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Patrick H. Bellringer

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and giving them new technologies.

What I do find in the Phoenix Journals is a constant reminder by Creator God Aton/Hatonn that at the “end of the Age” there will be great and sudden earth changes, which will require evacuation for those, who desire to go to safety. Hatonn says, “I come to take my people home!” Sananda says, “At the end of the Age I shall come to gather my flock unto the mansions I have prepared for them.” From this we are to conclude that evacuation or lift-off, First Contact and the Second Coming of Esu Immanuel Sananda are, in fact, one event.

So called spiritual writers over the years such as Sheldan Nidle, Mike Quinsey, Nancy Tate, Candace Frieze, Jess Anthony, Lauren Gorgo, Helen Engles, Diane Crystal Wave, Kara McKinnon, Mark Stearns and others have discussed ascension at great length and put forth the Second Coming and First Contact, as separate events with little or no mention of any need for the evacuation of our planet. Wherein lies the Truth? Where and how, if at all, does NESARA and the funding process fit into this scenario?

Let us begin by first discussing NESARA and the funding process. For over six years now the NESARA Mission has been in process, but never has it been brought to completion. For fifteen years the funding of the Farm Claims has been in process, and the Prosperity Programs go back in time much farther, and still the people wait for positive results.

As you know, much rumor is constantly generated by the Darkside to deliberately keep the people confused and off-balance. This creates the negative energies the Darkside needs to function. Too many people are focused on “the money” and what they will do with it for themselves. This also creates more negative energy, which enhances the Darkside’s position.

The White Knights, who have authority to push the funding and the NESARA Mission forward, who have not been compromised by bribery or threats to their lives and that of their families, are few in number. Greed is a major factor for both sides of this struggle, thus the process has come to an apparent stalemate.

There is no way for anyone to know for sure if or even when this “game” will end. One thing is certain. Mother Earth cannot wait indefinitely for this process to be completed. The signs are everywhere that our planet is “rocking and rolling”. Over five thousand undersea volcanoes are erupting at this time and warming the oceans.

In turn this ocean warming is changing our weather patterns and melting our glaciers and polar ice caps. Increased solar energy from our sun is also affecting our weather and the climate of many countries. Extreme storms, high winds, flooding and drought are now common occurrences.

There is also an increasing number of on-land volcanoes erupting and on-land and undersea earthquakes happening, causing much devastation and landform changes. The Yellowstone USA super volcano is showing alarming signs of activity. This is also true of Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens and other mountains of the Cascade Range and on across Alaska. The entire Pacific “Ring of Fire” is shaking, burping and belching, as never before. This is also true of the undersea Mid-Atlantic ridge and other tectonic plate junctions across the world.

All of this weather phenomena and earth changes are only the preview of coming attractions. Mother Earth is slowing down in her spin, causing a greater wobbling at the North Pole. This causes the sun to rise and set at unusual positions on the horizon. Anyone can easily observe that, as well as the strange activity of the moon and of the ocean tides.

My point is that funding and NESARA become insignificant in the light of the suffering of Mother Earth. As I stated earlier, no where in the Phoenix Journals do I find Creator God Aton/Hatonn saying that the starships will land and our Star Friends will give us new technologies, such as free energy and space travel or the means to clean up our water, soil and air.

As much as one hundred years ago and more, Hatonn says we were provided with those technologies, but Earth’s people chose not to use them for good intent. Nikola Tesla and Walter Russell brought us free energy technology, but they were ridiculed and their work was buried in history. The same was done to the “Miracle Water” that was brought to Turkey. This “living water” could have transformed the waters of our planet to purity in two years, but all was destroyed and buried by the Darkside.

We were given opportunities in choose peace and not war, but the world’s people have constantly chosen war. I remember an old war slogan, “Hell no, I won’t go!” Had the little people, who are the “cannon fodder”, refused to take up arms and march off to war, there would have been no war.

Hatonn says that He and the Pleiadian Star People came to Earth Shan in the 1930’s to endeavor to prevent World War II. They spoke personally with the three key leaders prior to World War II, Hitler, Churchill and Roosevelt. Hitler and Churchill agreed on peace, but Roosevelt absolutely refused, so the war proceeded right on schedule.

It is true that finally at the Harmonic Convergence of August 17, 1987 Creator God Aton/Hatonn issued an ultimatum to the people of Earth Shan. Our planet would be allowed to transcend into 5D in the next twenty-five years, with or without our help. Having entered the Photon Belt in 1964, this photon energy has increased the vibrations of our planet. This has shortened the second and caused time to be speeded up. The deeper we travel into the Photon Belt, the greater the energy and the faster time moves.

The twenty-five year transition period for our planet to go into 5D has been increasingly shortened, so that the end point of 2012 has moved increasing closer. Two years ago the end point of December 21, 2012 had moved to 2008 by our calendar. What you need to know is that about one week ago on December 21, 2006 we actually passed this 25 year end point. By the speeding up of time the 25 year period was shortened to about 19 ½ years. Thus, in a sense we are now living on “borrowed” time.

By her own free-will Mother Earth chooses, when she will enter the fifth dimension. She is pulsating at 13.0 on the Harmonic (Schumann) Resonance scale, where 13.0 is the baseline for 5D. How long she pauses before she tips from her present equilibrium position and begins her cleansing process in earnest is anyone’s guess. It should be quite obvious to everyone that our time on this planet is short. Mother Earth is about to enter fifth dimension or heaven, where no evil is allowed.

This helps us to bring the funding process and NESARA into perspective. NESARA was created by people of good intent. The same holds true for the Farm Claims and the Prosperity Programs. With no Darkside interference, much could have been accomplished for goodness on Earth Shan. That still may be possible, but no one knows the amount of time Mother Earth will allow us.

The Darkside refuses to turn to the Light, and the Lightworkers and White Knights still standing have been unable to bring the funding and NESARA to completion. It may take Hatonn to move the White Queen to checkmate the Black King to end this great chess game of third dimension. Then Mother Earth will sweep the chess board clean. We are at the ending of the Age of Darkness and the beginning of the Age of Light.

May you use your intuition from your power within. May you follow your heart and be in peace, knowing that your future is secure in the Light. Aho!