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by Patrick H. Bellringer

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THINK. What would serve better to make them think, if not speaking parables?" (p. 78)

"The knowledge of truth is valuable only if obtained through one's own thinking and drawing of conclusions from the visions within." Man must first learn to think, to recognize truth and then live according to the law of the spirit--the Law of Creation--to become knowledgeable and powerful in his spirit.

Peter could not understand and called to Immanuel, "Master, if it is you, please let me come to you---upon the water." (p. 87). Immanuel said, "Then come here unto me and do not be afraid, believe and know that the water will carry you and it shall carry you. Do not doubt in your faith and your knowledge, and the water will be firm beneath your feet." (p. 88)

"Oh, you of little faith, why do you doubt when things appear to be difficult and formidable? The power of your knowledge gives you the ability"---to walk on water! "Never doubt in the power of the spirit which is part of the Creation Itself and therefore does not know any limits of power. Therefore, never doubt in the power of your spirit and never doubt in your knowledge, when logic proves to you the Law of the Creation". (p. 88)

When you learn to THINK you will understand the knowledge of truth revealed to you by your own Spirit within. Then you will understand the power of your Spirit/God's Spirit within and know that it has no limits. Then you can act in faith and accomplish the "impossible"---even walking on water, if necessary!

Reference: Phoenix Journal #2, And They Called His Name Immanuel: I Am Sananda