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Few people have a positive self-image. Very few of those, who do, develop a really strong self-image. Most people are quite unhappy with themselves and this reflects in their personality. They develop feelings of inferiority or of worthlessness or both. Those persons are unfit to travel the Pathway of the Lighted Realms.

You, who would walk this Pathway must have developed a positive self-image. You must be happy with yourself. You who would carry great responsibility must have developed a very strong positive self-image. Why?—you ask. The reason is quite simple.

The Path you have elected to travel is often a very lonely one. At certain times you will be required to walk it alone with no other company. If your happiness depends on others and you are not content to be only with yourself, your resolve will weaken to continue on the Lighted Pathway. You will not be found to be dependable when the “going gets rough.”

To be entrusted with an important task, your soul must first be tested to determine your resolve, to see if you will be detoured from the Path. Your soul will be severely tried in all areas of your personal relationships to test your determination to continue on the “High Road”. The first test will always be your personal relationships. Will the loss of friends or the separation from a loved one throw you off the Path?

Your friendships may fade over others lack of spiritual understanding of Truth. The loss of friends may cause you to have doubtsdeep within your soul. Your marriage may founder on the “rocks of disagreement”, because you have placed spiritual advancement in soul perfection above the relationship itself. A guilt trip may be placed upon you by your partner. You are blamed for faulting the relationship. “You have chosen all this alien Hatonn Cult nonsense over me!” The fact is, that you have chosen Truth, and your partner has not.

There may be a division over two separate “spiritual” pathways, one, the Lighted Path, the other a man-created cult. This is yet another weapon against you. If you “give in” for the sake of preserving the relationship, then your path will be quite different from what it could have been. You must go within and from your own God-Spirit discern Truth. You alone must choose. You alone can know where your true inner happiness may lie.

To choose to abandon a friend, or a marriage partner, who could not co-exist within the same “High Road” spiritual commitment, will cause much inner pain, but that suffering will never be so great as to cause you to deter from your Pathway. Indeed, you will be given the strength to bear your load, and the rewards for having chosen the Lighted Path will far surpass the hardships your soul has endured. That one, too, must choose his or her own pathway, and that choice may cause your pathways to be united once again.

God’s Laws are unbending, and they may seem too severe at times. Yet, to follow the path of the Red Road of the Lighted Realms will bring you fantastic inner peace and joy---and one day soon, you will soar into the stars upon the starships of your Sisters and Brothers of the Stars! There you will choose your next assignment in your pathway of soul perfection back to Creator God, but this time it will be in a higher dimension of the etheric realms.

Reference: Phoenix Journal Number Five---From Here to Armageddon pp. 90-91.