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October 13, 2003

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October 13, 2003

By Patrick H. Bellringer

This is a letter to all the “White Knights” of Planet Earth who are involved in NESARA. Your work over the past three years has been a tale of failure. Have you not asked yourself, why this has been so? I write this letter to you in simple terms to explain the problem.

You are working on a third dimensional level to accomplish NESARA. Some of you are big, strong military men with great skill and experience and have always been able to get the job done. You believe that no country has greater military technology than the United States, and that you will accomplish the banking change your way. What you do not understand is that for many years you have been used by the world controllers as pawns in their war games to accomplish their plans on your third dimensional level.

Now you are working with NESARA, which is no longer a matter of third dimensional accomplishment. NESARA is placing you in battle against your very world controllers, the Illuminati, who utilize fourth dimension capabilities. NESARA is Creator God’s Plan to defeat the darkside. NESARA is not just about making world-wide banking changes, or of changing the U.S. tax structure, or of changing the U.S. government. NESARA is about defeating the Illuminati who have controlled our world for thousands of years. It is about defeating the Illuminati on their own turf.

As White Knights you have the audacity to think that you can accomplish NESARA by defeating your fourth dimensional Illuminati enemy with your third dimensional technology. Is that not rather silly? The Illuminati are laughing at you because you look like little boys playing in a sandbox who are caught in their ego and are yelling, “do it my way”. No! To win you cannot “do it your way!”

As recently as this past week, St. Germain has again offered you the help of fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth to infinity dimensions to assist you in accomplishing NESARA, and again you have refused this assistance, and again you have failed in your mission. Why? Have you not been taught that to win you must meet power with greater power? Is it that you do not believe in fifth dimension? Is it that you do not believe in E.T.’s?” Are you afraid that if E.T.’s exist, you will lose your position of 3D power, and your ego will be deflated? So you go back to your sandbox and pout. It’s all about ego, and who is in charge. Right?

Have you not heard of Commander Joshua and his battle to take the city of Jericho? For seven days his little band of people marched around the city. There was no battle. The great walls of Jericho fell down by sympathetic vibration because Joshua utilized the greater technology at his disposal. He acted in wisdom.

The Illuminati are laughing at you White Knights because they know you can never win the NESARA battle with your 3D technology. They have the advantage as long as they have you trapped in fear, fear of E.T.’s, fear of losing ego control, fear of letting go and allowing St. Germain to assist you. How long will you insist on “doing in my way?” Such arrogance!

White Knights of the NESARA Decision Team or any other White Knights who have refused to accept the “assistance” offered to accomplish NESARA, you have now become the problem. Do you understand what I have just said? At this time there is nothing stopping the announcement of NESARA except your own unwise choices! By refusing the help that you have been offered to complete your mission, you have failed your mission. You are stopping NESARA! You have become the problem! This shall not be tolerated, for NESARA is Creator God’s Plan, and Creator God always wins!

Please understand that your orders come from a higher source than 3D. St. Germain’s wish is your command. If you continue to make unwise choices and disobey your “higher orders”, you shall be set aside. Creator God has said that, “You are either for Me or against Me.” There is no in-between. Should you choose to be set aside, the karma for your failure in your tasks shall be heaped upon your heads ten to one hundred-fold. That is Cosmic Law!

I urge all of you White Knights to discard your “sandbox mentality”. I urge you to act in wisdom and immediately utilize the superior resources you have at your disposal. This is your chance for all time to defeat the darkside now, and to end the illuminati’s reign of terror on planet Earth forever. You have divine assistance, the power of Love and Light, represented by the Forces of Light to be victorious. Use it. Do it now! NESARA now! The People of the world through our God Spirit and our Mighty I AM Presence command that NESARA be announced to the world--- Now! And so it is!

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