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Patrick H. Bellringer

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 Easter is known the world over as the most significant of all Christian "holy days". 

       Christians or the followers of Christ believe that Esu "Jesus Christ" Immanuel, as the Son of God, rose from the dead on Easter morning.  He had been crucified in Jerusalem two days before on Good Friday afternoon by his arch enemies, the Pharisees, who were the Jewish religious leaders of the day.  At the insistence of the Pharisees the occupying Roman Government had cooperated in carrying out the crucifixion.

       Christians believe that his resurrection from the dead is proof that Esu "Jesus" Immanuel is, indeed, the Son of God.  They believe that God Jehovah became angry over the evil doings of His created beings, and that to set things right, a payment had to be made.  Yet, no payment that man could offer was great enough to appease such an angry God Jehovah.  Realizing this, God Jehovah, in His great love for His creation sent His Son, Esu "Jesus" Immanuel, to die as the sacrifice, the ransom for the sins of all mankind.  By so doing Christians believe that Esu "Jesus" Immanuel died in their place and provided them forgiveness for sins.  By rising from the dead he conquered death and, thus, gave them the promise of eternal life in "heaven", when they leave their present lifestream. 

       In honor of this historic resurrection event Easter is celebrated worldwide by Christians each year during t12-9-22e time of the Jewish Passover.  It was during the annual Jewish Passover in Jerusalem in the spring of the year that "Jesus" was arrested, tried and killed for defying the religious leaders of the day, and it was on Sunday, the day following the Jewish Sabbath and the end of the week-long Passover celebration, that Christians believe "Jesus" rose from the dead.  Thus, Easter is claimed by Christians to be their most holy and happy of all days in celebration of their "risen Lord."

            Many times throughout the year Christians remember the "suffering, death, and resurrection of "Jesus" with the observance of the Eucharist or Lord's Supper.  On such occasions Christians are encouraged to repent of their sins and ask "Jesus" to forgive them.  They drink wine or grape juice and eat bread as "Jesus" did with his disciples in his "last supper" together with his disciples.  In the Eucharist the wine is symbolic of the blood of "Jesus" which was shed for their sins.  The bread is symbolic of the body of "Jesus" which was broken for their wrong doing.  By eating and drinking these elements Christians believe they are receiving the "life of Christ" which freely gives them forgiveness for their sins and a life everlasting.

            There are many people who wonder if this is the whole story of Easter.  Many question the validity of the "resurrection."  Is this myth or mystery?  Each year the traditional Easter celebration appears to become more fiction and less fact as people are encouraged to buy candy Easter bunnies and children hunt real colored Easter eggs.  What do rabbits and eggs have to do with Easter---or with each other, for that matter?  Rabbits do not lay eggs and eggs do not produce rabbits!  Eggs produce chickens sometimes, and birds and alligators and frogs and fish and---but they have nothing to do with Easter and the Eucharist---or do they?  Maybe that's part  of the myth!

            What if the whole premise underlying the concept of Easter were really a lie?  Then Humpty Dumpty would probably fall off his wall and break into a million egg-shell pieces and probably kill the Easter bunny in the process.  Not only would the commercial makers and sellers of Easter eggs be frantic, but also the Christian community worldwide would be panicked, and many would probably commit suicide for lack of hope of forgiveness for their very evil deeds.  And the priests, popes, and preachers would probably be out of a job, out of money, and running for their very lives from some very angry little old ladies and very rich evil controllers.  Would I be a party to such havoc?  Of course, because Truth always wins!

            Let me tell you the rest of the story.  Let me tell you the secrets hidden for 2000 years and more---the Truth of the matter!        

            Those who understand religious history know of Arch Angel Lucifer, who was removed from the Lighted Realms for his free-will choices.  Lucifer chose our earth (Earth Shan) for the establishment of his evil kingdom.  Earth Shan became his jail planet from which he could not leave.  He became known as Lucifer/Satan, and his plan as the Antichrist is to again challenge Creator God.  To do so he needs a great army of evil beings.  These he is recruiting from the inhabitants of Earth Shan, those who freely choose to follow his evil plan.

            Those who understand world history, also understand the Plan 2000 for total world control by the Khazarian Zionist Bolsheviks (KZB).  The ancestry of the KZB can not be traced by race because they are not a race of people.  They are a political group and can be easily traced through history by their creed as a political movement.  In so doing one finds that the Pharisees of 2000 years ago were "KZB" (in thought) and had plans for total control of the people of their day.  They could not allow a Truthbringer such as Esu "Jesus" Immanuel to upset their plans by giving Truth to the masses.  He had to be destroyed immediately along with all of his teachings.  As part of Lucifer/Satan's Antichrist army, they laid their plans well.  These Pharisee KZB elite buried the Truth of their day.  Their students became the KZB leaders of the Antichrist army of today, who are still working to complete Lucifer's Plan 2000!

            Our world today, and its nearly 8 billion people, is almost entirely under the complete control of Lucifer/Satan.  His plans are nearly accomplished for total world control under a one world Antichrist religion, a one world financial system, a one world military, and a one world government.  He has nearly won!  "Is there no hope?", you ask.  Please do not despair.  I remind my readers that, as a modern Truthbringer, I bring you hope for I bring you Truth!  Here is the rest of the story.       

          God, too, had a Plan 2000, and His plan is also nearly complete.  I speak of God Aton, Creator, God of Light and not the God Jehovah Satan of the "Bible".  When you allow your God Spirit within to teach you wisdom, you will know that Esu "Jesus" Immanuel's teachings could not be published as Truth.  Lucifer could not allow that to happen and still win.  So, Plan 2000 was born.  Esu's writings were twisted to cover up Truth, and Pharisee Saul/Paul was used to spread these lies.

            Esu Immanuel was never known by his family and friends by the name "Jesus Christ".  Many years after Esu Immanuel left Galilee, the name Jesus Christ was given to him by Saul/Paul as part of the Lie.  At his trial in Jerusalem, the Pharisees accused Esu of being the Son of God.  Esu denied that, for he was the son of Arch Angel Gabriel.  Saul/Paul continued these lies and placed them into his writings. By evil design these Pauline writings became a major portion of the canonized "New Testament Bible" produced by the Council of Nicaea in 323 A.D.

            The Pharisees attempted to murder Esu by crucifixtion, but Esu survived his crucifixion, was tended by family and friends for two days and two nights by entering the tomb via the private family entrance, and then escaped and fled for his life.  Esu "Jesus" Immanuel traveled widely in India, settled in Kashmir, married, had a family, and finally died at the age of 107.  After Esu Immanuel's death, his son, Joseph, brought Esu's writings back to Jerusalem and placed them in Esu's tomb.  There they remained hidden until the present day.  What I write here is Truth taken from those very documents!

            So, where do we go from here?  We are all people of the Lie!  If you are a Christian and celebrate Easter--and believe the Truth that I have written herein, you are probably overwhelmed with great mental confusion and distress because you have been lied to and tricked in the most deceitful way.  I know!  I have been there!  The good news is that Esu Immanuel said he would return within 2000 years to take "home" those who understood and were living the principles of Truth that he had taught.  Esu Immanuel returned to Earth Shan in 1954!  How?--the way all celestial Truthbringers have always traveled, by starship!  He waits for the command from Creator God Aton of Light;

            Do not be fooled by God Jehovah Lucifer/Satan's plan of a rapture into the clouds.  The Christian hoax has fooled millions of people over time.  The basic Law of the Cosmos is that of Cause and Effect, which states that for every cause there is an effect, and for every effect there is a cause.  Farmers know this law when they reap what they have sown.  This holds true in all of creation.  Why then would we not be held accountable for our own free-will choices?  How could we expect the blood of a dead man, God's son or otherwise, to magically remove our responsibility for our evil deeds?  Why would we not be held accountable under the cosmic law of cause and effect for our own wrongful choices?  Why/how could we be "raptured" home?

            Christians claim that "God" is a loving God.  Why, then, would a loving God allow His own son to be killed, as a "ransom," for a bunch of very evil Earth Shan dwellers?  This is all part of the Easter myth.

           Let me speak further of Truth.  All souled beings are here on Shan in third dimension to learn their lessons in soul growth.   All must learn to live the Laws of God and the Laws of Creation in total balance and harmony.  Many return lifestream after lifestream, as they progress in their soul perfection back to Creator Source.  Only after the basic lessons have been learned of giving and regiving, wisdom, bravery, fortitude, generosity, honesty, respect, love, no altered ego, etc., will one graduate from the schoolroom of Earth Shan and go on to a higher dimension.

            Those who die in the Lie go to the Astral Plane to judge themselves before Creator God, to make another contract of lessons for soul growth, and to return again to some third dimensional planet.  By cosmic Law one reaps what he sows by free-will choices, and one is always held accountable for one's choices/actions.  That accountability includes the error of believing in the Lie of Easter.

          Of all the "Christian Cult" holidays/holy days, Easter is the most evil of them all.  On that day people celebrate the attempted murder of who came to bring them Truth, and they still do not even have his name correct.  That is part of the myth.  Today, Christians everywhere murder Esu Immanuel Sananda again in their minds when they celebrate Easter, for they honor a Satanic Lucifer ritual of sacrificial blood worship of the “Lamb” of God!  Each observance of the Eucharist or Lord’s Supper and the eating and drinking of the sacraments is the evil celebration of an attempted murder of a very honorable Truthbringer.  The word “church” has become a clever substitute for the word “cult”.

            From the very beginning the teachings of Esu Immanuel Sananda were corrupted and the Truth altered--with only enough Truth for good men to follow the piper and be led right into the rat-trap at the proper time--at the end of the millennium.  Why then?  Because that is when Esu Immanuel Sananda promised that he would return to defeat his greatest adversary, Lucifer/Satan.  Remember that God, too, has a Plan 2000.  That is very much in effect, and in the ending play, God wins!

            If you hold ignorance as your shield in the Battle of Truth, expect to get killed.  People of the Easter Lie are especially at risk.  Ponder that carefully.  Maybe the real meanings of Easter are in the chocolate rabbits and the Easter-egg hunts and the joy of families being together again.




            --Phoenix Journal #2  And They Called His Name Immanuel, I Am Sananda,

                The  true  account of the life and teachings of Esu (Jesus) Immanual