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From Patrick H. Bellringer

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We have walked many past lifestreams together, yet the challenges are ever new. I now ask for your council and also make a formal demand for your greater involvement in the plans of the day. I have many questions to ask and I shall organize them as best that I can to give clarity.

First, has Fourwinds now served our purpose in presenting NESARA to the world? Bob Towers the webmaster for Nancy Tate’s website in cooperation with others has responded to Dove’s request to have a “pure” NESARA website. They have now established the website for only NESARA information. When Fourwinds began hosting the Dove Reports over a year ago, the Dove requested that her reports not be posted next to any of our “controversial” materials, because people react negatively to such information and would not return to read her reports. On August 11, 2003 Bob Towers sent me an e-mail informing me about the I quote:

“Good Morning! Mark at now has the newly revised Take Action website up and ready for use. Our thoughts and the Dove’s thoughts for this site would be to keep it clean from anything that might offend (i.e. spiritual channelings, conspiracies, Bush bashing, etc.) a first-time person looking for information about what NESARA is all about.”

Is this new website needed at this time, is it of good intent, and should the Dove Reports be posted there rather than on Fourwinds from now on? What do you see is the mission of Fourwinds?

Over the years we have struggled to create and maintain our second website, to present the original Contact Newspaper collection and all the published copies of the Phoenix Journals freely to the world as Hatonn requested of us to do. Many of the Masters, including yourself, Sananda and Hatonn have given us much Truth through these Journals, and they are known as the Holy Books of the Lighted Realms. This past winter during their four months stay in Rapid City, which we hosted, A and A apparently for the first time were exposed to the Phoenix Journals. Their opinion expressed to me was that the Phoenix Journals were basically trash and did not resonate with their Truth. Recently, in a Dove Report the Dove expressed a similar opinion, though I question whether she has ever read any of the Phoenix Journals. What gives? I believe that these journals hold fantastic Truth for our time, and I have recommended to many Truthseekers that they read the basic journal volumes 2, 3, 5, 7, 27, and 47 and then 50.

We have managed to find by divine guidance and also present on our website the series of Phoenix Journals called The Pleiades Connection, (volumes 30-37) which were banned forever from public view by the U.S. courts in the early 1990’s. As you know, these journals contain the truth of science, creation, Creator God, our star friends, our purpose and our future. Such knowledge released to the general public would reveal their lies and destroy the darkside. Also, the ending series of two sets of four journals each called “Birthing the Phoenix” (volumes 222-225) and “Rise of Anti-Christ” (volumes 227-230) contain dynamic summary information concerning the adversary’s plans for our planet and her people. Is not this information of vital importance for our time?

There has been much nonsense written and dispersed by the CIA/FBI on the internet to deceive the people about Truth. One such statement is that Doris Ekker and Dove are one and the same person. You and I know that this is a lie, but the people do not. In an attempt to clarify this the Dove recently called our webmaster for the correct spelling of “Ekker” and made a statement in her Dove Report that she was most certainly not Doris Ekker. I am concerned that harm was done when Dove inferred that Doris Ekker was less than honorable and as a receiver for the Phoenix Journals, the Journals themselves were highly suspect. Doris may have moved to the darkside but this most certainly was not the case during the ten year period of the publishing of the Phoenix Journals. It is obvious to me that Dove has never read the Phoenix Journals and knows nothing about them. Brother Violinio, please share with me your wisdom concerning the Phoenix Journals.

There are many questions being asked of me by Truthseekers, questions that relate to my writings, the Dove Reports and the Jennifer Lee Reports. I ask that you please explain to our readers, “Who are Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn, Mother Sekhmet, and Father Alcyone?” I do not have full memory yet and I need your help.

In her reports the Dove has stated that she is a walk-in Wingmaker from 750 years into the future. Is this true? Is she a highly evolved spiritual being working with good intent to fulfill her mission of assisting Earth Shan in transition into fifth dimension? Many concerns have been expressed to me about the validity and intent of the Dove Reports. The Dove Reports have created much negativity, often showing insensitivity to the readers, are often contradictory, lack much detail in information, and lead people on a never ending emotional roller-coaster ride. Hope is constantly dashed into despair with little empathy for those who despair.

Is this truly the work of a highly evolved spiritual being working with good intent, or is it possible that the darkness has crept in and tampered with the Dove Reports? Brother, if this be true, it is high time that Fourwinds stop hosting the Dove Reports. What do you think? Does Dove talk to you either in your physical form or in your etheric form? Is she under the gag order? If so, is that why she withholds information? We at Fourwinds honor the Dove for her dedicated service to our world, and we encourage her to go within for the knowing of Truth.

The same hold true for Jennifer Lee and A and A. We honor them for their work and we encourage them to seek Truth within, yet Brother Violinio, I have some concerns in this area as well. Who is KOS, the King of Swords? A and A tell me that he is in charge of all the White Knights worldwide and that he has an office in the White House. Is this true? Is KOS also a highly evolved spiritual being who is working with a pure heart to restore our great country? Why is he so secretive and apparently communicates to civilians only through Mr. A? Why cannot I speak directly to the King (KOS) on the phone? Why must I communicate through Mr. A and never get an answer?

Secondly, who is Mr. A? Is he a son of Ascended Master Commander Ashtar as he claims? Does he go aboard ship in the physical and speak to his father Ashtar and Sananda and St. Germain? Mr. A strikes me as a very kind, giving and patient soul, quite dominated by his good wife. Many people have raised questions concerning the validity of Mr. A’s information as presented in the Jennifer Lee reports. In this regard one question is this, “Does a mind-altering substance such as marijuana enhance one’s communication abilities with the etheric realms?” Your response to this question may be helpful to many people.

As you know there has been friction between Mrs. A and Jennifer Lee, bless her heart, over the content of the Jennifer Lee Reports. A and A have told Jennifer that unless she cooperates with them and repeats word for word what they tell her, the King has told them that he will stop her funding from the Omega program. Does KOS have such power? Even today A and A told Jennifer that should Fourwinds stop posting the Jennifer Lee Reports on Fourwinds, the King would stop all funding of the Farm Claims and prosperity programs to the Fourwinds Red Ray Ground Crew. Is this truth or total nonsense? One thing is certain, Jennifer Lee and we at Fourwinds are tired of editing out the unacceptable street language contained in the A and A reports. This brings me to my next question.

Is the King of Swords, indeed, a double agent? I base my question upon much information that has been presented in both the Jennifer Lee and the Dove Reports. The Dove has stated that the White Knights have the power and the resources necessary to carry out the NESARA announcement now! She has said that the Corporation of the United States was recently dismantled, and the assets of trillions of dollars of the top 400 Illuminati families have been reclaimed for the people of the world. If this be true, then the White Knights can now act to announce NESARA without any further orders or permission to do so from anyone. They can act not only because they are sovereign citizens under our Constitution but also because they are sovereign under God’s Laws. Why have they not done so? Why have they not removed the double agents Sandra Day-O’Conner and Norman Schwarzkopf from the White Knight NESARA Decision Team? It is because the King is also a double agent? Dear brother, tell me the truth of the matter!

Another concern I have is the gag order. Why do we have it? It may have been helpful at one time to prevent advance notice of NESARA to the public until all was in order to make the public announcement, but such is no longer the case. Is not the gag order now a means of control by the Illuminati? It makes no sense to gag those people who can confirm NESARA and then beg the little people who have no proof to run around in the streets and tell everyone about NESARA. Brother, lift the gag order now!

Many people have called today seeking answers to the NESARA delays, and my work has been slowed. It is already a new day. I am exhausted, and I must retire.

Good morning, my dear friend. It is early on August 18. The night has been brief, but I must continue. Little sense can be made of the scenario presently being played out by the White Knights. The August 16 Dove Report is so atypical as to suggest tampering by someone or even a total fake to mislead and confuse the people even more. Am I correct in my assessment? The whole process of seeking World Court approval, formal protests and petitions, and parading before the UN for their validation and NESARA blessing makes no sense at all. This is total third dimension nonsense and a game being played by the darkside to delay NESARA. Dear Violinio, must we go through this process, which now extends far into September, to accomplish the NESARA mission? Please tell me that it is not so.

There is another and most important question that I must ask, as both the question and your positive response would bring both hope and joy to our world. There are other voices and sources of Truth than those mentioned herein. Two dear friends have each separately confided in me and confirmed for me, that which I have been thinking for some time, namely that there is a NESARA plan “C”.

Lady Nada of the Galactic Solar Tribunal has spoken of that body’s authority over our present world situation. She has declared that the way has been cleared for the official public announcement of NESARA to be made now. Is this true? Secondly, the Dove reported this spring of a plan by the Ascended Masters to bring NESARA to fruition., Recently she reported, as I stated earlier, that the White Knights had finally dismantled the very evil Corporation of the United States and had reclaimed the assets of some 400 Illuminati families who had controlled the corporation. If this is true, then the people of the United States are no longer slaves to that system, but are now lawfully sovereign citizens under our Constitution of the Republic. Therefore, under our own authority which rests in the Creator alone, and the authority of the Republic, we can now, if we so choose, simply step to the microphone and announce NESARA to the “four winds” of our planet.

I believe and my two friends have confirmed that there is, indeed, a Plan C to announce NESARA. This plan would upstage the NESARA Decision Team/White Knight World Court show, and jerk the rug out from under the Illuminati United Nations NESARA games. If what I believe is true, all prosperity program and Farm Claim packets would be delivered to all participants by Thursday evening, August 21. This would mandate the official NESARA announcement to the public be made early Tuesday, August 19 or even on Monday, August 18. Please tell me and tell the world, my dear brother, Violinio Germain, is this true?

So many have suffered so much, so many have waited so long that hope fades, and so many have petitioned the Lighted Realms for heaven’s help and have faithfully held forth the Light of Truth for so long. They have done the miraculous and created such positive energy as to amaze even the Ascended Masters. The latest Dove Reports have created a great wave of righteous anger energy that is sweeping the planet. This energy now matched by the Forces of Light can overwhelm any darkness remaining on our Planet Earth Shan. The Lightworkers deserve NESARA. The people of Shan deserve NESARA now!

I now come to my demand, dear brother. I, my dear wife, and all of my beloved family here at Fourwinds petition Admiral Sananda and all the Lighted Realms and demand of you to use the authority which you have been given to immediately implement NESARA Plan C, and get it done--now! It is insane to think that we should continue to allow those White Knights, who are responsible for NESARA, to keep begging the Illuminati World Court and the Illuminati United Nations for mercy, for permission, for orders to announce NESARA. None such from them shall ever be granted. I demand this foolishness be immediately stopped, that the games of deceit come to an end, and that we no longer be the laughing stock of the evil Illuminati. When will we win? When will Creator God win? When will we take our power back and use the authority Creator God gave us to win?

It has been written that you have been given the authority by the World Court to announce NESARA to the world. Is this not true? Then brother, why have you delayed? Do you have a cosmic requirement for certain freewill participation in this NESARA announcement process? If this be so, we demand that those, who hold the authority to implement NESARA, do it now or be forever banned from this planet. If it is sincere, dedicated, and courageous people that you need to get the job done now, we stand ready to help. There are thousands that you need only to ask. Dear Violinio, there is absolutely no valid reason that I know of for not immediately announcing NESARA to the world. None! Do it now! Get it done!

There are many questions that I could ask but this is enough for now. This letter may be equal to another Hiroshima bomb, but so be it! I do not wish to harm or be unkind to any of the Lightworkers and White Knights. I only seek to know Truth. May your pathway be filled with the radiance of the rainbow light and your heart filled with the joy of service to all. I await your response.

In Love and Light,

Your brother, Patrick H. Bellringer

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