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Patrick H. Bellringer

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          Based upon the Truth given to us by Creator God Aton of Light through the Phoenix Journals, I write this especially to my sisters and brothers of the Christian community.  Christianity is based upon the writings of the disciples of Jesus Christ, who were witnesses to his life and teachings two thousand years ago.  Over time some of these writing and accounts by others were preserved and finally collected and placed into book form by the church fathers at the Council of Nicea in 323-325 A.D.  This record became known as the Christian Bible.

          From the first writings recorded by the disciples of Jesus (Esu Immanuel) there were errors.  They wrote from their perspective of what they saw and heard or could remember.  During the chaos and confusion of the capture, arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus, no one could know everything  that happened and record it accurately.  Over the following years alterations and interpretations were added to the narrative.  Then came translation into various languages and new versions and revisions to finally produce what we have today as the Christian Bible.

          Because this record of the life and teachings of Jesus (Esu Immanuel) was fraught with error from the very beginning, and today is most inaccurate, Creator God Aton of Light decided to bring us the Truth once more, to set the record straight for our understanding, during these “ End Times on planet Earth.  This record of Truth has been presented in the Phoenix Journals.  The following narrative is based soundly upon this record.

          Those, who read  this with the intent to ridicule and discredit the Truth presented here, I ask to please go on your way.  A closed mind cannot understand the messages of Spirit from the Realms of Light, and you will only create more fear and negative energy for yourself.  Your teachable moment has not yet arrived.  Blessings to you as you continue your journey in your search for Truth.

          I begin with some of the most important characters in the drama of Jesus’s last week in Jerusalem.  They are Jesus, Simeon, the Pharisee, his son Judah Iharioth, and Saul, a Roman soldier and Pharisee.  First, the name Jesus Christ is not accurate.  Saul, who later had his name changed to Paul, is the one, who first called Esu Immanuel, Jesus Christ.  The prophet, Isaiah, spoke correctly that Mary’s baby would be named Immanuel.  Jesus’ family called him Esu, so Esu Immanuel is his true name.

          The Roman soldier, Saul, a Pharisee, was given the task of preventing this “Esu cult” from becoming a problem for their religious order and for the Roman Government.  In Phoenix Journal 2, pages 124-125, is recorded a confrontation that Saul had with Esu Immanuel, where Saul said to Esu, “You are preaching heresy…it appears most stupid and your spirit seems greatly confused.”  Esu Immanuel responded by telling Saul all the evil he would do .  He would give Esu the false name of Jesus Christ, which means “the anointed”,  and he spread false teachings that would become the foundation of false religious cults that would become what we know today as Christianity.

          In anger Saul plotted with Simeon Iharioth, the Pharisee and his son, Judah,  how to destroy Esu and his disciples.  Saul paid Judah seventy pieces of silver to steal from Judas Iscarioth the writings of Esu, and later Saul paid Judah thirty pieces of silver to betray (identify) Esu with a kiss in the dark garden, where they captured Esu.  This was necessary, as Peter and Esu looked very much alike.  In fact, the disciple, Barnabas, a witness to these events in his writing later of the Gospel of Barnabas stated that he thought it was Peter, who was captured and crucified, and not Esu.

          Esu Immanuel said that his most beloved friend and disciple, who kept the writings of Esu’s teachings, and who was trusted to keep the money for his disciples, was Judas Iscarioth.  Because Saul/Paul deliberately confused the names of Judas with Judah, for two thousand years the world has thought Judas Iscarioth to be the bad guy, when he was not.  This is only one of the many lies that Saul/Paul created to fool the people.

          In Phoenix Journal 2, Chapter 16, Archangel Gabriel, the true father of Esu Immanuel speaks of the crucifixion of his son.  On page 153 he says Esu was in a deep coma, when he was taken from the cross and put into the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.  Joseph knew that Esu was deeply comatose and not dead.  So did Mary, Esu’s mother, Mary Magdalene, his wife, and his brother, Joseph and other friends from India, who brought herbs of healing to Esu by way of the private family entrance to Arimathea’s tomb.

          In three days, when Esu was able to walk, they fled to Damascus, Syria.  Saul knew this and, with his soldiers, followed them planning to capture them.  There it was that Saul was confronted on the road by Esu, lost his sight for three days, and was converted.  Not understanding the whole Truth of all that happened, Paul began teaching many lies.  He claimed Esu Immanuel was the only begotten Son of God and called him Jesus Christ, meaning the anointed one, who died and rose from the dead.  Paul said that by such power Esu could and did forgive the sins of all, who believed it so.  Because his Lie has become the very heart of Christian belief, Christians have become People of the Lie.

          The Truth is that we are responsible and held accountable by Creator God Aton of Light for everything we do and think and say.  We are to live the laws of God and Creation, as recorded in Phoenix Journal 27, to the best of our ability.  We are here to learn our lessons in soul growth and to help others where we can.

          The Truth is that the Christian Bible says Jesus Christ (Esu Immanuel) would return to our planet with a new name.  He returned in 1954 via the starship, the Phoenix, the command ship for the Pleiadian Fleet, and his new name is Sananda, meaning “one with God”.  The ships are here to “take Sananda’s flock home”.

          The Truth is that Good Friday is not good at all, and that Easter is all a big Lie.  The religious order called Christianity has become an evil cult, that has fooled most Christians for centuries.  The Pharisees have continued to distort the teachings of Esu Immanuel to this very day and to attack the Truth.  Judaism is the exact opposite of Truth, which the Jews have used to deceive many.  In fact the Old Testament of the Christian Bible is mostly a concoction the Jews created by claiming the Sumerian history as their own.  Their God Jehovah is God Jehovah Satan, whom they have hidden by not revealing his true name.  The Pharisees are still with us today as the Khazarian Zionists, and they still plan to control our world and to defeat Esu Immanuel Sananda by their God Jehovah Satan.

          Such shall not be allowed!  The Light of Truth always wins against the Lie.  Esu Immanuel shall conquer his brother of Darkness, Lucifer/Satan, and take his flock of Lightworkers and Truthbringers home.  Our planet, Earth Shan, shall proceed with her cleansing and transition into fifth dimension, where evil is not allowed. 

          Please understand there are millions of Christians, who are good   people because they have tried to follow the teachings of Esu Immanuel, as best they understood them.  Their one problem is believing that Esu Immanuel shall assume their responsibility and be held accountable for their wrongdoings.  This is not possible for the Cosmic Law of Cause and Effect states that we reap what we sow.  Creator God Aton holds us accountable for everything we do.  No one can learn our lessons for us.  Sadly, many of our friends and loved ones shall fail to graduate into Heaven (5D) due to lack of this Truth.  

          This has been a long journey of choosing between good and evil of Truth and lie.  Indeed, and sadly to say, most Christians today are People of the Lie!