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IMAGINE! by Patrick H. Bellringer (Updated Aug. 23, 2014)

Patrick H. Bellringer

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Written 12/13/02

Revised  8/23/14.

Imagine a world of total peace, and total freedom, and total abundance!  In your day-dreaming have you not thought about paradise, a place and a time where everything and everyone was perfect?  In your thoughts have you not traveled many times to your Shangri-la and imagined living in a world of perfection?  To live in a perfect world is impossible.  Right?  Such a world would be Utopia.  Why, that would be Heaven on Earth, and that could never be.


Did you know that everything begins with a thought?  Everything that you see around you, every tree, every rock, every insect, every flower, every blade of grass, every cloud, every snow-flake began with a thought, an idea of Creator God.  Every bird, every berry, every bear, every fish and every human began as an idea, and through the energy of Creation, the power of Light of Creator God, they each became real.  As human beings we walk this earth with that same creative Light stored within each one of us.  Creator has given us that Light energy as our God Spirit within, and with that Light energy we, too, can create.  It all begins with a thought, an idea.  It is possible for us to create our own Heaven on Earth because we possess the Creative Light within.  We are co-creators with Creator God.  When we utilize the Creative Light energy of the universe, all things are possible.


Come with me and let us begin the process of creating our very own Heaven on Earth.  Let us imagine what it could be like.  What ideas, what thoughts do you have?


1.     Peace:   


 Let us imagine a world at peace.  Imagine that there are no war planes flying in the sky.  The sound of exploding bombs has ceased.  The guns are silent.  Imagine that the soldiers have gone home, and the trucks and tanks and war planes and war ships are all gone.  Let us imagine that the battlefields of the earth lie quiet, as hope and compassion spring anew in the hearts of the people


The Departments of War become Departments of Peace as the militaries are dissolved into nothingness.  Imagine the landmines all gone, the depleted uranium totally neutralized, the bomb craters gone and all the war damaged buildings and roads and bridges restored.  Imagine the war-torn landscape returned to its natural beauty, the fields flourishing with abundant crops and the forests flaunting their original fauna and flora.


Imagine what you could do, would do with the military base in your own community.  Would you tear it down or use it for needed housing or convert it into a school facility?  Imagine what you could have the soldiers do?  There would be no need for soldiers.  They would now become peace workers.  Imagine these peace workers building new roads and streets and bridges.  Imagine them helping your community to pick up trash and restore neglected areas and vacant lots to city parks for the elderly and playgrounds for the children.  Imagine these peace workers digging holes for trees and shrubs and flowers rather than digging fox holes and graves.  Imagine them helping to restore the libraries, the museums, the art galleries, the band shells and gazebos, and all the buildings so long neglected.


Imagine what you would do with all the warships and warplanes and tanks and trucks and guns and bombs and bullets.  Would you melt down the swords and spears and make them into plows for your fields and pruning hooks for your orchards?  What would you do with the weapons of mass destruction such as the nuclear, microbes and chemicals?  Imagine using these very microbes and lethal chemical to bio-degrade the radio-active nuclear wastes and depleted uranium into harmless substances.


Imagine our peacekeeping troops teaching our city’s street gangs how to live peacefully and to use their time in helping in happy ways in their communities.  Imagine our peacekeepers teaching family classes on peaceful living and loving and giving and sharing.  Imagine a world with no more terrorism, no more violence, no more anger and hate and greed.  Imagine a world of peace!  Why, that would be Heaven on Earth!


2.     Freedom


Let us imagine what it would be like to live in a world of total freedom to live your life as Creator God intended for you to live it.  Imagine living fully under the Laws of God and Creation, where no evil is allowed.


Imagine living in a world where there are no negative energies, and therefore, no negativity.  Imagine having no fear, no hate, no envy, no greed, no jealousy or selfishness, no lying, no stealing, no evil tricks of the darkside.  Imagine a world with no evil.  There would be no bars, nightclubs or casinos.  There would be no prostitution, no homosexuality, no liquor or other harmful drugs or cigarette smoking or cigarette smoke.  Imagine no more rape, no more killing, no murder, no abortion, no capital punishment and no euthanasia.  Imagine having no need for policemen in your community because there was no crime.  There would be no jails or detention centers or juvenile courts or criminal courts or state patrols or criminal lawyers.  Imagine those who broke the Laws of God and Creation being removed to a same-sex 3D planet with nothing but a hoe for survival. 


Imagine a world of beautiful sounds.  There would be no more negative energy in music.  There would be no negative words, no negative rhythm, no discord and disharmony in our music.  Imagine no loud blasting of harsh sounds out of car windows and boom-boxes on the beach or from the neighbor’s backyard.  Imagine living free from the negative mind control of the words and sounds of audio tapes, video tapes, television and the movie theaters.  Imagine hearing only those sounds that are harmonious and pleasant to the ear and to the heart.  Imagine the feeling of your spirit soaring to the “seventh heaven” on a quiet summer day to only the sounds of nature and the music of angels within.  Imagine living in a time and a place where there is total freedom from evil.  That, my friends, would be Heaven on Earth.


Such a world would be free of all evil controllers.  Imagine a world living under Galactic Solar Tribunal Law and authority.  Imagine all countries and peoples living under their own sovereign constitutions in harmony and balance with Creator God’s Laws and the Laws of Creation.  Imagine living again under the common law of the people where Truth and justice and mercy reign supreme.  Imagine having no more black-robed admiralty court judges and no more gold-fringed military flags in the courtroom, in the churches or on public display anywhere.  Imagine no more members of the BAR (British Accreditation Registry) attorneys fooling the people and taking their money.  Imagine no more case law or Universal Commercial Code or law books or law libraries or law clerks or law schools or clerks of courts or bailiffs or judge’s chambers or courtrooms or court filings or briefs and appeals.  That would be Heaven on Earth!


Imagine a time of freedom from taxes.  No longer would we be slaves of the state.  Imagine the Internal Revenue Service abolished and no more income tax required of anyone, ever again.  Imagine no more slave fees and fines and licenses.  There would be no more privileges granted but only unalienable God-given rights allowed for all people.  Imagine traveling with no licenses or fees or taxes or regulations or restrictions but those of God’s Laws.


Imagine no more controlling government agencies such as FEMA, CIA, FBI, IRS, BATF, SS, and DEA.  Imagine the Department of Homeland Security abolished and the Patriot Acts made null and void.  Imagine all evil leaders and heads of state of all governments including presidents, vice-presidents, Kings, Queens, prime ministers, cabinet, House of Congress and Department heads such as Justice and Military all removed from their positions of power and corruption and removed from our planet.   Imagine all evil state governors and lieutenant governors and city mayors and city councils, and all evil public officials everywhere in every country removed from offices of deceit and greed and gone forever from our planet.  What a world that would be!


Can you imagine a world that is free from all disease and all human injury, deformity, disability, sickness, pain and suffering?  Such a world would have no need for hospitals and clinics and doctors and nurses.  Imagine a time in your community where there would be no ambulances, no 911 and no hospital emergency rooms.  Imagine no hospital beds, no x-rays, no oxygen tanks, no pace-makers, no heart by-passes, no medications, no wheel chairs, no walkers, no crutches or artificial limbs.  In a world of no sickness there would be no need for medical specialists, or pharmacies or pharmaceutical companies or pharmacists or the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the American Medical Association (AMA).  Imagine no more nursing homes, hospices, and Mayo Clinics.  In a world of no disease imagine that there would be no more cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis or arthritis.  Imagine no more AIDS/HIV, influenza, West Nile Virus, SARS, SIDS, Ebola, Bubonic Plague or Spanish Flu.  Imagine no more harmful bacteria or viruses of any kind, no more common cold, and no more birth defects.


With the new technologies that will be released after NESARA is in place, a person’s health, if one so chooses, can be restored and the body returned to the health and appearance of a truly healthy 25 or 30 year old human being.  Imagine no longer having the need for eye glasses and hearing aids.  Imagine no more wigs, plastic surgery, breast implants and organ transplants.  Imagine having no more crooked teeth, no teeth braces, no dental cavities and no tooth fillings, no dental clinics and no dentists.  Can you imagine what our world will look like when we no longer need to manufacture all these medical and health care products and equipment?


Imagine a time when we have wholesome food to eat.  We will be free of the chemical additives that give color, flavor, odor, appearance and preservation to our present unwholesome food.  Imagine food that is nutritionally balanced and as fresh and tasty as nature can make it.  Imagine the coming new technology of the food replicators, which will produce any nutritious food item you desire simply by pushing the buttons.  The food is produced from cosmic energy instantly, and looks and tastes like the “real thing”, because it is the real thing.    Imagine both a food replicator and a clothing replicator as common appliances in every home, as common as washers and dryers and stoves are now.  Imagine what that will do to grocery stores and bakeries and restaurants and fast food places and processed food manufacturing and food-chemical companies and GMO corporation farming and agriculture in general.  Imagine a time when people will not have to work to survive, but can do what they enjoy doing, whether it be baking totally wholesome bread or growing beautiful crops on healthy chemical-free soils.  Finally, my friends, imagine a time when we will not need food at all to live, a time when we will have grown our new organs to convert the cosmic energy of Light into sugars to be utilized for energy by our new crystalline body cells.  Imagine a time when we will celebrate our joy by drinking liquid Light!


For a moment let us imagine what our world would be like with a totally healthy environment.  Imagine our planet free of all air pollution. There would be no smoke over our cities, no stench from our garbage dumps, no chem-trails in our skies and no dirty haze to block out our sunrises and sunsets.  Imagine our oceans and our lakes and our rivers free of pollution.  Imagine our water so clean and so pure and  so energized that one could drink any of it anywhere in the world for good health.  Imagine the good earth restored to its original balanced condition.  Imagine all the mining holes and tunnels gone and all the construction scars and war destruction scars gone.  Imagine our forests returned to their original beauty with magnificent trees and teeming with wildlife again. 


Imagine a climate again in total balance so that moisture is plentiful for plants to thrive everywhere.  Imagine the deserts covered again with tall grasses, flowering shrubs and colorful flowers waving in the gentle breezes.  Imagine the polar ice caps now as semi-tropical regions flourishing with life at 70 degrees F.  You say that this is not possible?  Oh, yes, my friends, anything is possible!  It all starts with an idea, our idea!


3.     Abundance


Now let us imagine a world of abundance.  Imagine a world with no hunger, no starvation and no homelessness.  A world of abundance would have adequate clothing for everyone, and nice homes and a pleasant environment for every person and every family.  Imagine not having any need for the manufacturing of clothing, because every home had a clothing replicator.   Imagine enough money so that every person would be a millionaire.  Now, imagine a time when money would no longer be needed, as all would share so that no one was ever in need of anything.  Imagine that anything that was needed could be instantly created and provided upon request.  Would that not be Heaven on Earth?


Imagine a time of free energy.   No fossil fuels would be needed for gasoline for transportation.  Imagine cosmic energy as the source of energy to replace both electricity and gasoline.  Imagine no more pollution from the internal combustion engine.  Imagine your car engine being run on cosmic energy provided from a small black box converter in your car, or imagine your car engine powered solely by air pressure from an air compressor run off the car’s engine.  Imagine stepping on a levitation mat that would carry you instantly to your desired location.  Imagine traveling by thought.  You could have breakfast in New York City, go shopping in Rome, Italy, take a swim in the ocean at Tokyo, Japan and play tennis with a friend in Lima, Peru all in the matter of a few hours, if you so desired.  Imagine taking a cosmic tour to Mars, Venus, and Jupiter by starship, or to the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy or to another universe and returning to Earth in a matter of a few days.


With free energy available to everyone, life on planet Earth would change greatly.  Imagine having a copper rod in the ground in your backyard attached to a tiny cosmic energy converter that would power your entire house forever with no outside electrical wires and no electrical bills.  Imagine driving your car until it wore out without spending any money for fuel.  Imagine a world with no oil wells, no oil and gas pipelines, no oil tankers, no gasoline transport trucks, no oil refineries, and no gas stations.  Imagine your community with no power lines, no power poles and no harmful electrical frequency fields.


Imagine using a satellite telephone to talk to anyone anywhere in the world for as long as you wanted to at absolutely no cost to you.  Imagine no more mind-control from electrical sources because all telephone lines, telephone poles, cellular phone towers, electrical power lines and poles, electrical sub-stations, and electrical power plants were all gone.  Imagine the Ground Wave Electro-magnetic Net (GWEN) and the HAARP systems totally dismantled and removed from planet Earth.  Imagine the use of mental telepathy for communication rather than words.  Imagine being able to “read” another’s thoughts and their ability to “read” your thoughts.  Pray tell, what would you think about? 


Imagine a world where all knowledge was available freely to everyone.  Imagine knowing all Truth and all lie of everything.  Imagine knowing the history of planet Earth back in time for 65 million years.  Imagine knowing fully all that happened to you during all of your thousands of past lifestreams.  Imagine sharing your experiences with others and laughing with them about all the lessons learned---for a thousand years!  Should all these freedoms come to pass, this would truly be Heaven on Earth.


My friends, have we arrived?  Are we about to begin the Golden Age of Peace in which we shall have true freedom and great abundance?  It all began with an idea, our idea.  Eons ago we thought up this whole Grand Experiment and planned every facet of it.  Twice we tried, and twice we failed.  This third time we are winning.  We are changing our idea into a reality.  By our creative power of thought we are helping to create our true heaven on Shan.  Our brothers and sisters of the Lighted Realms, who have been helping us, are here, now, aboard the Starships.   The Ascended Masters are here helping to put the final touches to the Master Plan in preparation for Shan’s grand entrance into her 5th dimensional Golden Age of Peace.


Tell me, what did you think Heaven would be like?  Was it to be a great city with walls of gem stones and gates of pearl located out there somewhere in the pink clouds?  Was it to have many mansions and streets of gold, a great throne and a river of life flowing from it with the tree of life growing along its banks?  That was another person’s vision of heaven from another time.  What is your vision, your idea of heaven now?  Do you not understand that Esu Immanuel has returned and is here as he said?  This is his second coming to our Earth, this time to establish Creator God’s Kingdom on our Earth.  This is the time of the return of the Ascended Masters to our Earth.  This is the time of the renewal of Shan.  We are about to give ourselves the greatest Christmas present ever in our Earth’s history.  Prepare the way, my friends, for peace on Earth and good will to all men.  Believe it!  Know it in your hearts!  It all started with a thought, an idea.  Such an imagination!  Aho!


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From: SD
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Greetings Patrick,

What with the latest round of attention grabbing dramas dominating the minds of the many in an attempt to instill/reinforce False Evidence Appearing as Real,  your article on IMAGINE was a much needed tonic.   

I was so happy and touched by your positive, upbeat and inspiring words as well as your call to action by those that can. The theme of thought creating outcomes has been a  central part of my day to day philosophy for many years. I was fortunate enough to meet a very wise man many years ago and shared with me what he called the Six Laws of the Mind and they are as follows.

1.       Your Thoughts are real forces.

2.       Your mind is both a sending and a receiving station of thought.

3.       The Law of Attraction states, that any of Your thoughts that are emotionalized, thought with emotion, become magnetized and attract similar and like thoughts to them in direct relation to Your predominant thinking.

4.       The Law of Control states, that any thought that is persisting in Your  mind, is there because You  wish it to be there and that You can either entertain that thought  or dismiss it.

5.       The Law of Insertion, states that You  can insert any thought of any kind into Your Mind at any time.

6.       The Law of Connection, states that Your Inner and Outer worlds are connected, Your inner  world of thoughts and concepts and Your outer world of Actions and Consequences.

The key to embracing these laws is to replace You and Your with Me and My as you read them. You may also notice that each law dovetails with each other.

These laws have been with me for the better part of my life and they have served me well, I trust they will help others in their quest to rise to your challenge. IMAGINE that.

Again I thank you Patrick for your timely message and Anne, thank you for your recent and welcome message. Regards to you both.