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January 4, 2004

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January 4, 2004

Co-Authored by Creator God Aton of Light and Patrick H. Bellringer

“The disciples came to Esu Immanuel, saying, ‘Who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven? And calling to him a child, Esu Immanuel put the child in the midst of his disciples, and said, ‘Truly, I say to you, unless you become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven.’ ” (Matthew 18:1-4)

The great divine law of NESARA, known as The National Economic Security and Reformation Act, was formulated in the plans of Creator God Aton of Light long before the foundations of our planet Earth were laid. It is a divine law because it marks the beginning of the Age of Peace and Enlightenment and the establishment of God Aton’s Kingdom of Heaven on our Earth. NESARA announces to the people of our world the “second coming” of the great Truthbringer, Esu Immanuel Sananda, and the return in physical form of the Ascended Masters and our other brothers and sisters from the Realms of Light.

Over the past ten years many enlightened people have assisted in creating NESARA in our third dimensional world. Against great opposition from the darkside and with great effort and sacrifice and even death of the faithful, NESARA has finally been brought to the point of implementation today. The world stands waiting in anticipation of the official public announcement of NESARA on our television screens, which marks the lawful implementation of NESARA. At that point the people of Earth move under Galactic Solar Tribunal Law and into the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. NESARA is the gateway to “Heaven,” but who shall be allowed to enter? Esu Immanuel said, “unless you become like children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Let us think for a moment what it means to “become like children”. A little child is innocent, loving, humble, trusting, and open to learning and exploring with no fear. A little child has no ego, no greed, no envy, no desire for power and control, no prejudice, no need to be forgiven of anything. How many of our Earth’s people today live their lives as an innocent, loving, peaceful and trusting child? How many are innocent because they have truly forgiven themselves, forgiven others and have asked Creator God for forgiveness? How many show love to their enemies and live at peace with their families and the neighbors? How many are truly open to seeking Truth, knowledge and the wisdom of Creator God? To enter the Kingdom of Heaven one must possess these traits of a little child. “Seek first the Kingdom of Heaven”, strive to live your life as a little child, and all that you truly need will be given to you.

How many people today are ready for the coming of NESARA? Creator God ponders this thought and waits. Too many people have not been responsible for their well-being and that of their families. Too many people have put their lives on “hold”. They have stopped planning their future. They have stopped providing for themselves. They have stopped searching for Truth. They sit around and complain and pout, waiting for someone to place a bag of gold on their doorstep. Are they ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Are they ready for NESARA?

There are those who have assumed the responsibility of being leaders in our day. Some have chosen to work in the silent military “coupe” to bring NESARA to victory against the armies and battles of darkness. Many have been faithful, some have become martyrs, and some double agents. There are those who have chosen to be spokespersons for the people. Some have chosen to present spiritual messages from the Realms of Light. Others have chosen to present Truth concerning the status of NESARA to the people. Others have chosen to stand as prayer warriors and help create the way through the power of their God Spirit within and their Mighty I AM Presence. Are those who have supported NESARA and who have provided updates on the progress of NESARA, truly ready for NESARA?

There are many power groups clamoring for position as NESARA closes in for announcement. What position will they have in the Kingdom of Heaven? At times the Dove Reports have given much information and energy to the progress of NESARA. At other times the Dove Reports have sent people spiraling down into the depths of negativity. Such is the case at the present time. In many people’s minds in early December, 2003, the “Dove” put the world on “hold” concerning NESARA. The NESARA Take Action Teams (NTAT) were told that they were on their own to work or to be inactive until January 15, 2004 because “Dove” was taking a break until then. The “Dove” told the world that a new window had to be opened for NESARA to be announced, and that such action by the World Court was not likely to happen until April of 2004. The “Dove” spoke of the NESARA Decision Team again working for the Illuminati, and of a secret group of White Knights, who were now finally meeting with Germain in order to make a contract with the Forces of Light to help them accomplish their mission. There is no reason to believe that the Illuminati will ever change or that this secret group of White Knights are working with good intent.

Please understand that this is all third dimensional nonsense. The “Dove” works for the Faction Two White Knights, who are basically civilians, business people, bankers, accountants, auditors, politicians and government people of various types. She reports what they tell her to report, and many of these people have proven themselves to be double agents. Many of these people are cooperating with G. W. Bush and Company and, therefore, have their own agenda to delay or to stop NESARA if possible.

The Faction Three White Knights have been working with Violinio Germain, Esu Immanuel Sananda and the other Ascended Masters and the Forces of Light for several years. Faction Three is composed of U.S. Navy Seals, U.S. Delta Force, U.S. Military and military personnel of other cooperating countries. Most of these people have been doing their work by traveling in Starships and shuttle craft provided by the Forces of Light. These are serious people dedicated to the cause of NESARA with no compromise to the Illuminati.

As has been stated in earlier writings, Germain and Faction Three White Knights need no 3D windows or World Court orders or permission from anyone other than Creator God to accomplish NESARA. No one but Creator God is in charge of NESARA. Creator God’s NESARA schedule is intact and all is happening in His timing, yet various individuals and power groups claim otherwise. They try to put themselves in a place of importance, to be in charge, to issue orders and to out-guess Creator God. The “Dove” has essentially put Creator God on “hold” until April of 2004, baring a miracle, of course. Many delays have been caused by these gurus, who are acting as naughty children. The very leaders, who were chosen to give Truth and lead the people, are not acting in wisdom. Does Creator God now need the “Dove’s” permission to announce NESARA prior to April of 2004? One wonders what position the “Dove” power group will have in the Kingdom of Heaven!

Then we have another, who calls himself, Matthew. He has chosen to leave this lifestream and claims to be channeled by his mother, Suzanne Ward. As he parrots the “Dove’s” roller coaster messages about the state of NESARA, it is apparent that the energies are often of fourth dimensional quality and of little help to those seeking Truth. Questions have been raised by Truthseekers as to the purpose and intent of this energy. In his latest message of December 31, 2003, Matthew again follows the “Dove’s” lead by projecting NESARA down the road by several months or “perhaps only two”. Does trying to guess when NESARA will happen mean that if you win, you get a prize? Maybe you become the head guru!

Another power group is located in Australia and is headed by none other than Dr. David R. Siminton, whose claim to fame is his self-appointment as Governor of the Principality of Camside. He offers citizenship to Camside for a sum of $200 with the promise of being placed on a prosperity program gift list. Apparently, David Siminton is not personally involved in any of the prosperity programs but is relying on others to back his promise of gift funds. From the periphery, David Siminton has followed NESARA and as early as August, 2003 has made monthly predictions that NESARA would not happen. In an e-mail to “Dove” on November 22, 2003, David Siminton announced that his private investigations had assured him “that there will be no NESARA announcement made at anytime in the balance of 2003. This will no doubt be very disappointing to you, nevertheless, I am sure that when January 1, 2004 rolls around, you will be most impressed with the accuracy of our sources.” So now David Siminton gloats and proclaims, “I told you so. I said it wouldn’t happen and it didn’t”, as his contribution to NESARA. Why the need to try and out-guess Creator God? Such doubt and projections of NESARA into the future only creates more negativity and adds to the delay of NESARA. It is interesting to note that David Siminton informed Patrick Bellringer on December 30, 2003 that he was removing his internet link to He also announced the establishment of the Camside new bank under the name of Terra Nova Cache, which offers the same features the gold banking system will have after NESARA is announced. Why does he not actively support NESARA and projects it happening months from now? Why does he create a new “gold” bank now, which is not possible under the present system? David Siminton is being fooled by the Illuminati over power and greed, and G.W. Bush is quite happy with his Siminton plan. Will this power base in Australia with-stand the tests of time? We shall see.

Another group is the Tate-Towers power group. For a long while Nancy Tate has worked with good intent to give spiritual Truth to many people. Tate and Towers initiated the NTAT program with the Dove’s blessing, but later resigned under attack of the “Dove’s” fury. They then started the SSN group or the Spirit Share Network. As the daily “Morning Wake Up Call” came under criticism for its mediocrity and lack of spiritual authenticity, Nancy Tate on December 30, 2003 announced her exodus from the scene in preparation for even greater things to come. The latest “Special Message from St. Germain” on January 1, 2004 by Nancy Tate is again proof in point. Supposedly, Germain is saying that the World Court is saying that a NESARA window is now no longer needed for the announcement to occur. Why would Germain say that, when NESARA was removed from any 3D control long ago? Her recent move to Santa Fe, New Mexico, which put her in close contact with the A and A power group, may have hastened her exit. Many faithful ones are now left without their daily dose of spirituality, and the question is raised of what is to become of the SSN work? Their support of NESARA is left in question, as doubt and negativity continue to increase.

We now come to the A and A power group who also reside in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The daily pitter-patter of the Jennifer Lee Reports are like the raindrops on the roof which lulls one to sleep. Many believe A and A offer information, accurate or otherwise, in exchange for assistance to prop up their pitiful existence. Creator God has said that they have over-stepped their bounds and are leading people on in the tales they have told to so many. Continually making a disclaimer that you “love to lie” casts doubt on all that is presented in the name of Truth. Again doubt and disbelief only serve to create more waves of negativity.

We now come to the Bellringer/Fourwinds “power group.” This group has no vested interests, no political agenda, no financial ties to anyone, no religious persuasion and are not in competition for readership. Fourwinds is a family group of enlightened ones, who desire only to present Truth from Creator God freely to their fellowman. They have a commitment to Creator God and the Realms of Light to uncover the Lie and present Truth to the people of our Earth one last time. They are answering the challenge of Esu Immanuel to his disciples of 2000 years ago, to present Truth in our day to the “Four Corners of the Earth”.

There is no doubt that Patrick Bellringer will be harshly criticized and accused of creating negativity by pointing out the faults in others, even though he readily admits to weaknesses of his own. Darkside attack is nothing new to this group, as they have been under a constant barrage from many quarters since their inception. As Patrick Bellringer says, “Fourwinds is not on any ego trip, and we do not label anyone. We are under orders from Creator God to uncover the Lie and present the Truth. If people interpret us as an egotistical power group, that is their choice. People object to what we present when they do not agree with our presentations. That does not make for any “power” on our part. Are we a power group? You had better believe that we are! Our power is that of Creator God. This we express through our God Spirit and our Mighty I AM Presence. That power and that Light from Fourwinds is a powerful Light that streams across this planet and can be seen throughout the Cosmos. Yes, we are a power group for Truth!”

The last part of the “Mission Statement” posted on Fourwinds reads, “The original foundation of Truth upon which Fourwinds rests is that Truth which has been presented by Creator God Aton of Light and the Ascended Masters in the 116 published volumes of The Phoenix Journals. These Journals are also known as the “Holy Books of the Lighted Realms.”

My friends, where shall it all end? Again Creator God asks the question, “Are these power groups and their people truly ready to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Have they been faithful to their tasks? Have they prepared their people for the “Kingdom”? Have they learned to live the Laws of God and Creation?”

The Laws of Creator God and Creation are simple. Ascension is simple. Truth is simple, and yet so many power groups in so many ways make it all so complex and confusing to the Truthseekers. They hear of mantras which must be sung, chants that must be chanted, and prayers that must be prayed in certain moods and colors of light and frequencies. There are vortexes and grids and dimensions and shamballas and beings with which to deal, as to become totally scary and impossible. Such “spiritual” information for a great many becomes very confusing and intimidating. Then, just maybe, you shall ascend into the Kingdom of Heaven. Say what? Truth is simple. For too long by too many, Creator God has been misquoted. Unless you become like a little child, you can not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Many 3D power groups for some time now have been positioning themselves for their certain niche of power and control after NESARA happens. The goal is to carve out a special place of operation in the coming Kingdom of Heaven. All of this ego activity by the many 3D power groups on planet Earth has served many times to detract from the positive energies and to stall NEASRA.

What is happening now is what the darkside has done for many past centuries. Hardly a single group of any kind has ever acted for the good of all on our planet Earth. Consider the Farm Claims groups of ten years ago, the prosperity program power groups, local city councils, school boards, church councils, corporation boards of trustees and court juries, all have acted out of ego. Seldom do they act for the good of all. So it is with the NESARA power groups and the spiritual power groups. They continue to do what the controllers have done for hundreds of years. There is too much pride and not enough humility. NESARA will go forward only when there is enough cooperation, trust, love and action without fear among the people. Those who are blind leaders of the blind must wake up to the Light, so that they may lead their people to the Light.

Who shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Who is truly ready? To the crowds in Esu Immanuel’s day he said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit (the humble, the meek) for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are those who are merciful, those who are pure in heart, those who are peacemakers, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness (right living) and those who are persecuted for righteousness’ (right living) sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.

Some may think that the coming of NESARA and the Age of Peace and Enlightenment is like being invited to a big party that some “rich cat” is hosting. Everyone wants to be invited to “the party”. So, how do you get invited? How do you get accepted and become “part of the action”? You may have to pretend. You have to dress the part, act rich and powerful, and be noticed for someone you are not. You may even have to lie to get invited. Where is the honesty and the sincerity? Where is the Truth? Is not this the same game many are playing to supposedly get into the Kingdom of Heaven? NESARA wipes the slate clean with the establishment of laws and courts and governments of integrity. All darkness must be removed as balance and harmony are restored. You can not get into the “party” unless you become as a little child.

This message may ruffle many feathers, but that is often necessary to wake people up. Patrick has been called a “Bellringer” for a reason, as that has been his task in past lifestreams. And so it is now! To those dear and loving people across planet Earth, who so desire in all sincerity to have peace on Earth and love and kindness and sharing and compassion and joy for all, we say to you, do not despair. You are not forgotten. Creator God has heard your prayers and He knows your hearts. Very soon, indeed, you shall have your Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Creator God says there are many more blessings of NESARA that you shall have than you can ever imagine. Keep hope alive. Go within and hear His voice. Creator God wants to talk to all His people, but very few listen to His voice within. Creator God has a schedule and calendar for NESARA and makes adjustments as humans fall short of their responsibilities. We interpret these adjustments as delays in our 3D time keeping.

NESARA has been held back because of all the power groups fighting for control. These ones have set themselves in competition with Creator God. All must be in order as originally planned for NESARA to be properly implemented. To accomplish that, some reconstruction is now going on. Creator God can not announce NESARA prematurely or you would not be happy with the outcome. He is concerned about the many who are hanging on by a “thread” for many different reasons. They are not forgotten, and they will be sustained as they call for help.

Again, let it be understood that Creator God is in charge of NESARA. NESARA can be announced at any moment, as in the blinking of an eye. Humility, the acts of kindness, and the prayer power by the people of Light for the good of all is that which shall deliver NESARA to the people of the Earth. Then the true and faithful people shall enter Heaven’s Gates. “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb...and a little child shall lead them.” (Isaiah 11: 6)

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