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By Patrick H. Bellringer

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e, my son, and we need to talk. I shall send for you.”

Almost immediately I heard a knock on my house door. When I opened it there stood my old friend Rose, The Interpreter of The Lighted Realms. I like to call her “Rose” because her aura is a beautiful dark rose color, though she usually is called ILR by our sisters and brothers of Light. Rose said, “Come with me, Patrick, and Anne, too. Creator wishes to speak with you.”

Rose led us to the park behind our house and to a starship that was strobing the rainbow colors from two separate side lights. We boarded and were greeted by the crew. We were offered chairs, and though I was seated I felt no movement as the ship lifted from the ground. Instantly, we were docking at a landing port on another craft. Rose led us from the starship through hallways of various colors of soft light. We entered a large round meeting room that shown in crystal white light. The walls were lighted panels of alternating soft rainbow colors. In the center of the room stood a beautiful cherry wood table and chairs. Seated at the table was Creator Source, who greeted us with their most pleasant booming voice, the same voice I had heard earlier in my mind. I say “their” because the voice had the masculine quality of authority, yet the soft musical resonance of the feminine quality. I sensed a perfect balance in the voice and the crystal white aura of the feminine/masculine energy of Creator Source.

Creator said to us, “Please sit. We have much to discuss.” On the table beside Creator was a stack of papers and a hand bell with a cherry wood handle, the kind school teachers in rural schools years ago on Earth Shan would ring to call the children to class. Creator picked up the bell and rang it loudly. Instantly several people entered the room. With joy I recognized my old friend Hatonn, who was carrying a tray with cups of steaming tea. He had a big smile on his face as he greeted Anne, Rose and me. He had always said that he was nine and a half feet tall, but I did not realize until now how really tall that was. Creator stood up to greet Hatonn, and I was shocked by Creator’s height. He towered more than three feet over Hatonn.

At that moment, I thought about what may have happened had Creator shown up in my living room and sat on my $35 Salvation Army couch. Why, it could have been wrecked. I’d probably have to have him sit on the floor. Oh, well. Then Lady Nada entered the room, followed by Esu and Germain. Lady Nada always has such a beautiful pink aura, which contrasted the aura of her twin flame, Sananda. I call him Esu because I always remember the times we walked the shore of the Sea of Galilee many years ago.

Anne and Rose decided to sit with Lady Nada. To my right was Creator, then Hatonn, Esu Sananda, Lady Nada, Anne, Rose, and finally Germain to my left around the table. I could not help noticing the bright colored auras. Germain’s was a beautiful violet, mine a darker purple, Creator’s Crystal White, Hatonn’s pure white, Esu’s beautiful golden light, Lady Nada’s soft pink, Anne’s shimmering light green, and of course Rose. We sipped our tea as Creator spoke.

“I love this bell, and I thank Patrick for reminding us to ring the bells of Heaven in joy and celebration of the great work the Lightworkers are doing on Earth Shan for the cause of peace. This bell is like the one you have on your desk, Patrick, and we laugh every time you ring it when you answer your phone and say ‘Bellringer here!’ ”

Creator continued, “I have called you all here tonight to discuss a concern I have. I have here a document that has been called to my attention, and I am asking Patrick to deliver a message to the people of Earth Shan from us tonight. Patrick is my Education Ambassador, and he needs to deliver a message of both hope and joy to the people. There needs to be more fun in their lives, more singing and dancing. Soon that shall be.” Creator then passed a copy of the document of which he spoke to each of us seated at the table. We all read it in silence.

Creator then spoke. “Those at Fourwinds have carried out the mission they accepted many years ago when Esu asked for volunteers, who would present Truth one last time to the four corners of the earth, to the people of Earth Shan. This they have done. Patrick, I ask that you write of our discussion here tonight, and include this letter from Dove addressed to the NESARA Take Action Team (NTAT} people.

Here is the letter:


----- Original Message ----- From:

To: "">

Sent: Thursday, November 13, 2003 9:50 PM

Subject: Regarding Postcards to World Court; Exposing False "St Germain" messages

Hello NTAT Directors,

I'm requesting that you immediately forward this message directly to both your NTAT Leaders and Members so that I may clarify some things. Because so many people are confused by "channeled" messages which "claim to be from St. Germain", I am addressing this subject. Some of these channeled messages are NOT coming from St. Germain and are giving people the wrong information.

We are poised on the brink of a wonderful shift for the world's people when NESARA is announced. It's important that we stay focused and do our parts to help NESARA get announced. In addition, after NESARA is announced, the Ascended Masters of Light and the benevolent Forces of Light will be publicly introduced to all of us by high level government and religious officials and will speak to us by appearing physically with these high level government and religious officials.

For an orderly and beneficial working relationship to be possible between the Ascended Masters of Light and high level Earth Human officials of governments and religions, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine is very aware that any help from the benevolent Forces must be done in lawful ways.

Otherwise, if the benevolent Forces stepped in without honoring the lawful processes on Earth, this would in essence be a TAKE-OVER. Therefore, there must be PHYSICAL evidence that the world's people HAVE requested the assistance of the Ascended Masters of Light and the benevolent Forces of Light. This evidence must be submitted to the top power over NESARA, the World Court, before the Court can authorize the benevolent Forces to neutralize the Illuminati causing problems for NESARA's announcement.

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine explained to me that our postcards to the World Court, the banners being displayed at the NESARA demonstrations, and the pictures of the NTAT NESARA demonstrations at World Court ARE the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE that the world's people are calling for the assistance of the Ascended Masters of Light and the benevolent Forces of Light. Our postcards, banners, and the pictures are providing the lawful evidence that the world's people wish to have the benevolent Forces neutralize the Illuminati so that NESARA can be announced. Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine is depending on us to do our part in making certain the physical proof of the world's people requesting help from the benevolent Forces is submitted to the World Court Judges.

When Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine talks with me, He often appears physically in my living room and sits on the sofa while He explains how things need to be done. I DO NOT CHANNEL the information I receive from Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine - I do not need to "channel" because He visits me in His Physical Form and speaks to me directly. Soon after NESARA is announced, I will be appearing publicly with Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine at His Request and this will be further clarify my connection with Him.

In addition, I have a worldwide network of high level Earth Humans, including White Knights who know the World Court Judges personally, and others from whom I receive information for the Dove Reports. Therefore, I often have information from these sources which I use in the Dove Reports and these sources have verified that our emails, postcards, banners, and NTAT demonstrations at World Court are helping move NESARA forward. Some of our White Knights including our White Knight in the White House, code named KOS, and a famous business man in Europe, code named the King of Egypt, have met with Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine in His Physical Form many times in recent years and I have compared notes with them. They are hearing the same things from Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine in their physical meetings with Him that He is telling me. Therefore, I am able to confirm from other people, directly involved in helping get NESARA announced, that I am seeing, being visited by, and speaking with the "true" Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine. By the way, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine generally simply appears from thin air, He does not need to walk or drive to do His Traveling; He leaves the same way. He also sometimes arrives by walking through a wall which is a favorite entrance technique of His.

Some NTAT members are confused because they are hearing from people who "claim" to "channel St. Germain" but what these people are saying contradicts what I am being told by Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine. These people who "channel" are NOT visited PHYSICALLY by "St. Germain"; they do NOT see His Physical Form as I do, but instead they sit and think they are receiving a transmission from "St. Germain". However, often they are NOT receiving information from "St. Germain".

Also, NONE of these people who "channel" have any Earth Human contacts who have met physically with Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine. Therefore these "channeled" messages CANNOT be confirmed by Earth Humans with whom Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine is currently meeting in physical form and with whom He is working to handle certain things related to NESARA. In other words, these people have nothing to prove they are receiving messages from Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine.

I have physical visits from Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine. I have confirmed with other Earth Human White Knights with whom Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine often meets in His Physical Form that they are hearing the same information from Him that I am. Therefore when people claim they are channeling "St. Germain" but put out information that does not agree with what we who see and meet with Him in His Physical Form are hearing Him say, there is only one conclusion to draw. These people who are channeling are not receiving information from the true Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine.

Because some of NTAT members are new to the idea of Ascended Masters and channeling, I'm writing this to help clear the confusion. For over two years I have written about the Ascended Masters of Light and the benevolent Forces who are here offering Their Assistance to get NESARA announced.

In recent months, numerous people claiming to "channel St. Germain" have begun claiming they are getting information about NESARA from Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine. Unfortunately, they are wrong most of the time and they are always wrong when their information differs with what He is telling me. I have to wonder if, after I have spent three and a half years writing about NESARA and the Dove Reports have made NESARA a hot topic, are these people using NESARA and their so-called connection to "St. Germain" for their personal purposes?

WHERE were all these people during the first three years when I was the main voice providing the truth about NESARA? It was hard going for me to get the truth about NESARA out to the world in the past three years. I was like a voice in the wilderness staying focused on NESARA because of my heartfelt knowing that NESARA is our key to a better world. I kept going inspite of the difficulties because of my heartfelt knowing that NESARA must be announced in order to stop the Illuminati and to bring great blessings to the world's people.

WHERE were all these so-called channels THREE YEARS ago when I was almost alone in sharing the good news of NESARA? Some of these so-called channels of "St. Germain" who now support NESARA, were saying in the past year that NESARA was not real; "Kara Kincannon", (who is apparently being promoted by Cara McK.) was one of these. NESARA has ALWAYS been real and if these people had the divine contacts they claim, they would have KNOWN NESARA was real years ago. It looks like certain people who channel are jumping on the NESARA bandwagon for their own benefit, not to get NESARA announced.

Secondly, let me explain that not all these people are "channeling" information received from "good beings". Some people are receiving their channeled info from "dark beings" like the so-called "Lord Devin of the Nibiru" who visited a chatroom to FALSELY claim that there is a "dark side" to NESARA related to a "microchip implant". This "Lord Devin of the Nibiru" is a DARK BEING and is just like the Illuminati, trying to stir up trouble.

NESARA has ZERO microchip implant connection and it's frankly ludicrous and highly ignorant to make such a claim. NESARA is taking us in the exact opposite direction and getting the government OUT of our lives. NESARA restores privacy and FREEDOM to Americans. NESARA enables us to immediately STOP using our Social Security number on our bank accounts and within a year and a half, we will have NO need to use a SSN at all. NESARA even stops the government from forcing us to use a government-issued identification of any kind.

There is ZERO microchip implant involved with NESARA and only an extremely ignorant person or dark agenda being would say this. NESARA ends the Illuminati plan to subjugate and control the world's people.

When someone sends you channeled information, do not assume it is right or even that it comes from the source that is claimed. Be extremely discerning.

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine tells me that once the Ascended Host of Light are officially introduced, They will not be sending messages to any channels but will be speaking for Themselves using the television, radio, and newspaper communications of Earth. At that time, these people channeling false messages will no longer be able to give misleading information and claim it came from Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine or other Ascended Masters of Light.

I have asked that channeled information NOT be forwarded to NTAT email lists. I have seen too much in the past of so-called channeled messages falsely claiming to come from "St. Germain" when in fact, they did not. Now these channeled messages are giving out false and ignorant information which is exactly the opposite of what we in NTAT need to be doing. Due to the false information being given in so many channeled messages, I will be removing from the NTAT anyone who forwards channeled messages to NTAT email lists.

There is NO PLACE on the NTAT Sign-Up Form where it says that NTAT members are agreeing to receive channeled info. We should not be sending channeled information or anything else not directly connected to NTAT activities to people on our NTAT mailing lists.

If you wish to read channeled information, such as Nancy Tate's messages, contact the source of the information yourself but do not use NTAT email lists to forward this information. These channeled messages are NOT helping when they confuse people and are causing a DECREASE in people's focus on NESARA.

Doing our activities to get NESARA announced are the most important things we can do for ourselves and the world! Let's continue sending our postcards to World Court thus giving the Judges the physical proof needed as back-up for authorizing the benevolent Forces to neutralize the Illuminati so NESARA can be announced. NESARA Yes! NESARA Now!

Send your postcards to:

International Court of Justice

Peace Palace

2517 KJ The Hague

The Netherlands

Blessings and Love,

Dove of Oneness


Creator Source then addressed us. “Now that you have all read this letter, we see several concerns that the Dove raises which we need to address. First is the matter of channeling. Dove states that some people are definitely not channeling St. Germain.” Esu Sananda then spoke. “If the message being spoken carries the same values of Germain, what does it matter who is speaking? Such a message should be very meaningful and of great value. It should be regarded with great respect. If it is of value, the author does not matter.” Anne spoke. “When one is hearing a message from the Lighted Realms, the vibration resonates with the heart, and when another person reads that message which has been written by the receiver, that same vibration will be felt. That is how we know that it is Truth. If the message does not resonate with the heart, then we know that it is not for us, or that it is not from the Lighted Realms at all.” Germain spoke next. “It is time that I speak my piece. Anyone can talk to me through their thoughts. I invite all to do so. I wish more people would communicate with me so that together we could accomplish so much more.” Creator interrupted. “Has everyone on Earth Shan forgotten how to pray? Even the Dove for many days now has failed to remind people to do their energy work of prayers and meditations that are so needed to move NESARA into announcement position.” Germain continued. “As a matter fact, it has been quite a long while now since I last spoke with Dove. And while I have the floor I wish to comment on how people address me. The Roman Catholic Church on Earth Shan claims to have great spiritual power, and places titles of deity on certain of their supporters. Some time ago this Church of Rome endowed me with their so-called title of sainthood. I do not wish to be called ‘Saint’ and as others have labeled me, ‘Beloved Ascended Master.’ My name is Violinio Germain and nothing more. I walk the streets and fields of Earth Shan as all humans do, and I do not wish to be thought of as a ‘god’, so to speak”. Lady Nada then spoke. “Yes, brother Violinio, we are all equal. No one is higher or better than another. All of those humans on Shan, and yes, even Dove are returned Masters. We have all agreed to return at this time to assist with this time of transformation. We are all one, yet we all have different personalities and different tasks that we have agreed to do. There are many who have not yet awakened, and that, too, is my concern.”

Then Creator said in that booming voice. “I decree that to be Truth all thought must go through me, Creator Source, before it is scripted and sent out to the world. Everyone has the ability that I gave them to know Truth through their Creator-God Spirit within them. We have no time for this arguing over who is channeling who, and who is wrong or who is right. Go within for your answers. This is much nonsense! The time now is for building a new society of goodness and love, and not for the tearing down of part of it before the good has a chance to take hold. This is a Heavenly Conference, and I decree that this condemnation of my Lightworkers by Dove shall not be allowed.”

Hatonn then spoke. “There are many possibilities for Dove believing that she is, indeed, speaking in person to our brother, Germain. The darkside has so many tricks that the people of Shan have not even thought of yet. There are those who use false pretense to trap others. Heaven need not point a finger for we know and they know who they are. Yet, Heaven does not accept falsehood, and those who deceive others must be reckoned with.”

Creator spoke next. “Our dear Dove needs to understand who is in charge. Make no mistake that I am in charge of all. Patrick, you must speak with a firm tone from Heaven to the people. If I am in charge then Dove cannot speak for me. The same is true for Esu Sananda or Violinio Germain or for any of the Lighted Realms. Heaven does not wish to be misquoted. It is folly for Dove to proclaim that she is in charge of NESARA. She knows this. Does she not realize that she has been misled? Earth Shan is scheduled for greatness and all share in both the work and the glory. These things are purposeful distractions by those who would focus upon themselves. Patrick, take them to task if you must.”

Then I said, “Creator, Violinio and I have agreed to ‘draw a line in the sand’ of November 15, 2003 as the deadline for NESARA to be announced. Will that be so?” Creator responded, “Realize that all is based upon the sequence of Heaven, and that, oh, so many people can and will get past this present negativity you call ‘muck’, and can, through their thought power, make NESARA happen. All must have a good heart and kind spirit and forgiveness within them. Forgiveness starts in the heart and removes all negativity. Then it branches out and creates Love everywhere. Heaven has been patiently waiting for this to happen.”

“Many people have had to wait a long time for NESARA to happen, and waiting causes people to become anxious. This causes much negativity, which needs the element of forgiveness. Forgiveness makes a clean slate and brings happiness within. Patrick, we must put some life, song and dance; good feeling back on your planet.”

Again Esu Sananda spoke. “Some people believe that the World Court now has the authority over NESARA. They are working hard to submit postcards to the Court, requesting the Court to ask the Lighted Realms for assistance to complete this mission. It is thought that the World Court needs to legally ask E.T.’s for help. This effort is all well and good for it helps to create much positive energy when the intent of the heart is good, but this is really third dimensional thinking.”

Hatonn interrupted at this point when he said, “We had many agreements with your would-be-world-controllers for many years in which they agreed to give up their power and control over Earth Shan. They have broken every last one of their agreements. Because they have done so, by agreement with the governments of the countries of Shan, the Lighted Realms are now in charge of Shan and can set aside freewill at any time, if necessary, to keep our agreement with your planet Earth Shan. The World Court does not need to request our help. Brother Germain is in charge of NESARA, Brother Sananda is in charge of the planet’s transition into fifth dimension, and Creator is the Commander-in-Chief of all that is.”

Then Lady Nada spoke. “We have not addressed the matter of control that is so evident in this letter from Dove to the NTAT people. Those good people have been ordered by Dove upon the threat of dismissal to not send any channeled information to any NTAT e-mail lists. Also, in a prior letter these same NTAT people were told by Dove to stay away from the Fourwinds website.”

Creator interrupted. “Dove wants to be in charge of the whole world. She loves to command and to give orders. She pats her slaves on the back for their good work, and they continue to be slaves. For years Dove has been a professional meddler. She pulls things off course, then blames others, and then comes to the rescue to gain the glory. Are not these the very tricks that the darkside has played on the people of Earth Shan for the last 65 million years? Are not these the same tricks of the Illuminati today?”

“Patrick, you are the powerful one. Ring the bells! Sound the toll! Speak the Truth and Heaven applauds you. What will destroy the Dove is the Dove. Use Truth to bring things back into balance and harmony. Urge the people to send Love and Light to Dove and to all who stray that they may return to Love. I know all, and I know all feelings. When hearts are hurt I suffer great pain for these dear ones, who can not take all their pain themselves. Sometimes I have unbearable pain and I weep. If I had no feeling, my people could not make things right. I wait for all to love, so that love can be returned to them”

Creator then stood and turned to me and said, “Patrick, I now speak to you. As I said earlier, you are my Education Ambassador. People must know that this letter we have discussed tonight is not the way of the Light. Make no defense. Only discern Truth and make it of complete value to the people. It is necessary for this firm tone from Heaven to be heard by the People of Earth Shan.”

“You, Anne and Patrick and your family have stayed the course and have kept things in balance when others have not.” Esu interrupted and said, “Hear me, brother! When I walked this earth with you, I was not always lovey-dovey person as some people wish to portray me today. I did not go around smiling at everyone all the time and hugging trees. I stood up to the Pharisees, the Illuminati, the darkside of that day. Remember, the darkside never attacks the Truth, for Truth is and can not be refuted. They attack the Truthbringer in order to hide the Truth and cover up their misdeeds.”

Creator continued, “I request that you pen your thoughts, and know that Heaven is waiting to hear what you write. You have complete cooperation from Heaven. I have laid much work on your shoulders. Worry not about victory. NESARA is going to happen soon, as you wish. Go now! Many people are waiting for your words of hope!”

Rose had sat quietly and listened intently during the entire discussion without saying a word. She now stood up and said to all, “Thank you everyone! We are living in such exciting times. I wouldn’t’ have missed this for anything. Come, Anne and Patrick. It is time to go.”

After saying our good-bys, we quickly left the conference room, hurried down the hallways and again boarded the waiting starship. In the time of a single thought we were landing in the park behind our house. As Anne and I walked to our house, we watched the rainbow colored strobe lights of the many starships twinkling in the night sky, and we felt great joy in knowing that we had been with Creator and the Masters.

My friends, may we all heed well the wisdom of Creator and the Masters. As Masters in our own right, may we hold high the Light of Truth in our homes, our work places and our community. NESARA is not just about a third dimensional law, but as the very gateway to our coming Age of Peace, it holds multi-dimensional frequencies. Our task is to raise the frequencies of our world to a level far above 3D to provide the base of high frequencies upon which NESARA can rest. We hear again the promise, “If you build it, we will come!” If we build the base of forgiveness, compassion and Love, NESARA will come! We have built that base and NESARA is here! Let us hold that energy as we watch it all happen. Aho!

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