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Patrick H. Bellringer

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sion Team to choose to announce NESARA to the waiting world. She has waited long for the stolen money to be delivered to the people, but with no results. We have arrived at that final moment of decision to either go with Plan A, where we act decisively to help our Star Friends restore balance and harmony to our planet, or Plan B, when Mother Earth does her own restoration through immediate major earth changes.

Plan B would probably begin with a physical polar shift. A flipping of the physical north and south poles would occur by Mother Earth simply rolling over. The reaction would be similar to suddenly jerking hard on a pan full of water. The oceans would rush over the continents with a wave of water five miles high. I am not joking! Hatonn/Aton has written much about this in the Phoenix Journals.

Such a catastrophic event would require immediate lift-off by Starship to rescue the people. Yes, preparations have been made for this. Creator God Aton knows everyone’s soul intent, and the Ashtar computer system has locked on to everyone who has decided to be lifted off in such a situation. It will take fifteen minutes to pick up these people worldwide. The remaining people will be given one last chance to be lifted off as well. Another fifteen minutes will be needed to complete this second phase of lift-off. After that there will be no more time for rescue, as worldwide devastation will occur rapidly.

All children under the age of accountability, the point of knowing right from wrong, usually age 5 to 6, will be automatically picked up. Those children who are older will need to choose what they will do. Also, your pets will be "beamed" aboard automatically.

I urge you to not be fearful, and follow these simple instructions. A beam of light from a Starship will appear near you, wherever you are. You will be instructed through your thoughts to step into the beam of light to be "beamed" aboard ship. Simply step into the light and stand quietly without fear. Having peace within will raise your frequencies so you will have little or no physical harm resulting from being beamed aboard ship. Those in indecision, who choose at the last moment to board ship, may have lower frequencies and, thus, may have some physical problems resulting. Do not worry about that, for there will be medical teams standing by to assist your every need when you arrive aboard ship.

Should you have any doubt as to the identity of the Starship offering to beam you aboard to safety, simply ask, "Are you of the Light?" Because of our freewill, by Cosmic Law they must identify themselves when asked. If they are not of the Light, order them gone immediately, and they must comply. There is little chance of any Darkside interference during such an evacuation of our planet, but it could happen.

You may make a personal request to Creator God Aton for your family and friends to be picked up and taken aboard as well. Once aboard they will be told what is happening and will be given a choice to stay aboard or to be put back on the planet’s surface. To make such a request simply through your thoughts tell God Aton what you desire, and it will be so.

Mother Earth is having birthing pains. Once labor begins there is no stopping the birthing process. You may laugh and say that Bellringer is totally crazy. You may think that lift-off by Starship at this time is complete nonsense. My friends, I am dead serious! The possibility of major earth changes at this time are very real.

As you will recall, history records that the people laughed and scoffed at Noah and his silly boat in the desert at the time of the Great Flood, but they were wrong. I should know, for I was there. Don’t you be wrong today! I am a "bellringer" and I am frantically ringing my bell for you to wake up to what is happening to our planet! I urge you to prepare your heart now for the coming changes. Have no fear! Be in peace!

Should Plan B materialize and a beam of light appear before us, let us say with joy, "Beam me up, Scotty!" :)