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New Drone Footage Exposes the Horrors of Factory Farming

Can Cats and Dogs See “Spirits”? Science Confirms They Can See Frequencies We Can’t

Mormon crickets are back — 3 inches long and wreaking havoc in Idaho

Killer whales are now removing and eating SHARK LIVERS with astonishing surgical precision

In a Bering Sea battle of killer whales vs. fishermen, the whales are winning

TAKE ACTION: Whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals threatened by seismic blasting

Another week of mass die offs: 2nd week of June see's tons more dead fish wash up along with dead cattle and birds around the world

Forestry 101: Log it, thin it, or watch it burn

The REAL SCIENCE behind carbon dioxide: Plants use CO2 to create CBD, THC, curcumin and all medicinal molecules

Alarming mass die-off on California beaches — “Extremely high” number of sick and dead animals — Seabirds, sea lions, dolphins affected — Experts: Never seen this many sick birds — “How many have to die before somebody cares?” (VIDEOS)

More than a dozen injured in bizarre 'crow attacks' in Irish college

Faithful 'Friend'


Carbon Dioxide revealed as the “Miracle Molecule of Life” for re-greening the planet

hanks to SumOfUs-members from all over the world, beekeepers were able to attend the Bayer shareholder meeting

United Airlines just can’t catch a break: Giant rabbit mysteriously dies on board flight

Mass die-off ongoing along US West Coast — TV: “It’s just not clear why all the marine life is washing up like this… Reports coming in every day” — Experts: ‘Unknown’ organisms eating away brains, hearts… New infection never seen before (VIDEOS)

This is Actually Happening to Antarctica... (2017-2018)

Elephants are conscious beings with BODY awareness, new experiments reveal… are they smarter than humans?

Slaughter of the elephants: Report finds 730,000 of the creatures are 'missing' from Africa's protected areas due to poacher