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by Patrick H. Bellringer

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r, and we are thankful for what they have taught us; for our own lessons learned.

Please understand, my friends, that 9/11 had to happen! It was the turning point in the Battle of Armageddon, the battle for the souls of the people of our planet. Please understand that 9/11 was the climax of evil in our day, that it had to happen to reveal the lie and the Truth; that it had to happen to wake up America and the world.

Our Mother Earth is well along in her transition into fifth dimension, and we would have been swept away into another third dimensional lifestream, had we not been jolted awake by the events of 9/11. Now we have the opportunity to “catch up” in our lessons in soul growth and move with “our mother” into fifth dimension---where there is no evil! Can you imagine such a time and such a place?

Most of the world slept during the preparations for the advent of the most important event of all time on our planet. That event is NESARA! The events of 9/11/01 were done by the present Bush Administration under orders of reptilian “Daddy” Bush, as a feeble attempt to stop the NESARA announcement. Those events of 9/11 awakened the world to the great need for NESARA—now! Do you feel the excitement of being involved in the coming sweeping changes that NESARA brings to America and to our world? Think of the shock people will feel when they see on T.V. the indictment of our president and vice-president for treason and murder. Think of having public servants who are peace-loving people of integrity. Think of having money with true value, of having real ownership of something, of working and not paying income tax, or ever again filing an income tax form.

Do you feel the excitement of seeing the ascended Masters again on worldwide T.V. in third dimension? Can you name them? Are you prepared to help your family and friends understand who the “Masters” are? Can you feel the excitement of seeing the starships land, of meeting again our brothers and sisters from the stars? Are you prepared to help your neighbors understand the nature and purpose of the coming of our alien friends?

The events of 9/11 have brought us both change and challenge. NESARA will bring us again both change and challenge. We will be faced with the challenge of helping others as well as ourselves to understand the Truth and the lie. We will be faced with the challenge of showing mercy and forgiveness to those who have caused us hurt. We will be faced with many great lessons in soul growth, and we shall overcome!

In spite of your sadness and grief over 9/11---and now anger at your own government perpetrators, do you not feel the excitement underneath? Do not your heart strings thrill at the prospect of having peace—world peace—in our time? Do you not sense the joy of giving of your abundance to those who have not? Do you not sense the compassion you can feel by showing mercy and forgiveness to those who sincerely seek forgiveness for their wrongs? Do you not sense the thrill of teaching someone who truly desires to learn Truth, and the joy of fulfillment at the student’s learning, awakening and knowing?

Together with our sisters and brothers of planet Earth Shan, we walk the road to enlightenment. Together we are travelers on the Red Road of Truth. Let us be humble and happy and excited. Let us be ever open to our lessons, and let us remember that “9/11/01” had to happen to bring us to this fantastic point in our journey. We are living in the most exciting and challenging of times ever on Earth Shan! We are living in the time which offers the greatest potential for soul growth ever to occur on Earth Shan! Let us rejoice, be happy, participate and be at peace within---because of our “knowing”!

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