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Patrick H. Bellringer

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This is your wake-up call from the Prophet!  If you plan to sleep on, then don't bother to read this, because what I have to say will not only wake you up, but, also, will make you mad---hopefully, very mad, indeed!

            The brain-dead people on Planet Earth are in for a very big shock very soon!  Mother Earth has been having stomach pains for a long time.  The very "mother" that has nurtured you is about to vomit up all the filth with which her "children" have poisoned her.  She is about to spew out all the poisons and toxic radiation and negative energy with which her evil, negative-thinking "children" have polluted her.  And you did it to her!  All your evil ways and thoughts did it to her!

     You, who are the farmer, did it by dumping all those poisonous chemicals on the good earth and poisoned the soil, the water, the life in the soil, and the plants you grew.  Do not tell me you did not, for I have watched you do it.  You poisoned the food of the "children" of "Mother Earth".  You poisoned their water, and they are sick and dying because of it---and so is "Mother Earth".

    -        You are not alone, for there have been many, many others, who are evil, greedy, selfish people, who have polluted your air and soil and water and food.  Some of those, who have done this, are controllers, who have planned and schemed to destroy even their fellow men---you, while you slept.

            You have not been told of the thousands of earthquakes now happening each week on your planet.  Those, who know, laugh and stick their head back into the sand.  You laugh at futurist Gordon Michael Scallion and his map projections of water soon to cover your country.  What fools you are!  Major earth changes are upon you, and those, who live along the coastlines of your country (USA) and the great Mississippi River Valley, have been warned.  "Mother Earth" entered her cleansing cycle on August 17, 1987, and that cycle will not be stopped.  Soon you will know.

            You are mesmerized by the government censored mind-controlling media.  You check the weather forecast, complain about the rotten weekend upcoming, and go about your treadmill life without any positive thoughts.  You are such money-hungry work-a-holics that you can't even read the signs in the weather.  Yes, yo7r weather has been controlled by your evil controllers for some time, but what do you care?  The man-controlled weather caused major storms and rain and snow and mud slides and flooding and crop loss and death.  Now, "Mother Earth" has had enough, and she is "controlling" your weather.  She is totally fed up with your nonsense, and you had better "watch out"!

            You, who call yourselves "Christian" or "religious" or "church-goers" or what-have-you, have been lied to big time.  Your adversary, Satan, stands laughing gleefully at you, because he has totally brain-washed you into believing his War Book, that which you call your "Holy Bible".  Oh!  You are angry now and you curse me!  Such false piety!  Your "preachers" and your "priests" and your "rabbis" are all liars, and you, meek little sheeple, have followed right along behind them, believing their every lie.

            Good people, the most important happening in your world today is the spiritual battle raging between God and Satan, between the Truth Bringers of the Lighted Realms and the Dark Brotherhood.  It is a battle for your mind.  It is a battle for your very soul, and you are the People of the Lie.

            Those of you, who are still able to think and will listen, let me tell you some of the religious lies.  You need no one to talk to God.  Your priest does it for money.  He cannot forgive sins.  He does not represent God.  He only prys into your private affairs, and the joke is on you.  Many of you go to "mass" and fanatically dance, as zombies on a string to the tune of the Roman Catholic priest piper.  For what?  You do your Satanic ritual of "eating" the body and "drinking" the blood of a supposedly dead man.  You believe the Lie that his blood will somehow "save" you.  The same holds true for all you nice pious protestants.  The blood of "Jesus Christ" can save no one!  That is the Lie, the trick of Satan.  You don't even have his name right.  This is how twisted is the writing of your "Holy Bible".  His name was and still is Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda, but what do you care?  You love the Lie, because this way you have nothing at all to do for your "salvation".  You take no responsibility for your wrong doing, contrary to God’s Law of “You shall reap what you sow!” At the appropriate time you will be "raptured" off this evil "Mother Earth" into some glorious golden city in the clouds.  What a wonderful evil joke, and Satan stands laughing, as you die and end up in "Hell", or are reincarnated to some cave to try it all over again.  You certainly, are People of the Lie!

            I see you little old ladies and little old men and young hard working mothers pitifully paying out your last pennies to a proud and pompous parson or priest or "holy man".  You dutifully tiptoe into the confessional and expose your most personal God-thoughts to a self-righteous, self-made evil "man-god", often a pedophile who cares only for himself and his "cult".  Yes, there are many such cults that you worship.  There are the Baptist, the Lutheran, the Methodist, the Islamic, the Buddhist, the Hindu, the Mormon, and whatever cults.  The churches and religions of your world are all man-made Satanic concocted cults.

            Truth has been brought to your world many times by many prophets, and you killed them.  You killed them, because you did not want to change your thinking.  To change your thinking to God's Laws would cause you to have to change your evil ways.  It is always easier to listen to Satan's lies than to take responsibility to clean up your own act.  You say, "This is radical stuff", and you are angry with me.  You would probably try to kill me, too, if you could.  That's o.k.  Your attitude means little to me.  I am a prophet, a Truth Bringer.  I know the Truth of your world, and I know the Lie.  The problem is that you don't!  You have thrown the Truth away before, and you probably will do it again, but that changes nothing.  You are still wrong, and under God's Law you will get exactly what you deserve.

            There is no "rapture" as you have thought.  Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda is coming back to "Mother Earth" exactly as he left, as he said he would, in a spaceship.  Your twisted "Bible" had this information removed from it centuries ago.  The world controllers could not have you know God's plans, if they were to trick you into following Satan's plans.

            Now, you say that you do not believe in UFO's and spaceships and aliens and all that nonsense.  Of course, you don't.  Why should you?  You have been very carefully coerced into believing the Lie of your government and your world controllers.  To win they must keep you believing that there is a "rapture" just like the "preacher" said.  People say you are a fool to believe in spaceships and aliens.  I say that you are a fool, if you do not.  Why does Creator, God Aton of Light, need spaceships to travel?  He doesn’t!  You do!  How do you expect to leave this planet, if you have no means to do so?  The starships are here at this time to physically remove those of the “remnant,” and anyone else, who wishes to leave, when earth changes make our Planet, Earth Shan, uninhabitable.

            You have your head stuck in the sand so deep that you could never see the proof whereof I speak.  The proof is in the heavens.  Do you think that all of those hundreds of twinkling and flashing red and blue and white lights in the night sky above your head are stars?  Do you think they are airplanes or satellites---or maybe lightening bugs?  Oh, you have bad eyes and you cannot see the "stars".  Well, maybe like so many others, you really don't give a "damn".  That attitude is precisely why your world is in such a mess, and why you have all the problems you do today.  You really do not care!

            Your government has done a big "snow job" on you and most of your fellowmen, and you do not even know it.  How naive you are!  Your government (Corporation of Washington, D.C.) from its inception, has gradually been taking your rights and freedoms away from you, right before your eyes.  Just like the spaceships in the night sky, you refuse to look to believe what is true.  Under the War Powers Act of 1933 you were declared enemies of the state.  Your wonderful president, Franklin D. Roosevelt  took your gold away and placed your nation into bankruptcy.  Because you let him "create" a national emergency under your Constitution, he had the authority to then declare martial law.  In so doing he set aside both your Constitution and your Bill of Rights, and you have had no rights ever since!  Your foreign government of the Corporation of the U.S. under the Corporation of Washington, D.C. gave you a military court system and you never complained, but now you do when you are hauled into court and have no rights!  Oh, you didn't know that?

            There are always signs.  Your national flag with its gold fringe is such a pretty flag.  You have it displayed in your churches, your schools, and your courts.  What do you suppose is the meaning of the pretty gold fringe?  That flag is the flag of your military.  You had your head in the sand and did not notice when your foreign government made your civil courts into military courts called admiralty courts---in which you have no rights.

            Your gold and silver were taken from you and you were given a "credit money" or fiat money banking system called the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB).  This is not a United States Treasury bank.  The Federal Reserve is a privately owned foreign corporation established in 1913 by the Federal Reserve Act.  This bank is owned by the 12 wealthiest families in the world and is held in trust under the Corporation of London under the Crown of England.  You have allowed the Federal Reserve Bank to take your money, your land and your nation.  You have been taxed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), a twin foreign corporation to the FRB, and which is also chartered under the Crown of England.  Oh, your friendly wealthy banker and your H and R Block representatives love you sleepy heads!

            The IRS has stolen your money and, again, given it to the Queen of England and the wealthiest families of the world--not to your country.  Your whole government system is a foreign power and you shake your head in disbelief and call me a left-wing communist.  No!  Your government is a Communist Khazarian Zionist Mishpucka (Jewish Mafia) controlled government and has been so for many years, and they are very rapidly moving you into their One World Order (OWO) right on schedule.

            Yes, they have a Plan, in which more than half of you are to be dead, and the remaining world's people are all to have the same economic status---poverty.  You will have no rights, because slave workers of the Anti-Christ "Beast" have no rights.

            Oh, you cry patriotism.  You march in your Memorial Day Parades with your hand over your heart and fire your guns in your fields of the dead.  You decorate the stones of the dead, who died foolishly protecting the very enemy whom you worship.  As "patriots" you follow your blind leaders into your halls and churches and worship a God you do not know, and who isn't even there.  Why?  Because you are the People of the Lie!

            You worship your evil foreign agent government politician leaders, who "can do no wrong".  Oh, you say, your President is not so pure, but he can be replaced.  It is you who are being replaced!  Your government and world controllers have "created" the HIV (AIDS) virus, and through HIV-polluted smallpox vaccinations worldwide have purposely spread the HIV virus to everyone.  This virus is spread the exact same way that the common cold virus is spread!

            Your corrupt government and that of Israel tricked you big time by their 9/11 event.  Hologram, particle beam, neutron bomb technology destroyed your New York World Trade Center, and you thought the Muslims did it with airplanes and jet fuel, just like they did with the Kennedy airplane with particle beam and TWA Flight 800 with laser.  It’s all about greed!  Take the oil of Iraq, take the oil of the Caspian basin via pipeline through Afghanistan, take the oil of Libya and stop their gold currency, take the oil of Iran, take the oil of Syria—take and kill until they control it all.  You are the greatest People of the Lie—ever!

            The bankers love war, they create wars to make money for themselves, and you willingly send your sons and daughters to fight and suffer and die in these wars to bring “freedom and justice” to the people.  Such lies!  Such deception!  Such ignorance!  Shame on you for being so gullible, for being tricked again and again!  You shall surely reap the negativity that you have sown!

            You call me a liar!  No, I am a Prophet and you are the People of the Lie!  Everyone on "Mother Earth" has now been exposed to their death viruses, and you will die right on schedule, unless you listen to Truth.  What about the horrible incurable Ebola disease in Zaire?  What about Lassa Fever, Marburg Fever, Flesh-eating Bacteria, Legionnaire's Disease, Lime's Disease, and Tuberculosis II?  What about Beriberi from your food and parasites in your food?  What about stroke, heart disease and diabetes?  What about Cancer?  You are being deliberately bombarded with diseases and germ warfare, and there are known cures for all of them.  You are being "attacked" by Low Frequency (LF) and Very Low Frequency (VLF) and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) waves to control your mind.  You are being deliberately exposed to high levels of radiation, and air toxins via chemtrails, and pulse beams---all by your government and your world controllers.  Why?  This is being done to destroy you, to control you, to bring you like sheeple into the fold of the Satanic OWO.  I do not see many of you kicking and screaming as you go.  You certainly are the People of the "Lie:!

            Your politicians, who changed their status of public servant to public official, gain their office through “vote scam”, change the laws to suit themselves irregardless of your Constitution and Bill of Rights, allow your president/king/CEO to issue edicts by “executive order” against your Constitution and without your permission, to control you, then leave public office as billionaires, laughing all the way to their yacht and villa on the beach.  Ask your local friendly League of Women Voters about “Vote Scam”.  Oh indeed, your politicians dearly love you sleepyheads.

            You are now being set up for the big final "fall".  A brave and freedom-loving people whose Constitutional foundation was built upon The Laws of God, the only nation of its kind in this entire civilization is about to be made the example.  Those of you who are half awake will understand, yet, that "as goes the USA, so goes the world", and the fall of your nation is happening right on schedule.

            Another very important part of the Satanic Lie is your so called "space program".  Beginning in the 1940's, your foreign power government created the National Security Agency (NSA) to deliberately discredit and cover up all UFO's.  This cover-up was continued by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  You could not be told that friendly, loving space brothers and sisters from Pleiades, humans like you but of fourth and higher dimensional capabilities, have been here on "Mother Earth" since the 1930's.  They tried negotiating with Germany, Russia, and the USA to prevent World War II, but your President Franklin D. Roosevelt and government refused to cooperate.  The Pleiadeans with their starships from 1954 to 1987 have stabilized "Mother Earth" from wobbling badly on her axis.  They have tried many times to help your country, but your evil leaders have always rejected them.  Why?  Because your evil leaders have their plans for world domination and control, and they do not want any interference.  You laugh at me and think I'm joking, but you are the ones at which your government is laughing.  You are the People of the Lie!

            Let us deal with a very important part of the Lie before you---your so called "rapture".  For years your government and world controllers have planned Project Blue Beam to utilize Satan's "rapture" trick.  By hologram and electronic projection from satellites around "Mother Earth" all people are to see an image of your "Christ" returning in the clouds and are to actually hear his voice in their mind in their own language.  Millions of People of the Lie are to be tricked into boarding air vehicles and dumped into never-ever land.  You shake your head in disbelief and call me names.  You say that "the Lord will take care of you" and that the "born again Christian will  be raptured away to Heaven".  Such nonsense!  I tell you Truth!  My mission is not to convince you of anything but to give you Truth.  What you decide to do with it and your life is entirely up to you.

            Where does Truth come from today?  As always, it comes only from God Aton of Light..  Today, God Aton has sent your Pleiadean brothers and sisters to you to bring you Truth one last time before your civilization ends, and end it will.  It is about to self-destruct as "Mother Earth" begins her rebirthing.  The commander of the Pleiadean starship fleet orbiting "Mother Earth" at this time is Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn.  He is transmitting the Truth and revealing all the lies of your "Bible", your government, and your world.  For ten years this Truth was transmitted from his command ship, The Phoenix, by radio code to his scribe, Doris Ekker, in Tehachapi, California, who recorded the information on her computer.  The Truth was then published in The Phoenix Journals, which are also known as The Holy Books of the Lighted Realms.  The Truth was also published in The Contact newspaper, which at one time had the greatest international circulation in the world but the least subscribers.  Why?  Because you sheeple do not wish to be identified with any such "radical" publication.

            Some of you have actually read copies of The Contact and have tossed them aside as nonsense.  Others of you have had copies of The Phoenix Journals in your hands and have read here and there in them, and then have pronounced judgment upon them as being trash.  With your closed minds and haughty know-it-all attitudes you have just cursed yourself to the Void or what you call "Hell".  You have rejected the "Word", the Truth from the very God , Aton of Light, whom you seek!  What a pity.

            Some of you say that you do not have time to read the Journals, or that you are too tired, or that there are other things you would rather do right now, or that you cannot afford them.  Wake up!  They have been provided free on the Internet!  Play your crossword puzzles, your lotteries, your videos, your card games and stare at your television idiot boxes, or run off to spend your money on sporting events.  You have your free-will, and you alone can choose your own destiny, and you alone must live it.  So be it.

            Your God-Spirit cries out in agony from within you for you to see, to listen, to open your heart to the Truth being presented to you, but you deny the Truth.  How foolish you are!  Many of you for a brief moment may recognize Truth, but rush ever onward with the masses to your churches to worship your blind leaders and study your "Holy Book" lies.  Others of you find Truth to be beyond recognition, as you down another can or bottle of your favorite brain-deadener or stuff cocaine up your nostrils and engage in yet another immoral orgy---and continue on your chaotic and confused path of reincarnation back to the cave or the Void.

            You ridicule me and throw this "Hatonn cult stuff" into my face.  You scoff at the very one, who is the Bringer of Truth to you in your day.  Your "Bible" is a fake!  It is nothing more than Satan's War Book to trick you.  Your churches have lied to you.  There is no "rapture"!  Esu Immanuel Sananda is an extraterrestrial and has already returned to "Mother Earth".  He is aboard The Phoenix, the Pleiadean Starfleet Command ship with Commander Hatonn.  He is awaiting orders from God to lift-off those few of you, the “remnant”, who are enlightened and are walking the Lighted Path of Truth.  Do you have your boarding pass?  I thought so.

            What do you plan to do when "Mother Earth" tilts on her axis and a wall of water over five miles high hits the shores of your country?  Do you plan to swim?  Will you have a boat big enough?  Will you be crying for a boarding pass---just like in the days of Noah?  Oh, yes!  There was a flood!  Your "Holy Books" have some Truth, but you are unable to discern it.  There was a very great flood.  There was an ark built in the desert which took over 100 years to construct.  I should know.  I helped build it!  And you were there beating on the door to get in---after 100 years of scoffing.  Are you planning on doing it all over again?  How foolish!

            Tell me, really now, how do you plan to get your boarding pass?  The main source of Truth today from God and the Lighted Realms is The Phoenix Journals--The Holy Books of the Lighted Realms—and remember the formerContact Newspaper and the newer Spectrum Newspaper.  There you will find all of the eighteen (not ten) Laws of God and Creation.  There you will find your way to the pathway of the Lighted Realms of Heaven---and your boarding pass!

            The evacuation of your planet has already begun.  At some point soon all third dimensional beings must leave.  Where do you plan to go?  When Sananda conducts "Lift-off ", it will occur in less than thirty minutes.  At that time you will have no time to decide what you will do.  Your deciding is now!  Your time has run out!  You are either of the Light or you are of the Dark Brotherhood.  There is no in-between!  With God there is no gray area!

            As I said earlier, this is your "wake-up" call!  You are angry with me for waking you up"  Good!  I'm angry with you for not waking up sooner.  This is radical stuff!  Your world is in a mess, and you are in very deep trouble.  God will not save you!  Either you will wake-up and you will save yourself, or you will soon be swept away.  That is your free-will decision!

            One day very, very soon you will stand alone before Creator God, who made you, and you will judge yourself.  You, who have cursed me, as you have cursed all the prophets, will judge yourself, and your God-Spirit within will tell you, and then you will know---that I am right!  Then you will know that I presented to you the Truth, but you threw it away!




            I plead with you to see and to hear Truth!  When you find Truth, you will know, for your God-Spirit within will know.  May you decide to join us, your brothers and sisters of the Lighted Realms at "Lift-off".  This is Truth!  I, the Prophet, have spoken!  One last time I speak Truth to you.  Wake up!


The Phoenix Journals recommended by Commander Hatonn for your initial reading are:

#2   And They Called His Name Immanuel -- I Am Sananda  The life and teachings of Esu "Jesus" Immanuel Sananda)

                            #3     Space-Gate -- The Veil Removed  (The UFO space program cover-up)

               #5     From Here to Armageddon  (Our relationship to space people and the future of Planet Earth)

                             #7     The Rainbow Masters  "The Magnificent Seven"  (Writings of the Celestial Masters)

  #27  Phoenix Operator-Owner Manual  (The Laws of God and Creation)

#47  Pre-Flight Instructions For The Phoenix  (Guidelines for finding the Kingdom of Heaven within you)


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