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Patrick H. Bellringer

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          Esu Immanuel (Jesus) Sananda was born 8-8-8-B.C. in Bethlehem, Judea.  His mother was Mary and his father was Archangel Gabriel.  Gabriel was aboard the starship, The Star of Bethlehem and guided the Wisemen to Bethlehem, and Mary, Joseph and Esu to Egypt for safety.  Later Gabriel was at the tomb at the time of the attempted murder of Esu.  Joseph the Carpenter from Nazareth in Galilee was Esu’s caretaker father, who married Mary, the “beautiful one” in his later years.

          Esu came to Earth Shan, as a Truthbringer, to bring the Truth of The Laws of God and of Creation to the people.  He was opposed by the Pharisees (Khazarian/Zionist/Bolsheviks of today), who attempted to murder him in Jerusalem.

          Esu fled to Damascus, Syria, where he lived undercover for two years.  Then he traveled with his mother, Mary and his brother, Thomas and his closest friend and disciple, Judas Iscariot to Mesopotamia and later to India. Esu’s wife, Mary Magdalene had fled to England with their daughter, Sara, whom he never saw again.

          Mary, Thomas, Judas and Esu spent many years in India traveling widely teaching Truth to the people.  They had to flee from village to village because Esu was considered to be a revolutionary.  When Esu was in his late fifties, Mary died, while Thomas lived to the age of 85.

          From their earliest years in Galilee, Judas Iscariot had kept a written record of Esu’s teachings and was his most trusted friend and companion.  Please note that it was the High Priest’s son Judah Iharioth, who stole Esu’s earlier writings and betrayed him in Gethsemane.

          Esu married a second time and settled in Srinagar in the land of Kashmir, had children, and traveled much in Afghanistan and West Pakistan.  Esu Immanuel died at the age of 107, was buried in Srinagar, and his oldest son, Joseph, kept Esu’s writings and returned them to his recovery tomb in Jerusalem, where they remained hidden for 2000 years.

          Esu Immanuel Sananda returned to Earth Shan in 1954 aboard The Phoenix, command ship of the Pleiadian Starfleet, as he said he would.  During the 1980’s and 1990’s a ground crew was established in Tehachapi, California.  The Phoenix Project was born, and the Phoenix Journals were created, as the means for Esu Immanuel Sananda, Creator God Aton (Hatonn) and the Ascended Masters to one last time bring Truth to the people of Shan.

          Thank you Lighted Realms and Happy Birthday, Sananda!