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Patrick H. Bellirnger

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May 25, 220


          Historically in the U.S. May 30 was known as “Decoration Day”, the day when the dead soldiers were honored by decorating their graves with flowers, wreaths, ribbons and flags.  Later “Decoration Day” become “Memorial Day” to remember not only soldiers, but all who had died, and is held on the last Monday of May to accommodate a three-day weekend.

          So, we have arrived at yet another Memorial Day of flags flying and bands marching and playing in cemeteries, and Veterans shooting their guns, and preachers praising the military for protecting our homeland, and honoring war and other patriotic nonsense.

          Memorial Day is “A Day to Remember”:

1.   How foolish we were to believe our Corporate U.S. Government in the need to kill our “enemies” for homeland security.  So, we endorsed war after war after war to enrich the bankers and provide government contracts for corporations to keep the economy strong--and our children were killed!

2.  How we encouraged our sons and daughters to join the military to protect our freedoms, all in ignorance of U.S. Empire building under the One World Order—and our children were injured and killed.

3.  How in fear and panic after 9/11 attack on our homeland, we demanded revenge and the demolition of the innocent country of Iraq—and their children and our children were killed, as the world wept!

4.  And then there was Afghanistan, and Somalia, and Libya, and Syria, and Ukraine—all  to control resources and nations to build Empire---and people died.  And today there is stillSyria, Turkey, US, China, Hong Kong, Iran and on it goes.

         Memorial Day is a Day to Remember that Creator God said, “You shall not murder your fellow man!”  Only in self-protection is killing another person ever allowed.  Not once since the founding of America has the sovereignty of this nation been threatened to the point of survival.  War has been only for greed and power, including World War I and II.  We have been tricked into believing war was necessary for our peace and freedom and survival.  All was a great lie.

         We have trained our children to be killers, and they killed many innocent people—and many of our killers died.  For what?  That’s called Karma.  Creator God has said, “If you take up the sword, you shall die by the sword”.  Do you remember?  Your sword in only for self-defense of yourself and your family.

         Memorial Day is a Day to Remember how God has acted in your behalf in the past.  Yes, we remember our American Revolutionary War, our Civil War, the 1930’s great depression, the World Wars, Viet Nam and all the lessons learned, but do you remember how God has helped you in your past?  Do you remember the guidance you were given in your adolescent years?  You chose friends, a vocation, had help in school, chose a life partner, had the miracle of children.  You were given hope in your despair, love in your hate, comfort in your loss, joy in family, health, friends, and a purpose in life and living.

         Not only is this a time to remember, but also a time for choosing again the path we take.  As in Joshua’s day, God again lays down a challenge to His people.  “Choose this day whom you will serve!”  Joshua said, “As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord!”  (Joshua 24:15)

         And God said to Joshua, “Be strong and of good courage; be not frightened, neither be dismayed; for I the Lord your God am with you, wherever you may go!”  (Joshua 1:9)  May this day be a Day to Remember, and to choose wisely the path you now take!