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Patrick H. Bellringer

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Repost:  3-39-18

     Money brings power and self-sufficiency, which often leads to greed and egotism.  Donald Trump was born into wealth, and early he learned the power of money.  He associated with Zionist Jewish bankers and financial consultants and used their strategy and ethics to build his real estate empire.


    One of his daughters married a Zionist/Satanist, who apparently had great influence on the Trump family.  Donald Trump clams to be a Christian, a Protestant, a Presbyterian, which is socially acceptable in his elite world of  affluence.  He made a name for himself in the world of Hollywood TV, which fed his ego and his bank account.


    Over the years Donald Trump has acquired much knowledge in matters of business and finance, but less in basic world affairs and politics.  This is evident, as he now attempts to fulfill the role of President of the U.S.A.  Having knowledge does not mean that one has wisdom, though knowledge leads to wisdom.


    Wisdom is based on the knowledge of the Laws of God and Creation, living them and acting accordingly in all of life’s endeavors.  Flamboyant, egotistical money man Donald Trump chose to become president of a great and fallen nation to clean the “alligators from the swamp” of Washington.  His goal was to “Make America Great”, again.  What he did not know was the “gators in the swamp” were his Zionist banker buddies and financial consultants, political shape-shifters and family member Satanists with their own agenda.


    Donald Trump did not know that he lacked the wisdom to cope with his evil opposition.  He has religion with no substance.  He had morality that was suspect.  He had enthusiasm and high goals to “make America great” again, but he lacked wisdom, the wisdom of spirituality.  He was a “hollow man”!


    Wisdom dictates that, today, America has no enemies.  America is the enemy!  America has lost her way by rejecting her very foundation, the Laws of God and Creation.  Today, one man can change to world to Goodness!  That man is the president of America.  He is going the wrong way, sadly to say.  Can this “hollow man” gain wisdom through the knowledge of the Laws of God and Creation?  Can he extract the Zionist “gators” from the swamp and help our last wise man, Vladimir Putin, save our world?  We shall see!