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By Patrick H. Bellringer

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lifestreams to bring the Light of Truth to her people. There has been ever increasing sadness and hopelessness as wars and rumors of wars have continually raged on our planet. Disease, hunger, homelessness and suffering of every possible kind have spread to every far-flung beautiful hamlet, and made every inner-city ghetto a hell on earth. Evil has run rampant with seemingly no way to contain it.

Lightworkers for endless centuries have come and gone, but few have heard their messages of Truth and turned to the Light. For eons the darkness has prevailed over the Light on our planet.

There came a prophet known as Isaiah who spoke of a great Truthbringer, Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda. “In the latter time he will make glorious the way of the sea, the land beyond the Jordan, Galilee of the nations. The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined.” (Isaiah 9:1-2). The people were given the Light of Truth by one Esu Immanuel, and the people had much healing and great hope for their times. Yet, again the Light faded into darkness, as the people fell into disbelief, and evil prevailed for another two thousand years on Earth Shan.

Then again Esu Immanuel returned one more time, as he had promised, bringing the Light of Truth to Earth’s people. For fifty years now Esu Immanuel has walked our planet, touching people with healing, awakening their Spirits with Truth and spreading Light in the darkness. Finally, the people are awakening and hundreds of Truthbringers have come to assist in spreading the Light of Truth. Once again those who have walked in darkness, have seen a great Light. They are seeing the Light at the end of their very dark tunnel.

Everywhere hope is being restored today on Earth Shan. Hope is bringing happiness in the anticipation of a new day coming. The new day promises a time of peace, a time of freedom and a time of prosperity for all. The new Golden Age promises to be a most magnificent experience for all who have walked in the shadows of the Lie, but who have now chosen to walk in the Light of Truth of Creator God Aton of Light.

Creator God has promised to us a time when evil is no more. That time is now here! Creator God has promised to us a time of joy. That time is now here! The time to begin our Heaven on Earth, the time of NESARA has arrived. For many long years we have waited and prayed and worked to bring in the Age of NESARA. Many have been the rocks and stones placed in our pathway by the Serpent People. Many times we have been most discouraged and cried out, “When?” When will this task of bringing the Age of NESARA ever be accomplished? Always there has been that long dark tunnel with no Light visible at the end.

My friends, the waiting is over! The time of NESARA has come! As Creator God’s Education Ambassador, I stand before you the day and proclaim to the four corners of Earth Shan this message from Creator God.

“I, Creator God Aton of Light, now come to speak to my dear people of planet Earth. I am not happy with the suffering of my people, and this shall now come to an end. Many more people are feeling hopeless, as the echo of hopelessness sweeps across the whole planet. I have come to give you words of hope.

What you are waiting for is now coming to pass. Eons ago the original plan for your Golden Age was laid in Heaven by many Light Beings. At that time an absolute date was set at Heaven’s Gate for NESARA to occur. Never have any of the Lighted Realms been allowed to reveal this date to you, my people, of Earth Shan. My Education Ambassador has prevailed in his request for me, Creator God, to do so to give you hope. I hereby state that the date set eons ago at Heaven’s Gate for the beginning of the Golden Age of Enlightenment by the enactment of NESARA is March 22, 2004.

Hear this, my beloved people. Everyone must now activate their belief system and bring this to pass. The evil ones have always known and are very much in fear of this particular date. Their actions in these few remaining days are to stop NESARA. This shall not be allowed, as this is Heaven’s Plan and Heaven’s date. These remaining days are allowed for the evil ones to make choices to return to the Light.

I, Creator God, ask you, my people, to use your prayer power and work with us of the Realms of Light, for we are determined to make this happen, to establish the Golden Age on planet Earth on or before March 22, 2004. You are all to be responsible within yourselves to focus on this date and create the positive energy to make this happen.

If you do not do your part, you will be so labeled by me, your Creator. All must feel responsible for bringing forth Heaven’s Plan, so pray, my people, pray! In so doing you choose the Light and bring the victory!

May you heed the words of my prophet, as he completes this writing. I am Creator God, and I love you all with a great Love. Live in the hope of a wondrous new world.”

The people of our planet today walk in darkness because they live in fear. They feel hopeless and unloved. Not only must we of the Light pray and create the positive energies to usher in our Golden Age, but we must also demonstrate this positive energy through our actions. We must be loving and kind to our fellowman. We must feel love for the whole planet. The biggest problem of earth Shan’s people is disbelief. They do not believe that there is hope, that there is love. To them the Golden Age is fantasy. When we, as Lightworkers, give them hope and show them love, we open the door of possibilities. Then it is possible for these, who are hopeless and unloved, to see the Light at the end of the tunnel.

Mel Gibson’s creation, “The Passion” may not be total Truth of the last days of Esu Immanuel’s 3D life, but it is causing many people to awaken their dormant feelings of compassion, of forgiveness, and their connectedness to other human beings. This is adding to the positive energy that is tipping the scales to the Light.

Everywhere there is excitement and signs of a new day coming. Can you feel the excitement of “Christmas” in the air. Creator God wants to shower everything wonderful on us. Make your list of the wonderful things you want. What do you want to be? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go?

Can you see the Light at the end of your tunnel? That Light is the Golden Age. In that Light these words were never more true. “Seek, and you shall find! Ask, and it shall be given to you! Knock and it shall be opened to you” –the door to Heaven on Earth! May you see and follow the Light to the end of your tunnel. May you be one of those, who walked in darkness and have seen the great Light of Truth. Let us join the happy throng that in these next three weeks shall through our prayer power, usher us into the Light of the Golden Age of NESARA!

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