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Power the rescue dogs saving elephants


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In wildlife reserves across Africa, small, specially trained teams of rescue dogs sniff out poachers and sound the alarm. Just 10 dogs have helped arrest hundreds of poachers, saving countless elephants being murdered for their ivory.

In the Serengeti, almost a quarter of the elephants now live in the tiny area the dogs protect -- but poaching is on the rise everywhere else and there are thousands more elephants that still need protection.

That’s why the team behind this amazing project is asking for your help to train more dogs and double the number of sites where these sniffer dogs are working -- and save double the number of elephants, not just in the Serengeti but well beyond.

With 96 of these gentle giants killed each day, every moment counts.

Can you chip in to help?

Anything extra raised will be used to fund campaigns to stop poaching and other threats to animals and the planet.