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January 16, 2004

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January 16, 2004

By Patrick H. Bellringer

For more than two thousand years the people of Earth Shan have waited for the promised return of Esu Immanuel Sananda. Commander Hatonn of the Pleiadian Star Fleet has stated that Sananda returned to Earth Shan in 1954. The fact is that Sananda has never really left our planet for over these past two thousand years. Many times he has come to visit various people on our planet. Today he walks this planet, just as Violinio Germain and other Ascended Masters do, and he speaks to the hearts of people everywhere.

Sananda knocks on many heart’s doors, and many a heart door has been slammed in his face. He has repeatedly been cast out of homes and businesses and churches and meetings and assemblies of all kinds. Sananda asks for very little, yet it is everything, for he asks that we return to Love and Light. He asks that we live the Laws of Creator God and the Creation, so that harmony and balance can be restored to Earth Shan. We wait for Sananda’s “Second Coming” without realizing that it has already happened. He is here, knocking at our heart’s door, asking for us to let him in.

We were told by our “Holy Books” that Esu Immanuel Sananda would return in the clouds of the sky with trumpets blowing and great fanfare, and every eye would see him and every ear would hear his voice. We were told that Sananda would come when no one expected him, in an instant, as a thief in the night and that we should be ready.

My friends, it is high time we understand that our “Holy Books” are not telling us the whole Truth. If Sananda does not arrive in great grandeur and much noise, does he not come? Could it be that Sananda comes as a gentle whisper in your ear or a tug at your heart of hearts? The “Second Coming” is as a sunrise that turns night into dawn, and gradually dawn changes to bright colors of reds and golds until, suddenly, the golden glow of the sun bursts into view on the horizon in all its brilliance. Sananda’s return is a gradual happening as hearts respond to love and peace once more, as enlightenment spreads across Earth Shan.

When Esu Immanuel Sananda knocks or whispers, it is in that instant that we decide. Do we let him in? Do we listen? Yes, he comes as a thief in the night, when we least expect him, in an instant, and when we hesitate, we choose. Those, who choose the pathway to Love and Light, bring a flicker of Light to the darkness. Gradually, more flickers join and the dawn begins. As Light joins Light across our great planet, the darkness recedes and, finally, the Golden Light of Sananda will burst forth to announce our New Golden Age of Love and Peace.

Esu has, indeed, returned. He walks this planet now. Listen closely , my friends, for his knock, his whisper. May you not hesitate in your response, and may your choice bring a flood of joy and peace to your heart of hearts. Now is the time of the “Second Coming”!

You have been told that the Darkside had a Plan 2000 for complete control of Earth Shan, and that they are behind schedule. You have also been told that Creator God, too, has a Plan 2000 to defeat the Darkside, and that Creator God always wins. Creator God wins because He is the God of Light, and Light always conquers darkness. Does a flashlight dispel the darkness in a dark room? Yes. Does a flashdark create a beam of darkness in a room of light? You laugh. Of course not! That is not possible. Darkness only prevails when one chooses to turn off the Light. Light was created to conquer the darkness. Thus, the Darkside’s Plan 2000 shall fail.

Since the Third Grand Experiment, the contract has been to bring Earth Shan into her proper birthing, and that the people of Earth Shan would come together in Love and Light and come into fifth dimension along with our Mother Earth. The first two “experiments” to accomplish this failed, and the Age of Enlightenment never occurred. For many millennia the darkness has been in control. In Cosmic Order, August 17, 1987 marked the beginning of the New Millennium of Enlightenment and the rebalancing of Earth Shan back to enlightenment.

As a sentient being, Earth Shan has asked permission of Creator God to go into her higher dimension. This was granted, for she has suffered millions of years under the hands of the Darkside. Lucifer/Satan and their warriors have destroyed many other planets [while they were in third dimension] including Venus and Mars, and Creator God has spoken the Word that Earth Shan/Terra Nova shall not be destroyed. Her wish to move into fifth dimension has been granted.

The people of Earth Shan have also spoken. It was in January of 2003 that the people of this planet rallied by the millions and demanded peace in our time. At that time the mass consciousness reached the level of enlightenment that tipped the scales for Light to again reign supreme on Earth Shan. The time of darkness is soon to end.

This is also the time of NESARA. NESARA is Creator God’s Plan 2000. It is with NESARA that Creator God defeats the Darkside and their very evil Plan 2000. They shall not rule this world. They shall not continue with their wars, their diseases, their destruction of all that is good, and their present control of Earth Shan. Creator God has said, “It is enough!” Those of darkness are now being rounded up and moved into another dimension.

Many people do not know about NESARA, but they support what NESARA would bring, and that is peace on Earth, good will toward men. They want no more war, violence and destruction. They want no more hatred or killing of innocent people. They want no more rule by a few evil ones only for their own benefit. The word of “Peace” has reached the Heavenly Realms. This energy has been matched by the Angels, and “Peace on Earth” has been declared. The people of Earth Shan have asked for peace, harmony and balance to be restored, and it shall be.

Under the guidance of the Ascended Masters and especially that of Violinio Germain, NESARA was created by many Lightworkers on Earth Shan. The NESARA law was created by Lightworkers to bring Earth Shan back into balance without a bloody revolution, and to redistribute the wealth back to the people. As Creator God’s Plan 2000, NESARA was born in perfection. The Darkside has worked hard to destroy NESARA because NESARA would remove them from power. Time and time again the Illuminati have been able to deceive the White Knights, cause compromise, establish double agents, change agreements, break laws, defy orders and delay NESARA. I say to you most emphatically, that Creator God has now said, “Enough! These delaying tactics shall now stop!”

There are many dark secrets about NESARA that have been hidden from the people. NESARA was born in perfection. Therefore, it became a major threat to those who walk in darkness. To enact NESARA in its original state would “topple many houses.” Fame, fortunes and families were at risk of total destruction, should the Truth be made known. Some of the Darkside were fighting for their very lives. There were many judges, politicians and others who were fearful because NESARA would expose their dark world to the Light of Truth. Their only salvation was to alter, to rewrite the law for their protection. The perfection of NESARA had to be compromised. Some things had to remain hidden.

So these evil World Court Judges, U.S. Supreme Court Judges, politicians, attorneys, bankers, judges and others rewrote much of the NESARA Law and created “loopholes” for their own protection. The actions of these evil people and the use of these “loopholes” is what is again stalling NESARA from being implemented. Many of these people are now running scared, afraid for their lives and the lives of their families because of their dark deeds. Others are afraid to speak the Truth because they do not understand Creator God’s protection for doing so. No one wants to sign their name to documents that would reveal the lies for fear of the consequences.

Yet, all Truth and all lies must be revealed and set right before NESARA can be implemented. NESARA is Creator God’s Plan 2000, the Gateway to the Age of Peace and Enlightenment. No evil shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven on our Earth. None! There are a few good people in responsible positions at this time, who could choose to step forward and reveal the Truth, or they can continue to hold back the goodness of NESARA from the people of Earth Shan and reap the consequences.

I have a message for this time from Creator God to these people who are holding back NESARA. These evil judges, politicians, White Knights, and others know who you are, and know that I am now speaking to you. Here is the message:

“I AM Creator God. You who have altered the perfection of NESARA, who have continually delayed its implementation, and are determined to destroy it, hear ye well the words that my Education Ambassador writes herein. These words are directed to you. You shall not destroy NESARA! You shall not delay its implementation any longer! You shall reveal all of your deceit and you shall change back to perfection all the alternations that you have made in this Law back to its very inception. This shall be done immediately. If you refuse these orders, all the harm that you have caused to the good people of my planet Earth shall be upon your heads, and you shall be immediately removed to another dimension, which shall, most certainly, not be to your liking. Act now, for you have no time left. All Truth shall be revealed, for there can be no Golden Age without complete Truth. This, I, Creator God, have spoken. So be it!”

If those who have received this message fail to obey it and NESARA continues to be stalled, all is not lost. Please know that Creator God wins, always! Creator God has spoken to me the Truth is this matter. Creator God shall over-ride the evil that has been done. There are others who are faithful and true, who even now stand ready to act at a moment’s notice to implement NESARA. The final outcome may not carry the name, NESARA, but the benefits instilled in this Law shall become a part of the foundation of the Age of Peace and Enlightenment. Creator God has assured me that we can not begin to imagine the blessings that are in store for those, who enter the Age of Peace and Enlightenment.

All can happen in the twinkling of an eye. Creator God is in charge of all that happens on Earth Shan. Sananda volunteered to have the responsibility for what is happening on our planet at this time, while Violinio Germain chose to work under Sananda and carry the direct responsibility for NESARA. As with all the angels and Ascended Masters, Germain answers to Creator God and does not always get his own way. Some have asked why Germain did not assert his authority and move NESARA to completion regardless of the third dimensional delays. He did not do so because Creator God desires that there be freewill involvement in the process of bringing NESARA to implementation. Therefore, it is the freewill choice of those humans, who are directly responsible for NESARA, that have caused the delays in its implementation.

Because Earth humans are required by Creator God to be involved in the process of NESARA, does not mean that NESARA is necessarily of third dimensional status. NESARA is a “godly thing” and no amount of letters sent to anyone will accomplish its implementation. Creator God looks at the hearts of the people and their intent for good or for evil. There can no longer be the “cloak and dagger stuff” which has been going on behind the scenes. The hearts of those involved in the NESARA mission must change. Esu Immanuel Sananda is the Master of Earth’s transition. This is Sananda’s show, and he will not be tossed out again, as he was 2000 years ago. He must be invited into the meetings, the homes and the hearts of the people for NESARA to be successful.

Much of the power for the movement of NESARA lies in the hands of a few judges. They have become accustomed to large monetary payoffs for their powerful decisions. Most of the court judges today have no value for human life except their own. They have been fed mind-altering drugs and have had mind-altering tapes played in their heads, so that they no longer act as humans. For this reason Creator God is now stepping forward and ordering a halt to their control and power. The benefits of the Kingdom of God shall be established on Earth Shan with or without the physical law known as NESARA.

Some have asked, “When will NESARA be announced?” Quietly and surely NESARA has already been announced all across the planet. The word has gone out by word of mouth, by letter and flyer, by internet, by telephone and by prayers to Creator God. NESARA may not be fully known by the people but the agenda is in their hearts, for they desire balance and peace, and for evil to be stopped. It shall be so.

The frequencies of Earth Shan are rising to fifth dimension. Sananda has returned, and the “Second Coming” is here, now. The starships are ready to land, and we are about to be visited by Heavenly beings, our brothers and sisters from the stars. Now is the time to reveal all Truth. Those who hide lies shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Due to all the past trickery, many people mistrust the name NESARA. Yet all is in completion and in order. The time for stalling is past. Now is the time of decisions, and most have already chosen their next pathway. All is in preparation. This is the time for NESARA, with or without the name. Sananda is here, and he and the other Ascended Masters shall appear on your T.V. screens and to all of Earth Shan’s people. Earth’s people have chosen peace, and it shall be, with or without “NESARA”.

Creator God has spoken that the Age of Enlightenment is upon you, that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Creator God is in charge and it shall be! Those who have spoken and have taken actions against NESARA and of all the good it brings to Earth Shan and her inhabitants, shall not last. They must answer to Creator God for their miss-deeds and crimes against humanity and against Mother Earth. Creator God has treatment equal to their crimes. The time is now, my friends, for all this to happen.

The Age of Enlightenment comes now, regardless of NESARA, for the agenda is the same. It shall be because the people have decreed it so. The Grand Experiment has been completed and the victory is assured. Those who stall shall be no more. They have chosen. Creator God’s “Plan” goes forth regardless of any opposition.

I hereby demand and through my Mighty I AM Presence so order that NESARA shall be implemented now, and if that is not the choice, that Creator God step in immediately and carry His “Plan” forth to completion now.

We have the power within to do this because it is Creator God’s power. We use our freewill to make this all happen. We are bearers of the Light, and Light has great power over darkness. We have power over those of darkness, who plan to forever stall NESARA/God’s Plan. This cannot be, for Light has won the battle. It is now, my friends! Use your power! Make it so!

Creator God has said to me, “If you truly believe, I shall make it so.” My friends, truly believe in your heart of hearts that the Kingdom of Heaven is now, and Creator God shall make it so. I have written this with Creator God as my Co-author, and with my brothers Violinio Germain and Esu Immanuel Sananda standing, leaning over my shoulders. I am humbled and honored to be of service to the Light.

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