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WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER! by Patrick H. Bellringer

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They have pulled out “every stop” on their pipe organ, and the noise is deafening. They have assembled every ally, threatened every fence-sitter, and black-mailed every foe to coerce them to support the Obama Health Care Bill. Those, who resist they kill or clone, such as Dennis Kucinich, to control their votes.

As in baseball, this is the bottom of the ninth inning for the “new Order”. The bases are loaded with you can guess who. Two presidents have struck out and Obama is now swinging his club at home plate. It’s all or nothing!

Like a gigantic steamroller, the “New Order” is coming full throttle right at the capacity crowd in the grandstands, and forty percent think it’s all for their best interests, or the steamroller is a joke, a giant air balloon that will implode and magically disappear, all for a big laugh to entertain the crowd.

As Nancy Pelosi sneers, just pass the damn bill and worry later about what’s in it. Kick it through the door, because we have more and greater things right behind this bill to “kick through the door” to seal the fate of America for the “New Order”.

My friends, Lightworkers, all, weep for America! Call in the Light! Command an end to this reign of terror! Order the Adversary and all his evil minions to the void. Order the Forces of Light to do battle and throw the Illuminati and their evil U. S. corporate puppets off Shan forever. Do it! Do it now! Let there be peace, Aton! Let it begin with me!  -- Patrick H. Bellringer

March 23, 2010