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PEOPLE OF THE LIE: The NESARA Parable of the Soils

By Patrick H. Bellringer

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e disinformation. The darkside is frantically trying to gain as many for their cause as possible, as they hurtle over the cliff into the void. The darkside is doomed and they know it. NESARA reveals the Truth of their evil deeds and they cannot stop it. The coming of NESARA (Creator God’s Plan 2000) sweeps them off our planet. So, their Plan B is to take as many NESARA skeptics, doubters and fence sitters with them as they can. That is why so much “garbage” is being disseminated to create confusion, distrust, doubt and disbelief about NESARA and the Truthbringers of NESARA.

The darkside still hangs on to a thread of hope that, if they can discredit NESARA enough, maybe they can stop it---and still win. Should they not succeed, the darkside knows that they can still influence many to join their cause and go with them into the void---by deception.

Deception takes many forms and those without deep spiritual roots are easily tricked into believing misinformation, disinformation, half-truths and even outright lies. Even many seemingly good and honorable people are now being coerced into demanding proof of NESARA, before they will believe it is real. Once they believed. Now they doubt. Why?

Admiral Esu Immanuel Sananda once spoke a parable of the soils. A farmer went out to plant his field. As he planted, some seed fell on the road way at the edge of his field. Some seed fell on the rocks in the ravine below. Some seed fell among the weeds and thistles by the neighbor’s fence, but most of the seed fell on the loose, fertile soil of the farmer’s field.

In this parable the seed represents Truth, and the soil represents the human heart/the human mind—in contrast to the brain. We think with our brain. We record data, analyze data, and remember data with our brain, but we “know” Truth in our mind and believe Truth in our heart.

For some, the Truth of NESARA falls on the hard surface of the roadway of the heart. With no fertile soil to protect and nourish it, the seed is crushed by passing traffic. For some, the Truth of NESARA falls among the thistles and weeds of the heart. Other interests and activities allow no time to water and tend the seeds of Truth. Soon weeds choke it out. For others, the Truth of NESARA falls on rocky hearts where the soil is shallow. The seeds sprout, spring up but soon wither in the hot sun for lack of moisture. But some seed falls on fertile hearts where the Truth of NESARA is nurtured by water and sunshine. The Truth is believed in the heart. A great “knowing” develops in the mind, and the Truth of NESARA grows and produces fruit, and great is the abundance of the harvest thereof.

The doubter says, “Where is my funding? I have waited through years of broken promises and nothing has happened to bring my prosperity program money. I doubt that it will ever happen.” And for them, it probably never will, for you create that in which you believe.

The scoffer cries “foul” and condemns not only the message of NESARA but also the messenger as well. Fear grips him at the thought of change, or of having to be judged by NESARA for his own negative lifestyle.

The fence-sitter is a follower, a willow in the wind, who bends which ever way the wind blows. He never assists in bringing change, but waits until it happens, then chooses the least threatening pathway.

Then there is the hard core adversary who attacks anything that is good. Because he finds no physical proof to his satisfaction, he announces that there is no such thing as NESARA, that NESARA is a lie. He not only attacks the Truth, but also the Truthbringers, calling them corrupt, fraudulent, full of wickedness and deceit, and rotten purveyors of false-hoods and false hopes, who knowingly beguile and deceive, and propagate hateful lies. (Those are direct quotes from my e-mail. I do not have the vocabulary for such nonsense!)

The doubters, the scoffers, the fence-sitters and the hard core adversary have all thrown Truth aside, and shall reap the consequences of their actions. Many shall not receive the funds they expected. Some shall receive nothing. All will be asked to return to Love or leave Mother Earth Shan, for without Love you cannot be a participant in our coming Golden Age of Enlightenment. Unless you have proven yourself to be a good steward of what little you now have, you will not be found worthy to manage larger sums for the good of all. Unless you are willing to open your heart to Truth, to learn, to grow, to help, to care, to teach, to lead---to be a participant in creating a new united States of America and a new world of peace and freedom and abundance, you will not be allowed to move with our beloved Earth Shan into her higher dimensions. Darkness and negativity can not tolerate the frequencies of positive energy and Light. Hate and violence can not stand in the transmuting ray of Creator God’s Violet Light of unconditional Love.

You may laugh and say that I belong to some sick cult. So be it. Truth is, and I speak Truth. Truth cannot be refuted. NESARA stands at the fork in your pathway. You must choose to support NESARA or not. You must choose to follow God’s Plan 2000 or not. NESARA cannot be refuted. NESARA is God’s plan for the “Kingdom of God on earth”. Proclaim this to the Christian Cult that they might awaken to Truth. This is a prophetic message to you in these times of choosing. I am “the voice, crying in your wilderness”. May you heed the message of NESARA and support those who bring the changes we have long awaited. May you help usher in the New Age of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom for all mankind. O ye of little faith, NESARA requires a leap of faith. In our world of lies today Truth appears to be stranger than fiction. That is why we think that the Truth presented by Star Trek is indeed, fiction. That is why we think that NESARA is fiction. Fear is what has allowed us to create such fiction. My friends, set aside fear and take that leap of faith and believe---and know that it is right! And the Truth fell on fertile soil and it grew, and the harvest multiplied to a hundred fold.

And God said, “There shall be peace on earth and good will toward men.” In our time there shall be Christmas joy for all who so choose. I, the prophet, have spoken.

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