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***THE POWER OF SPIRIT by Patrick H. Bellringer

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            Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda has said, “The Spirit of man can perform miracles through the knowledge of the Truth, for when you pray to your Spirit, whatever you request will be given to you, if it truly is a desire, for believe with knowledge, and you will receive.”

            My friends of the Light, Truthbringers, Truthseekers, co-workers, travelers all on the Red Road of Truth, I speak to you from the deepest level of my heart tonight.  Do you truly believe these words of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda, recorded in the Phoenix Journals?  Do you truly believe that through the Power of your spirit within you, you can perform miracles?  Have you tried it?  Have you ever performed any miracle at all?

            To perform miracles you first must have the knowledge of the Truth.  The Truth is that in all of our planet’s history, never before have we had such a crisis, as we have at this very moment.  The Adversary has never been stronger.  The Darkness has never been blacker, and evil has never been greater, than it is right now.  Negative energy has so increased on all fronts, as to totally over-whelm our planet and her people, rendering us helpless, hopeless, defeated!  Is that our end?  Is that what we want?  After all these years of struggle, of suffering and of fighting evil, are we willing to allow evil to win in our lifetime, and for us to go quietly into the night?

            Knowledge is power!  I bring you knowledge, my friends.  Look around you!  What do you see?  I see a world lying in ruins with smoking, burning battlefields strewn with corpses.  I see sickness and suffering and wanton neglect on street corners and in back alleys, in V.A. hospitals and dying rural towns.  In our suburbs rise tent cities and along the railroad tracks.

            Once noble and kind and honest people huddle with their children in their cars, begging for food, a blanket, a drink of water with not even an outdoor toilet for privacy.  I weep for our people, and my tears wet this page!  What has happened to us?  What have we become?  America, the beautiful and a world of peace and prosperity is only a dream turned into a total nightmare of hopelessness, corruption, greed and despair. 

            The few have gathered the wealth and claimed it for themselves.  They thrive on power and control.  Negativity is the fuel that feeds their drive for world domination.  They care not for the denuded forests, now turned into rock and sand or the oceans chocking on plastic and reeking of rotting fish----the sewers of the world.  Their goal is gold, piles and piles of gold, and pleasure and power and absolute control.

            It is all a lie, my friends, the biggest lie ever told!  Do you understand that?  It is a lie!  Too long you have believed the lie!  Too long you have forgotten the Truth.  You have forgotten your power, the power within to create miracles.  I have given you knowledge in the Phoenix Journals.  Now, it is time to use it to create miracles.  It is time the Light of Truth wins!

           We see our physical world lying in ruins and her people dying, but we do not understand, why.  We do not see beyond into the realm of Spirit.  There is a great battle raging between Darkness and Light, between negative energy and positive energy, between evil and Goodness.  For eons the Darkness has been winning.  That is why our world lies in ruins.  Negativity has reigned supreme!

            The few Lightbearers and Truthbringers have struggled on against great odds.  They have held the line, but they need more help, our help to win.  They need our positive energy, our prayer power to win.  The present struggle going on world-wide to bring down the Khazarian Zionist Serpent People alnd stop their drive for world control is moving forward slowly.  

            Representatives of Global Family, nations such as Russia, Iran and North Korea, China, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Australia, France and England, brave constitutional lawyers, and people around the world of many talents are quietly working to thwart the efforts of the Serpent People.  The Military Flag Officers, who hold the authority to act to save the U:.S. of A., have generally proven themselves to be cowards, compromised by bribes and threats, thus committing high crimes and treason.  The U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Congress and the Federal Courts all stand compromised by bribery and threats, unwilling to act to save this nation, thus also having committed high crimes and treason.

            The U.S. unlawful Corporate Government is drunken with greed and power, fraught with deceit and corruption and so Satanic and Zionist, as to care nothing whatsoever for the needs of the people of this nation, let alone those of the world.  World Empire is their goal.  Make no mistake about it.

            Such foolishness of man can be brought down by the Truth, by the Light of Creator God, by positive energy created by People of the Light by their Power within.  The Spirit of Power of Creator God Aton of Light is within us.  Will you use it?  Will you help defeat the Adversary?

            I am asking for Lightworkers and Truthbringers and Truthseekers and Enlightened people of all nations to answer the call to prayer.  It matters not your religion, your beliefs, your doubts, but only that you care about the future of our world and her people, your people, your family, yourself.  We must stand against the Darkness.   We must assist those few holding the battle line for the Light.

            Pray, as you have never prayed before!  Pray, even if you have never prayed before!  Creator God hears the sincere prayer from a humble heart.  He hears the whisper of “God help!”  He hears the unspoken words of your heart’s desire!  He hears and responds to the pleas of a little child.  He hears, and He understands and He responds, always!

            Will you help us win this battle for the Light, for our world---to defeat evil?  Take even a few minutes from your busy schedule to stop and think, to think good things, to meditate, to say, “God, Help!”

            We can do it!  We can win this Battle for the Light, for Goodness for our world.  We can create so much positive energy that the Dark Cabal shall be swept off this planet and into the Void, never to return to Shan.  It is time, my friends, it is time!

            “For when you pray to your Spirit, whatever you request will be given to you”.

            “For believe with knowledge, and you will receive”.

            “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts”.( Zechariah 4:6)