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Morgellons Disease by Patrick H. Bellringer

Patrick H. Bellringer

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out of the body through the skin. Lesions and pus pockets or

open sores and rashes may form on the skin as the toxins are

removed from the body.

Though toxins enter to body through the chemicals we use in

cosmetics, the air we breath, the water and beverages we

drink and the products we are exposed to in the home or workplace.

The most common source of toxins is from parasites that constantly

live in our body.

Most of these parasites gain access to our systems through our

mouth. Fresh produce contains many common parasites. Contact

with farm animals was a common source of parasites years ago.

That is still the case, but as people have been urbanized and now

commonly have many house pets, the pets are now a major source

of parasites.

Pets expose themselves to their own feces in various ways and

transfer parasites to children and adults by licking, petting, etc.

Organic wastes used on crops carry parasites, which are transferred

to your table through fresh uncooked fruits and vegetables.

Once parasites enter our body they may live there our entire life,

unless removed periodically by a parasitic cleanse of the intestinal

tract. It is nearly impossible to avoid the presence of parasites in

our body, as they are ever present in food and animals with which

we are in daily contact.

The incidence of Morgellons Disease in the high illegal alien

population areas in the U.S. of South Florida, South Texas and

Southern California would suggest that new parasites of a southern

warmer climate origin are being brought into the U.S. by the illegal

alien population. My suggestion is not to panic over this disease,

but to treat it by removing the source of the toxins, which are

apparently causing the skin lesions.

I refer you to an earlier article I wrote entitled, People of the Lie:

Fluke Disease” (

ArticleFunctions/ArticleDetails.php?ArticleID=1906 ) for information

on a parasite cleanse and a holistic approach to body toxins, as

the result of the work of Dr. Hulda Clark. There are many health

problems that you may eliminate by doing a parasite cleanse of

the intestinal tract. I encourage everyone to consider this, as well

as a kidney cleanse and a liver cleanse. The methods are simple

and inexpensive and use no drugs but common herbs and products

from nature.

Parasites living within the human body produce toxins that are

harmful to the human systems and must be removed, but when

parasites die within the human through natural means, or as the

result of a parasite cleanse, they release bacteria and viruses, that

also are harmful to us. When doing a parasitic cleanse, therefore,

your body may be exposed to these harmful bacteria and viruses

being released from parasites and cause you to be even more ill

for a time. That is why I recommend the use of colloidal silver

as a natural antibiotic to deal with these and all harmful bacteria and

viruses. It may be helpful to read my article, “People of the Lie:

Colloidal Silver” (

ArticleFunctions/ArticleDetails.php?ArticleID=1915 )

and purchase a colloidal silver generator for your personal use.

If you are willing to take the time and make the effort, there is

much that you can do to create better health for yourself and for

your family and friends.