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Patrick H. Bellringer

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6,000 years around the Central Sun, Alcyone of the Pleiades, returned to its zero point, thus the Harmonic Convergence.

Our Gregorian calendar is off by nearly fourteen years for two main reasons. First, the Gregorian (Roman) Calendar was based upon the birth-date of Esu Immanuel (Jesus Christ), as its beginning point. Thus, zero BC/AD was thought to be Esu’s birthday, when, in fact, his birth-date was 8-8-8 BC by that calendar. Therefore, the calendar was off by eight years at its very beginning. The other approximately six and one-half years of error is due to the miscalculations of the length of a given year over the period of 2007 years. Leap year every fourth year, which gave the month of February a 29th day, was a crude way to “catch up” on the miscalculations.

The true calendar to coincide with the true Cosmic time, should have had a thirteen month year of 28 days in each month, for a total of 364 days in each year. Each day of the week would have fallen on the same number each month. A calendar of 28 days per month would have corresponded with the cycles of nature, and not have run counter to them, as our present calendar does. For example, such a calendar would have corresponded with the 28 day cycle of the moon and with the 28 day menstrual cycle of the human female and certain other mammals.

The number 13 of the 13 months of the Cosmic Calendar is a Heavenly number of great esteem, for it represents the number of the twelve disciples of Esu Immanuel plus himself, making thirteen Truthbringers, who brought Truth to Earth Shan some 2000 years ago. They were the nucleus from which some Truth has come down to us today over the stepping stones of time.

In this twenty-first year of the new Great Cycle (number 22) Earth Shan is destined to be cleansed of all pollution and evil, and begin her recovery to her original pristine condition. For her to accomplish this, Heaven has determined that all her people must be evacuated to safety via the starships of our Star Friends, who have come at this time, as the Hosts of Heaven for that purpose.

So, this New Year of Cosmic 2021 is destined to be the most eventful year in the entire nearly four and on-half billion years of the life of our beloved planet. Is it not a great miracle that we are here at this very time to experience such a Cosmic Event---the birthing of a planet into fifth dimension? May you enjoy the ride, and may you be one to graduate into the fifth dimension along with our Mother Earth.