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The democratically elected Hamas Government of Gaza has never been recognized by either Israel or the U.S. or by the surrounding Arab states. Why? The Zionists totally control Israel, the U.S. and Britain, therefore Britain and the U.S. always do whatever Israel wants done. The surrounding Arab nations are basically dictatorships, and to recognize the Hamas would be opening the possibility of democracy breaking out in their own countries and the demise of their dictatorships.

The lives of the Palestinians be damned. The dictatorship must survive at all costs. Israel is closer than ever to her goal of genocide for the people, whose land and homes and cities Israel has stolen since 1948, and whom Israel has rounded up like cattle into walled compounds, while the world watches.

Why do the Hamas keep sending their poor missiles into southern Israel that rarely hit anything, knowing that the Israeli Army will rain terror and death down upon their heads? Why, indeed? The Truth that no one is purposely talking about is that Israel has created a Gaza Compound and sealed all access, so that the Palestinians live in a virtual prison.

No food, fuel, medical supplies of any thing whatsoever are allowed into Gaza. Israel has stopped the U.N. relief trucks at the border crossings and turned them back. They shut off the electricity to pump water, run hospitals, schools and heat homes, or pump sewage. The sewage runs in the streets, the people are dying for lack of water, starving for lack of food, dying from lack of medicine and medical care, freezing from hypothermia, and you ask, why do the Hamas shoot rockets into Israel? They have no other means to get the world’s attention!

Yet, Israel says “stop the rockets or we will bomb you to hell”. Isn’t anyone listening? The only expression of resistance to tyranny the Palestinian people have, the rockets, will stop when the Satanic Zionists open the border crossings and allow humanitarian aid to enter Gaza.

The people of Gaza are fighting for their lives. They have no army, no planes, no tanks, no ships, no big guns, only a few poor rockets with which to resist the tyranny of Israel, while the world watches. Israel attacks the relief ships trying to bring medical aid to the Gaza shore, as she did today with the “Dignity” from Cyprus, while the world watches.

The UN Security Council on Sunday passed a resolution to stop the Israeli/Gaza conflict, but the U.S. vetoed it! Creator God’s Laws shall not be violated. You shall reap what you sow, but in multiple amounts. Those who watch, allow! The watching nations and the active nations of Israel and the U.S. are heaping destruction and death upon their governments. It is only a matter of time for the wheel  of justice to turn full circle. How foolish is man!