one of those freak things! "No aliens, no cloaking device," hundreds of small starling birds fall from the sky in Utah, US

2017: A year in review

BREAKING: Trump opens Arctic Refuge to oil and gas industry

Scientists identify “superaccumulator” plants that mop up heavy metals like crazy

US Government Gearing Up to Slaughter 90,000 Wild Horses

President Trump saves the elephants of Zimbabwe: Big game hunting trophy ban to remain in place

Scientists Shocked As Fisheries Collapse On West Coast: ‘It’s The Worst We’ve Seen”

BY 2020 TWO THIRDS of all wild animals who once lived on the world will be dead! Colorado wants to shoot almost 100,000 healthy wild horses and burros

Starving bears beg for scraps as they are forced to watch families dine at a riverside restaurant in Armenia

THE GLOBAL ECOSYSTEM is rapidly collapsing… insect biomass plummets 75% in one generation… scientists warn of “decimation”… humanity may not survive much longer

Amazing Butterfly Migration Swarms Over Denver, Experts Are Baffled