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~~THE CHRISTMAS STORY by Patrick H. Bellringer~~~

Patrick H. Bellringer

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by Patrick H. Bellringer

In the Lighted Realms long ago, four great Masters surveyed the many celestial planets of the cosmos, and were dismayed at the ever-increasing darkness of one planet called Earth Shan. They agreed that together they would try again to bring Light into the darkness of Shan. So, a contract was written and signed, under the supervision of the Rainbow Masters and with the blessing of God Aton of Light.

In the course of history on Shan, a third dimensional planet, the jail planet for Lucifer/Satan, a group of people came from Orion and gave their freewill over to Satan, the God of Darkness on Shan. They were known as the Serpent People. These Serpent People feared the Light and endeavored to overcome all Light on Shan with their Darkness. Thus, they destroyed an entire nation of enlightened humans known as Sumerians, and claimed the Sumerian history as their own to fool Shan's peoples.

In the proper sequence of cosmic events a baby Sumerian girl was born according to Lighted contract. She was birthed into a family in the country of Galilee, and lived her childhood there with her Judean family. In her growth to womanhood she became educated in the four great virtues of wisdom, bravery, fortitude, and generosity. She was highly respected for her beauty and love and wisdom.

The Judeans were peasant people, as were all their surrounding small neighbor nations. At one time they had been conquered by Syria and now paid tax to the Syrians. A foreign power known as the Roman Empire had recently conquered the entire region including Syria and controlled all the people through trade and taxation. Periodically, a census was demanded by the Roman government to count the number of people under their control, and at the same time a tax was assessed upon each family. The Romans maintained control over their vast empire by using governors within each subservient nation, who were of the same nationality and race as the people they governed. The same was true for the tax collectors. Therefore, these governors and tax collectors were seen as traitors by the people and were fiercely hated. This type of Roman governmental control was also present in the tiny nation of Galilee.

The Judean woman of whom we spoke earlier lived in a small town, which today is called Nazareth. She was known as Mary, the beautiful one. She was courted a long while by many honorable men, and finally, she was engaged to be married to a highly respected carpenter by the name of Joseph. During her engagement Mary had a most unusual encounter with a being of the Lighted Realms. Archangel Gabriel met with Mary and discussed with her the contract they had made prior to her return to Shan in her present lifestream. Through her God-Spirit within, Mary remembered that she was to bear a son, who would become a great Truthbringer and bring Light to Shan once again. So it was that Mary was impregnated by Archangel Gabriel and conceived a son. Then it was that she remembered the words of the great prophet, Isaiah, who had said long ago, "Listen, a young woman shall conceive and bear a son, and his name shall be called Esu Jmmanuel." Jmmanuel means, sent from Creator God Aton of Light. Mary knew in her heart that she was the mother of Esu.

When Mary told her fiancé, Joseph, of her pregnancy, he did not understand and became very angry. Unwed mothers were a disgrace in Judea, and Joseph would bear the blame for such evil doings. The breaking of a marriage engagement was also despised by the people, but to do this would present less shame to Joseph then to marry an adulteress. Joseph was a very kind man of great integrity. He wished no harm or shame to come to Mary either, so he decided to quietly break their marriage engagement.

 That very evening as he was struggling with his God-Spirit within, Archangel Gabriel came to him. Gabriel spoke these words, "Joseph, you are as kind and honest as your father, David. You have a marriage agreement with Mary, the beautiful one, and now you have found her to be pregnant by another man. You have been disgraced and tricked. Take heart! Mary has awakened to her contract with the Lighted Realms. I am the father of her child. This child shall be born a son by the name, Esu Immanuel, and he shall bring great Truth and Light to your people."

Joseph was stunned and wept as he began to remember his own contract with the Lighted Realms. With great joy he thanked Gabriel and immediately went and found Mary and told her all that had happened. Mary and Joseph were soon married and lived with peace and joy in their hearts in spite of the gossip and rejection by the people, and even that of their own families.

It was again the time of taxation by Rome, and Caesar Augustus, the Roman Emperor decreed that for the first time a census would be taken of the entire Roman Empire. This census occurred when Quirinius was the governor of Syria. The head of every family was ordered to go to the town of their birthplace, taking their family with them to be counted and to pay a tax to Rome.

So Joseph and Mary had to travel ninety miles by donkey from their home in Nazareth, Galilee to Joseph's birthplace of Bethlehem, Judea. Bethlehem was known as the city of the great King David, and Joseph was of that family line. The journey was most difficult for Mary, as she was nearly nine months in gestation. Because of her pregnancy, riding their donkey was both tiring and painful for Mary, so Mary and Joseph walked most of the way to Bethlehem. Their trusty donkey carried extra clothes, travel blankets and some food and water for the journey. Many other people were traveling for the same reasons, and it was most difficult to find enough food and water, and even shelter at night. In this dry country July and August were very hot, and the road most dusty. Often Joseph and Mary had to stop to rest.

Always there were those who knew either Mary or Joseph, and gossip about her conception prior to marriage was passed on to other travelers. Thus, there was a continuous pattern of ill remarks, gestures, and rudeness toward them, even by strangers, during the entire week-long trip to Bethlehem.

Joseph became quite tired, as it was a struggle for him to find lodging for Mary at night, prepare meals, care for the donkey and get his own rest. By the time they reached Bethlehem, they were both near exhaustion. Joseph searched throughout the entire city of Bethlehem for a place for Mary to stay but found nothing. The city was filled with people returning for the census. Gossip was everywhere, and Joseph keenly felt the ridicule from natives and travelers alike. Joseph was becoming desperate as darkness settled over Bethlehem. Mary was having labor pains, they were both very tired and hungry, and their hungry donkey was at the point of collapse. Joseph's instinct told him that a cattle shed with straw would have to do for a shelter for Mary. He finally found an old man who had a few milk cows and goats on "C" street at the edge of town, who agreed to let them stay in his cow barn over night.

What a relief! They were finally away from the dust, barking dogs, noisy children and clamor of the travelers of the city streets. The night was clear and very quiet. The stars were out in all their twinkling beauty, as if something very glorious was about to happen.

And happen it did! Mary gave birth to her first child, a son, that night. She wrapped him in the blankets they had brought, and placed him in one of the empty cow mangers. Joseph and Mary had great joy and peace within as they reviewed the events of the day, their trip to Bethlehem, and the circumstances of their courtship. Now, they knew more clearly their pathway. In spite of the ridicule and hardship, their marriage had survived because they were both enlightened, and understood and followed their inner guidance. The cowbarn was so peaceful with the sounds of the animals eating and sleeping. The birth had been easy and Esu was sleeping. He was such a "good baby". The night was dark but lit by the stars, especially by one very bright star almost directly overhead.

The Night Visitors

Suddenly, Joseph heard voices and he could see several people coming along the pathway to the cowbarn. Fear gripped him as he thought of the harm some angry drunken men could do to his family. He sprang to his feet and moved swiftly toward them with his long walking stick. As he approached them, the leader of the group lit a flare. He was none other than the old man who had allowed Joseph to use his cowbarn. He explained to Joseph that these men had insisted on talking with Joseph and his wife, now. They would not wait until morning.

Hurriedly, the old man left the scene, so as not to get involved in any fight. He regretted allowing these strangers to use his barn for even one night. The strange men told Joseph that they were friends, shepherds, from the hill country near Bethlehem and that they meant him no harm. Peace swept through Joseph's spirit as he felt their energy and excitement. He woke Mary and together they listened in amazement to the shepherd's most unusual story.

The shepherds cared for the temple sheep that were raised for sale to the pilgrims who returned each spring for the week-long spring Passover celebration in Jerusalem. Some were also used for occasional sacrifices during other holy days in Bethlehem. Earlier that evening at nearly the same time that Esu was born, these men were sitting on a hill over-looking Bethlehem. They were watching their sheep settle down for the night. The sheep dogs were lying quietly by the campfire. Suddenly, the whole sky lit up as a lighted disc-shaped object came out of the star-lit sky and landed on a nearby hill. They were terrified as a man of blinding Light came walking toward them. The whole hillside was bright as day, but the sheep and the dogs never moved or made any sound. All was an eerie silence and bright with White Light. Then the man of Light spoke to them.

He told them not to be afraid, and that he brought good news. He said this good news would make the people joyful, because at this very moment a child was being born in a cowbarn in Bethlehem. He would become a great Truthbringer and present again the Laws of God and of Creation to the people. Thus, the people would learn again how to stand against their evil controllers and to create their own pathway of hope and joy and peace.

The man of Light told the shepherds that proof of the Truth of what he said could be found by going to Bethlehem to the dairy on "C" street on the edge of town. There they would find a man by the name of Joseph and his wife, Mary, who had just given birth to a son, while staying in the dairy overnight. She had wrapped him in blankets and placed him in a cow manger, and had named him, Esu.

Then the man of Light stopped talking. Suddenly the shepherds on their hill were surrounded by hundreds of other people of Light. They began to sing the most beautiful music the shepherds had ever heard.

Glory to God Aton of Light

Sing joy to the Creation

May Esu bring Truth

To the people of Shan

To awaken them to their inner Light.

Glory to Aton and peace to all mankind.

As quickly as they had come, the Light beings left. The disc-shaped Light went out, and all was quiet again. Only the twinkling stars and the distant lights from Bethlehem remained in the night sky. So it was that the shepherds ran the two miles to Bethlehem in both fear and excitement to prove that what had happened to them was, indeed, true.

They could hardly contain their excitement as they talked and saw Esu in the manger. They hugged Mary and Joseph and gave them gold coins to purchase appropriate lodging for themselves and their new son. They left talking, and singing the words they had heard in the night sky. The shepherds told many people in Bethlehem their story before they returned to their sheep. No one believed them but wondered about the strange couple from Nazareth and their kid born in a cowbarn. Mary and Joseph talked much about the shepherd's experience and were at peace within, for they now knew more clearly their pathway and that of Esu, their new son.

Word spread quickly throughout Bethlehem of the strange couple from Nazareth, and the stories told by local shepherds. The plight of Mary and her son living in a cowbarn touched the hearts of a family next door, who were considered to be social outcasts themselves because of their race. They offered their humble home to Mary, Esu, and Joseph until Mary and Esu were strong enough to travel home. This offer was graciously received, as Mary needed several days of rest.

Travelers from the East

Esu was born in Bethlehem, Judea when Herod was the king over Judea. King Herod was hated by the people, for he was a traitor in his position as a puppet king and a subject of Rome. He ruled from his palace in Jerusalem, only ten miles north of Bethlehem. Joseph and Mary had just passed through Jerusalem in their journey to Bethlehem, and had heard gossip about travelers who were arriving from the East. These travelers were making quite a stir but they did not know why.

The Eastern peoples were nomads and lived in family groups. Each family group had large herds of sheep and goats and many camels. As needed, the entire family group would move to a new grazing area with their flocks. During such a move, the camels were used for transportation and to carry tents and supplies. It required much effort to move even a few miles in the desert country, for it was like moving a small city with all the people, sheep, goats, dogs, food, water, cooking utensils, tents, bedding, etc.

Because these nomadic people studied the stars and recorded their history according to the movement of the stars, they were thought to be very wise. Sometimes they foretold coming events quite accurately. Their family group leaders were often called astrologers or wise men. It so happened that several of these wise men read the cosmic signs quite accurately and were expecting some very great event to occur during their life time. For years they had watched the stars during the long desert nights, and saw some stars that twinkled, some that changed colors, and even some that moved.

And so it was that one night the brightest star they were watching fell from the sky, and lit up the entire desert. As they fled in panic, a man of White Light appeared before them and spoke their language. He told them not to fear, for he had come from the heavens in peace. He spoke to these wise men of many strange things. They listened intently, for this man of White Light touched their heart strings and calmed their spirit. He most certainly spoke Truth. He told them of a prophet who was to be born in a far away land, who would tell the people many wise teachings. These wise men asked for proof of such a happening, for their people had longed and searched for centuries for such knowledge. The man of White Light told them that he would lead them to the birthplace of this prophet, if they would follow his Light.

History was made as these wise men gathered their families and flocks and slowly moved westward across the desert. It was an enormous task, which required great dedication and energy. These family groups moved some six hundred miles over the course of two years in search of the birthplace of the wise prophet. Always, they followed the Light of the brightest star in the heavens.

They were finally guided to Jerusalem, the capital city of Judea. It is no small wonder that their arrival was expected long in advance. To have three small "cities" moving through the countryside and into your own city was overwhelming. People far and wide discussed the movements of these family groups and wondered about such historic events. Always the questions were asked, "What is the meaning of this?" and "Why are these wise men asking about a prophet?

Their arrival in Jerusalem was very worrisome for the authorities. They feared these wise leaders, who held such power with their people, and they feared that riots or chaos from so many strangers in the city could cause their loss of control over the people. So, when these wise men demanded to speak with King Herod, he was fearful to the point of panic, and posted a triple guard at the palace. He dared not refuse them an audience, so Herod arranged to meet with them immediately.

The wise men said to Herod, "Where is the wise prophet who has recently been born among the Judeans? We were told by a man of White Light to follow his Light in the sky to the birth-place of this one. This we have faithfully done. We have traveled over six hundred miles from the East, and we demand to know where to find this one. This one will be proof to us that what we have been told is true."

Herod was greatly disturbed, for he had no answer for them. They were talking about things he did not understand. He knew nothing of Light people and stars falling from the sky and prophets who spoke great Truth. Possibly, the religious leaders would have answers for these wise men.

So, Herod immediately called all the chief priests and their scribes in Jerusalem to the King's Palace for a meeting. Herod explained to them his dilemma. They searched the historical records and the prophetic writings, and discovered a statement made by a little known prophet more than three hundred years earlier. Prophet Micah had said, "One whose origin is from old would come forth from the people known as Judeans, from the tiny town of Bethlehem. This one would become great for his wisdom and speaking of Truth to the people."

King Herod felt great anxiety at Prophet Micah's words. Bethlehem was right under his nose, only ten miles to the south of Jerusalem. This person foretold could become a threat to his power and control over the people! He had to be destroyed.

So, Herod secretly met with the wise men in his chamber room and asked them many questions. He really wanted to find out when they had been told of this wise prophet, and how long they had searched to find him. Two years! Now, he had a plan. So, he sent the wise men on to Bethlehem with these words, "Go and search diligently for the child, and when you have found him, bring me word, that I, too, may come and worship him."

The wise men thanked Herod and left Jerusalem quickly, traveling south to Bethlehem. They were filled with great excitement in anticipation of finally finding the one they had searched for, for so long. As the Light in the sky led them to Bethlehem and suddenly stopped over a small adobe house on "C" street, they rejoiced with great joy.

Now, Mary, Esu, and Joseph had lived with their neighbor family for several days and were preparing to return to Nazareth the next day. The evening before their departure had been one of preparation for travel, sharing a thanksgiving meal with their host family, and now a time of quiet meditation and reflection of all that had happened since leaving home. Joseph had often noted the twinkling stars in the night sky, but never had he seen any of them move until this night. As he sat in the doorway watching the brightest star in the north, it suddenly began to move. It was moving in the direction of Bethlehem, and it was getting brighter! This was very strange! He sat spellbound as the Light came ever closer and finally stopped overhead. The night was as bright as day! And the "star" appeared to be disc-shaped and so bright he could not look at it directly. He called to Mary to wake and come and see. Mary came with Esu in her arms, for she was quite frightened at the Light. Yet, all was so quiet, as if this were only a dream.

Suddenly, they heard voices, just like the night the shepherds came, but now it was like daytime, and they could see clearly people in long flowing robes rapidly approaching from the next street. Both Joseph and Mary felt their anxiety leave and a peaceful calm come to their spirits, as the energy and excitement of the approaching strangers enveloped them.

There were several men in bright colored robes with very strange designs, yet they spoke Aramaic, the native language. They were very polite and kind and asked to see the "baby boy". They were thrilled when Mary let them hold Esu. Then they began to tell Joseph and Mary the strangest of stories, of their man of White Light experience, the Light in the sky they had followed for two years, how Herod had directed them to Bethlehem, and the Light that was now overhead.

Then Mary and Joseph spoke of their experiences with Archangel Gabriel, their marriage, journey to Bethlehem, and the strange appearance of the shepherd men a week ago. Suddenly they all became silent. They felt a common bond and knew within their spirits the full meaning of Esu's birth.

The wise men sincerely desired to assist this struggling family, so they gave them several very expensive gifts, some of which were the spice, myrrh, which could be sold or traded, frankincense, another spice of the East, and gold to be used anywhere in the Roman Empire as a medium of exchange. Their heart strings sang as they hugged Joseph and Mary and Esu. They had found the wise prophet. Here was the proof. The trip was, indeed, worth it, for they had seen and touched and helped, Esu. He would become a great Truthbringer! In their hearts they knew.

The wise men returned to their encampment outside Bethlehem, while the Light in the sky remained over the little house on "C" street. What a night of joy it was, as they told their families all that had happened in Bethlehem. Suddenly, someone shouted "Look at the Light in the sky!" The Light was moving and as they watched it fell from the sky again very near them! The same man of White Light appeared before them. He spoke. He told them of the evil intent of King Herod in Jerusalem, and warned them not to tell anything to Herod, for he planned to destroy Esu, if possible. The wise men understood and agreed to by-pass Jerusalem in their return home. And so it was that they departed for their own country that very night by another way.

Joseph could not sleep, yet he must, for they were to begin their journey home in the morning. Joseph's mind was in a whirl from all the thoughts of the recent events. Suddenly he was startled upright as a man of Light appeared in the doorway. It was Archangel Gabriel, the same one who had spoken to him in Nazareth about Mary's pregnancy. It was Esu's father!

Escape to Egypt

Gabriel spoke these words, "Rise quickly, Joseph, take Esu and Mary, and flee south to Egypt, and stay there in hiding until I tell you that it is safe to return home. King Herod is searching for Esu and plans to kill him. My Light will show you the way."

And so it was that Joseph, Mary, and Esu left quickly and quietly that very night without their host knowing, and fled to Egypt for safety, guided by the Light in the sky.

Meanwhile, King Herod learned that he had been tricked by the wise men. In a furious rage he decided to order all the male children in Bethlehem and all the surrounding area, who were two years old or less, to be killed. This was a very evil, horrible tragedy to put upon the simple peasant people. When the people heard this they knew that King Herod was trying to kill the kid, who had been born in a cowbarn in Bethlehem, who was called Esu. Why, they didn't know, but they were very sorry for their gossip and ill treatment of the strange family from Nazareth. Maybe some day they would know what had happened to them.

While King Herod was laying his evil plans, an angelic messenger came to him and persuaded him that Esu would not be a threat to his throne. With this understanding King Herod had a change of heart and told the messenger that he would not have the children killed, and that Esu and his family were no longer in any danger from the royal throne.

So, it was that Archangel Gabriel again spoke to Joseph in Egypt, and told him that it was now safe to return home. Joseph, Mary and Esu traveled back to their home in Nazareth, Galilee, where Joseph continued with his carpentry trade.

For Greater Understanding

May the reader please note that historically the Roman calendar and method of time keeping was inaccurate when compared to the Cosmic Calendar. The true date of Esu Immanuel's birth was August 8, 8 BC and not zero BC/AD as supposed. Secondly, Esu Immanuel's name was changed later by the Pharisees and scribes to, Jesus Christ, to denote deity to trick the people. Thus, he was said to be the Son of God, and not the son of Gabriel as he truly was at birth. Thirdly, the holiday celebrated on December 25th and known as Christmas was in actuality a very evil satanic cult holiday. The early religious leaders were persuaded by various lies to agree to celebrate Esu's birth on "Christmas". The date is not important, only the meaning of Esu's birth. He came as a great Truthbringer and his life changed the course of Earth Shan's history.

The starship that Esu’s father, Archangel Gabriel, commanded, and that created the Light which the Eastern wise men followed to Jerusalem and then to Bethlehem was called The Star of Bethlehem.  Throughout his life Esu was guided by his father, Gabriel, and The Star(ship) of Bethlehem starting with his flight to Egypt.  After Esu’s baptism in the Jordan River by John the Baptist, he was taken to the “wilderness” aboard The Star of Bethlehem for forty days of travel and education throughout the world, universe and Cosmos in preparation for his physical mission as a Truthbringer on Shan.  At the end of his teaching and healing mission it was The Star of Bethlehem that carried Esu from the “Mt. of Transfiguration”.

Most references to starships, space travel, reincarnation, etc. taught by Esu Immanuel during his later life and recorded in the early writings, were removed from the collection of writings chosen by the Council of Nicaea in 323-325 AD to become the official record and canonized into the “Holy Bible”.  Having little knowledge of science in those days, often the word starship was replaced by the word “cloud”, etc. so that today much Truth is missing in, for example, the account of Esu’s birth.

The twinkling white and rainbow colored strobe lights of many starships can be seen in our night skies and cloudships in daytime, as proof of their presence.  They are waiting to assist Esu Immanuel Sananda in the planetary evacuation, when that becomes necessary.  Hatonn/Aton commands the Pleiadian Star Fleet command ship, The Phoenix, which is currently circling Earth Shan, and aboard which is Esu Immanuel Sananda, directing Earth Shan’s transition into 5D.

Now that Esu Immanuel has returned in 1954 to our Earth Shan (Shan being the cosmic name, Earth, a generic term) under his new name, Sananda, and is orbiting our Earth Shan aboard the command ship of the Pleiadian Star Fleet, The Phoenix, he shall complete the work he started. He is bringing Truth one more time to the people of Earth Shan, and through the Light of Truth, Sananda shall ultimately conquer his brother Lucifer/Satan, God of Darkness. Only with our enlightened help will balance and harmony be restored, as our Mother Earth moves into her new identity in the Realms of Light.

Let us celebrate and share the Light of Truth, and fulfill the Law of Giving and Re-giving each day of our pathway, and not just on the holiday called Christmas. May we assist Esu Immanuel Sananda in our day to bring peace and joy and love--Truth to all the people, that there may be peace on Earth and goodwill to all people.

Patrick H. Bellringer