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Letter To The International Court of Justice, The Hague, Netherlands

By Patrick H. Bellringer

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d in your life. Constantly over the past many months you have chosen to bend the law in favor of those who are evil and who are striving to yet control our world to fulfill their plans of world domination. Repeatedly you have complied with their demands and turned a deaf ear to the cries of the eight billion people in our world, whom you represent in our International Court of Justice.

I have come to give you a prophetic message. Your deliberate stalling tactics to delay the official announcement of NESARA, which brings world peace and abundance and freedom and true justice for our world shall not prevail. NESARA shall be accomplished with your help or without your help. It is futile for you to attempt to stand against Creator God and His people and His Plan of NESARA for our world, for Creator God always wins. Your choices today may delay the implementation of NESARA for a moment in time, but your choices and your actions shall never ever stop NESARA from being accomplished.

In your present lifestream at this very moment your choices can make you to become everything or nothing at all. You are either choosing to go with the joy and celebration of a world at peace and a life of honor for your service to mankind or a future of agony and regret for betrayal of not only your fellowman but also of your Creator God.

I urge you to understand the weight of your decisions at this time on the great scales that balance our lives. Your choices to support NESARA shall create much good for eternity for all, for we are all one, but your choices to stand against NESARA shall in the Great Halls of Creator God's justice be your demise.

I urge you to immediately open the window for the announcement of NESARA, and to allow all further World Court actions involving NESARA to proceed following the announcentment. I urge you to act immediately and to act in wisdom.

In Love and Light,

Patrick H. Bellringer