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By Patrick H. Bellringer

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NOTE:  Patrick has advised me to repost this article.  It was written in 2005; however, the questions that JC has asked are timeless.  The answers given by Patrick follow what is said in the Phoenix Journals, and are timeless, worth reading again and again.  May we all continue in our mission we have set for ourselves, and live the Laws of God and Creation to the best of our ability.  I did not say we are to be perfect, but only to live the Laws of God and Creation the best we can.  Thank you Patrick for reminding us again of the pathway to the Light.   ---Anne

Patrick has explained the Laws of God and Creation that have been  posted on Fourwinds eve7yday.  Here is the link:


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For 8hose of you who may read this, I was inspired to write this in response to the questions asked of my by a fellow traveler and Truthseeker on the Red Road of Truth, one JC. To help you follow my thoughts, I shall first present the letter from JC.

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From: JC


Sent: Tuesday, July 12, 2005 8:11 AM

Subject: Questions

Dear Patrick Bellringer:

Hello, my name is JC, I am Mexican and I have been reading fourwinds for some months. At first time I believed it was a big lie, but as time continued, and I keep reading some of the messages, I started to believe that these messages might be true, because many things become to make sense to me. Besides I am convinced that this world needs an urgent change, and our actual model of life eventually is going to end with us.

Nonetheless I have to confess that I still I keep my doubts, not only because the unfulfilled dates that have been given to us, but also because the information contained in fourwinds changes many of the knowledge and beliefs that I have been taught (I am a catholic person).

But the main reason that I am writing to you is because I have a lot of doubts in many concepts that I read, so it would be very helpful to me if you can answer the following questions:

At what point in time are we going to retrieve our past memories? Once we remember that, how is that going to impact our life? Will I be the same person?

When you exist in 5d you still have a physical body?

Who is going to decide if we remain in earth in 5d or we go to another 3d planet? When is that decision going to be made?

In 5d still exists death?

What are the main differences between 5d and 3d?

Are we going to pass through 4d in our ascension to 5d? What is the object of 4d?

If we are beings from outer space and not from earth, why are we going to still live in earth and not in our original planets?

Once we are in 5d, will I have the opportunity to see my relatives and pets that pass away (I recently lost my beloved dog)? Is that the reason why you call it heaven?

Once you said that many of the people living in earth are clones. How can I know if I am a clone or a human? What happens to clones? Are they going to survive the whole ascension process?

These are only one of the few questions that are rounding my mind right now, so I would be really pleased if you can help to understand that.

In love and light


* * * * *

Dear JC:

Your questions are those of the many today who are choosing to travel the Red Road of Truth. I honor you in your search for Truth, and I shall try to give clarity in my answers.

If you were a clone, you would not even be writing to me and asking these questions, because clones have no soul or God Spirit within, and, therefore, have no interest in spiritual matters. Humans today have the ability to make a physical body from DNA but not to give it a God-connection or God Spirit within. Creator God can give a clone a soul and make it a complete human being. That has been done, and if that “clone” by his freewill chooses goodness, it fools the Darkside who cloned him.

According to what Hatonn said as recorded in Phoenix Journal #21, those who are attuned to higher frequencies, meaning they are enlightened because they know Truth, will receive spiritual consciousness at the point in time of The Second Coming of Esu Immanuel Sananda. I take that to mean we who are “ready” will have full consciousness or full memory of our past at The Second Coming event.

When that happens you will be the same physical person but your perspective and understanding of everything will be changed forever. You will know your purpose and mission on Earth Shan and understand where you “fit” in the Cosmos. You will have the ability to tap into the Cosmic stream of all knowledge, in a sense the very mind of Creator God. Will that change you? I would think so!

Our planet is in a unique situation at this time. It is my understanding that this is the first time ever in the history of the Nebadon Universe that a planet along with her people is being allowed to move into 5D (fifth dimension) without any physical death for those who choose to go to 5D. Once you are in 5D you will have the opportunity to see and be with your friends and relatives who have experienced physical death in 3D and have spiritually “graduated” to 5D. Many of them may still be learning their soul growth lessons in 3D (third dimension). Those you will not see in 5D, and yes, your pets will join you in heaven (5D). Heaven is the term used for the dimensions where no evil is allowed. No evil is allowed in 5D or any dimension that is higher in vibrations than 5D.

Fourth dimension (4D) is also known as the Astral Plane. It is a transition dimension between the physical realm of 3D and the spiritual realm of 5D and higher. When you die a physical death in 3D, your physical body normally remains in 3D, but your soul, your spiritual body, the real you goes to the Astral Plane.

There you stand before Creator God and give an account of your progress in your lessons in soul growth. Creator God does not judge you. You judge yourself according to the Laws of God and Creation. Then you decide where you will go to continue your lessons, and an agreement is made with Creator God for you to do this.

If you are not ready to graduate to 5D, you will return to another 3D lifestream on the great wheel of reincarnation, and continue on lifestream after lifestream for as long as necessary to complete your soul growth. Each time between lifestreams you check into the Astral Plane for your evaluation.

It is important to understand that we are in that unique situation on Earth Shan where no one, who is presently living, need ever have to experience physical death again. We decide when we want to die and go to the Astral Plane to start over. In our present situation we decide if we want to continue on in 3D or go into 5D with our planet, Earth Shan. People are making that decision everyday, and you decide for yourself when you will make that decision and what your decision will be. Many, who will be reading this and understanding this process for the first time, will be deciding their journey at that time. It is a very simple decision to go or to stay, to go to another 3D lifestream or to graduate with our planet and other enlightened people into 5D.

We do not know at this time the exact moment when “graduation” happens, but Creator God Christ Michael/Hatonn has promised that it will happen when we are ready, and that will be sometime before December 21, 2012. The time between now and graduation will be needed to prepare us and our planet for that event. Graduation cannot occur until we have restored balance and harmony to Earth Shan and her people. If we cooperate with each other and our Star Friends, and work hard, balance and harmony could be restored to our planet quickly.

NESARA must happen to bring peace to our planet. NESARA must happen to remove the last stronghold of evil government on Earth Shan, the Government of the United States of America. Then justice and freedom can roll out across our planet to all countries and peoples. NESARA must happen to remove the evil banking system of the Federal Reserve, which has stolen the world’s wealth. Poverty must be removed and abundance restored to the people of Earth Shan to bring balance.

First Contact must happen to awaken our people from slumber and to bring the help and technology we need to clean up our planet and restore her to health. The physical and spiritual health of our people must be restored to bring balance and harmony. There is so much that must be done in education for all of us to prepare us for graduation. During this time until graduation to 5D, we who choose to graduate (ascend) will be very busy making all the necessary preparations.

Isn’t this exciting? Our future of the Golden Age is upon us! The Second Coming of Immanuel Sananda, the one who is in charge of our planetary transition of creating Heaven on our Earth, is very near. It is only weeks or even days away. Then He and Creator God Christ Michael/Hatonn/Aton and the Ascended Masters and our Star Friends will appear on our television screens and walk among us and help us in our preparations for graduation.

With Ascension our planet will be changed in many ways. Presently we have the 3D limitations of time and space and matter. In 5D those limitations will not exist. We will have the ability to use thought to its fullest extent. We will travel by thought, move objects by thought, create and un-create them by thought, and communicate with anyone anywhere by thought, for in 5D there is no time or space or matter. We will have Light Bodies and live in a world of Light.

We who now live on Earth Shan are all returned Masters and have come into this lifestream by agreement with Creator God to help with this great transition of Earth Shan. We have come originally from various Star Systems and planets. When the call for help went out, we left our homes, our friends and even our families to enter into 3D without memory and assist with this transition of Earth Shan. This once emerald water planet had lost her beauty to evil aliens and had become a dark “smudge pot” in the Cosmos.

We agreed to come and help restore Earth Shan to her natural beauty. Many of us will stay for as long as it takes to complete the mission before we return home. Some of us will decide to stay and make this beautiful planet our home, while others will choose to return soon to their homes in the Stars. We are all on a most glorious journey back to perfection and Creator Source and Oneness again. However we travel and whatever detours we may take, at some point we shall all meet again.

Thank you, JC. May your journey be most joyous! AHO!

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