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First Contact - by PHB

Patrick H. Bellringer

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Because of the high energy of the Love and Light they bring, you will respond positively, without fear, but only in joy and wonder. Those coming will look like humans, as do you, for they are your ancestors, your family, your brothers and sisters from the Stars. They are coming to welcome you home!

The Darkside has their plans to attack the Starships when they land, but their plans will be to no avail. The sheer magnetic force generated by the millions of Starships will completely inundate our electrical grid and cause a shut-down of all that is run by magnetic, electrical and electronic forces. No weapons of any kind will work.

The Starships will be sending the Violet Flame of 100th Dimension of Unconditional Love, as they land, causing people to respond to it. Those of the Darkside will self-destruct of their own accord. Even with our electrical grid shut-down by the energy of the Starships, there shall be no darkness. The nighttime shall be as day, for the White Light of Creator God and the Golden Light of Sananda shall shine forth from the Starships in blinding brilliance.

You, people of Earth Shan, shall have such inner Peace and Love and Joy and Freedom and Wonder, that any anxiety and fearfulness shall be completely dissolved. As you awaken to Truth, your pain and suffering shall cease, your wars shall immediately stop everywhere on Earth Shan, and you shall know total peace.

First Contact brings to us Creator Godís Plan 2000 spoken of so often in the Holy Books of the Lighted Realms, also known as the Phoenix Journals. Plan 2000 is the Heavenly Goal of the Golden Age of Prosperity, Abundance, Freedom, Justice and Peace for Mother Earth. From First Contact on the Darkside shall interfere no longer. This will spell their doom. The impasse will be broken forever! The "Call" has gone out for the Lighted Realms to assist in the NESARA Mission, and it shall be. Know that the people of Earth Shan have been prepared and sorted, and are now ready for First Contact. They have suffered enough.

The Ships are in total readiness, and all preparations have been completed. The prayers and petitions of the people for the Ships to land, have been heard and duly recorded in the Great Hall of Records. Know that the Darkside shall not push American and our world to the dung heap of history. They shall not continue any longer living in their stolen abundance, while the people perish. They shall not cause more havoc by their wars and killing and destruction upon our planet. Their end has come!

People of Earth Shan, be in great hope and anticipation and prayer, as you observe the ending of the drama for the control of this most beautiful of planets. Divine help is here! Know it! Be in Peace!