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TO BE OR NOT TO BE --- HAPPY! December 5, 2003

December 5, 2003

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December 5, 2003

By Patrick H. Bellringer

Are you truly happy today, or are you truly unhappy? Down deep inside do your heart-strings sing with joy and happiness, or is there a constant feeling of uneasiness, anxiousness and apprehension. Do you have a feeling of loneliness and hopelessness that never goes away, or a feeling of total comfort and peace that all is right with “your world”. You are either sincerely happy or sincerely unhappy, as it is not possible to be both.

There is a very large group of very unhappy people who live on our planet Earth today. Oh, there are many ways that societies use to label who is happy and who is not. Those who are sick and homeless and hungry most certainly must be unhappy. Those who have nice houses and cars, a good job and a stable family must be happy. Those who have lost their jobs due to a slowing economy and are now working at a low paying job or not at all, must be unhappy. Those who have faced divorce or the death of a friend or loved-one must be unhappy. The loss of an arm or a leg or eye sight from an accident or from war, or illness from depleted uranium or being really old would certainly make one unhappy. Right?

This is not how true happiness is determined. Physical comfort does not make for spiritual happiness in the heart. Happiness can not be defined in terms of having a beautiful and healthy body. Many, who have such, commit suicide every year. Happiness can not be defined by having a good job, a good education, a beautiful home, and a great family. Many who have such a life today become alcoholics. Happiness can not be determined by being popular or having the highest grades in school, because each year many young people, who are popular or have high grades, run away from home. They often end up on the streets and are never heard from again.

What I am saying is that true happiness is not found in having things, physical comfort, a healthy body or even great relationships. Many of those who have these things are still lonely, anxious and unsettled in their inner spirit. They are unhappy. Some people think that they must act happy because others expect them to be happy. They act happy to cover their feelings of sadness and hopelessness inside. Then no one knows of their unhappiness.

Not knowing how to find happiness, a great many people of our planet have turned to religion. Great effort and much money have been spent on pilgrimages, rituals, fasts, confessions and sacred observances in the search for true happiness. Candle lighting, incense burning, tithe paying, beads, crucifixes, religious icons, pictures and much introspection have been used in an endless journey to find internal peace and happiness.

Weekly and often daily, many kneel on the floors and sit in the pews of great cathedrals and mosques and synagogues and churches of our world, praying and meditating and thinking about how to be happy. Yet, many are not happy.

So, how do we find true happiness? The answer to this question is really quite simple. Like in the movie, “The Sound of Music” let us begin at the very beginning. There is a common denominator for every souled human being on planet Earth today. We were all created by Creator God, and each of us was given a spark of Creator’s Light. This spark of Light exists within each of us today as our God Spirit. This spark of Light remains ever connected to the Great Light of Creator God. Through this Light connection, we in human body have access to our Creator God. This Light connection is our communication link to know all that Creator God knows, if we so desire, for this link connects us to the very thoughts of our Creator. This spark of Light within us is also our power source, for this Light connection also taps into Creator God’s creative power, the very same power of thought that created us in the first place.

My friends, what I am saying is that our God Spirit within each and everyone of us knows all Truth and is a power-house of creative force which we have at our disposal. When we awaken to this potential of communicating directly with our Creator, we can know all Truth. We can talk to Creator God through our thoughts, as our thoughts become His thoughts and His thoughts become our thoughts. We can ask questions through our thoughts and listen for the answers in our mind. We can hear Creator’s voice speaking to us and know that we are valuable, and that we are loved with a great Love.

True happiness originates with our personal communication with our Creator. True happiness begins with knowing the feeling that we are loved by our Creator. Knowing that we are loved, we can respond with love. Secondly, our true inner happiness and peace is based upon forgiveness. We are having our present third-dimensional lifestream of experiences to learn our lessons in soul growth. We have made many errors and failed our lessons many times. In so doing we have offended ourself. We have offended other people, and also we have offended Creator God. For these offenses we need forgiveness.

Therefore, to restore our true happiness we need to simply forgive ourself, forgive others who have offended us and ask for their forgiveness for our offenses, and then ask Creator God to forgive us. Knowing that we are forgiven, we can then drop the baggage of the past and move on in life with joy and peace in our heart.

There is no need to do any religious ritual or make any confession to any rabbi, priest, clergyman, bishop or pope to find happiness. There is no need to pay any money to anyone to be forgiven of our errors. Forgiveness is a totally personal matter between us and Creator God. He alone knows our heart’s intent, and He alone knows our thoughts.

You, who are Christians today, have based your happiness upon the twisted “Truth” of the Bible. You have been mind-controlled to believe that forgiveness for your errors is possible only through the blood sacrifice of the killing of Esu Immanuel by crucifixion. No one can do it for you. No one can forgive your errors but Creator God. Your happiness is based completely upon your relationship with your Creator. Cosmic Law states quite clearly that you shall reap whatever you sow, that you are held responsible for whatever you do. It is an age-old trick of the darkside to make you believe that someone else can forgive your errors, if you do enough or pay enough to your chosen religious order.

Religions world-wide fool people and control them by keeping them focused upon that which is external, the rituals, the chants, the candles, the penitence, the money---always the money. If people should began to think on their own and discover their power to connect to Creator God through their Light connection within, through their thoughts, religion would soon be out of business, and the people would become truly happy.

I speak from experience when I say that I have been there. From a very early age I knew the “Christian experience” from the inside out. My parents were good and humble souls. Along with my brothers and sisters, I attended Sunday School and church services on a weekly basis. At the age of nine in a “Light” experience I felt the Love and forgiveness of Creator God, though I did not fully understand it at the time. Daily family Bible reading, mid-week prayer services, choir practice and youth group meetings were all part of the religious ritual. I paid my tithe to the church and I acted happy, because that was what was expected of me. For years I sat in the pew, or sang in the choir or taught Sunday School classes or went to summer youth camp or was a youth camp counselor, because that was what was expected of me to be happy. Still, I was not truly happy.

My search for happiness continued as I knelt at the alter and partook of holy communion, as I knelt at the alter and was joined to a beautiful soul in holy matrimony and began a beautiful “Christian” family. After years of preparation I, too, stood in the pulpit and preached the “good news” to the seekers of happiness. I offered them prayers and songs and the sacraments, yet few of the seekers seemed happy. Oh, I was happy but not really. There was always a feeling of something missing, a hollowness inside. I was still a seeker, searching for the Truth.

Many years passed as I left the “Christian Ministry” and taught for nearly two decades in the public forum. My pathway finally intersected with two of Creator God’s human angels, real people, who showed me Truth. The way became simple. I had always known the way but had forgotten how to read the map. The way to Truth is so simple.

For a great many people, who have been blinded by religion, the way to Truth, to Creator God is a long pilgrimage that they may never complete in many lifestreams. For some, Creator God is imaged as an old man with a white beard sitting on a throne somewhere in the sky. For others, Creator God is some kind of big happy marshmallow or an oblong blur or a bright light, but always “out there, somewhere”.

“Out there, somewhere” is the key to the whole religious treadmill. People have been fooled by religion to believe that Creator God is “out there, somewhere”, when, in fact, He is as close as a thought. Millions of seekers have searched the world over to find Truth, to find Creator God and have failed, because they have searched in all the wrong places. Creator God is not “out there somewhere”. Creator God is to be found within every aspect of His Creation. Remember, I said that like in the movie, “The Sound of Music” we must start at the very beginning. Creator put a spark of Light, His Light, inside each of the souled-beings that He created. Creator God is Light, and His Light shines within each one of us. The search to find Creator God and all Truth is so simple. The Truth is within us. Our God Spirit, our Light within knows all Truth. Creator God is only a thought away! He is within us!

To awaken to this Truth is to know that your religious pilgrimage, your search is over. All can be found within, for your God Spirit within knows all. It is all so simple. Now you can know the music of the Love and forgiveness of Creator. By sitting quietly and thinking you can communicate with your Creator and know all Truth. You can know the lessons in soul growth that you are here to learn. You can know your true purpose in life, and you can know true peace and happiness within. You can know the joy of living and loving and sharing with others what you have discovered. You can use your creative thought-power to change yourself and your world for good. You can know that “all is right with your own small world.”

You now know that nothing and no one can make you happy! Only you can make you happy! Your key to happiness lies within you. Your religious pilgrimage is ended. At anytime you can go within to find the answers to your questions. In the quietness of your mind you can think, and you can know all Truth. That spark of Light within you from your Creator is your connection to the knowledge and the energy of the universe. It is your life-line to love and forgiveness and to peace and total freedom. This spark of Creator’s Light, this God Spirit within is your eternal connection to all that is. Now you know that you are valuable, that you are loved with the greatest Love, and that you have a true purpose in life. You are here for your lessons in soul growth, and you are here to help others to awaken to the Truth that you know. This is true happiness.

Even if you are still hungry, or homeless, or ill, you can be truly happy inside. Knowing the Truth of your creative thought-power, you can, now with Creator’s help, heal your sick body and provide for your other physical needs. It is all a matter of knowing and using the creative thought that you have within to create the environment that you desire.

Your heart strings now vibrate to the sound of music, the music of Love, the music of forgiveness, and the music of peace and freedom. This is true joy. There is now a brightness to your day and a lightness to your step because of the music in your heart. Gone are the feelings of hopelessness and anxiety. Gone is the hate, the fear, and the feeling of emptiness. All is now Light and joy. You stand in the knowing that nothing ever again can overwhelm you, for you have the power of creation at your disposal. You are totally happy and you are totally free to be you.

My friends, to be or not to be---happy, that is the question. We have the power within to create our heaven on earth, now! The choice is up to us!

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