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Patrick H. Bellringer

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Throughout history people have had a fear of the unknown. The fear of not knowing the future has led to an obsession with prophecy. People found comfort in pretending to know their next experiences. Through the psychology of prophecy, fear of the future and the surprise or risk that it may entail was reduced so that one could foolishly live under a volcanic mountain or in the midst of a warring people with relative "peace of mind".

Many great seers have proclaimed their visions. For centuries religious prophetic writings have foretold the "end times". Biblical prophets such as Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Amos, Esu Immanuel,  Paul and John of the "Revelations" have proclaimed the prophetic message. There have been Islamic prophecies and Egyptian pyramid prophecies. There have been Mayan prophecies and American Indian prophecies. There have been prophecies of Buddha, Moroni, and Wakan Tanka. Every Culture and people have had their unique prophecies. Adding to the ranks of the "truth-sayers" and futurists today are the various scientific interpreters and T.V. p2ychics.

All of these "prophets" fatalistically expect and predict a "Doomsday" for Earth Shan-dwellers. Ours is to be the fate of Rome with its immoral and violent end. Man's pollution will cause his destruction through earth and climatic changes. Evil will bring cosmic changes and meteorite collisions or, most certainly, will result in great "end-time" tribulations and the destruction of all mankind in the Armageddon Wars! And we must not forget the cataclysmic doom foretold by such as Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and Gordon Scallion.

We live in a time of obsession with "Christian Cult" radio and T.V. prophets and their prophecies. They excite the masses with their pre and post millennium Armageddon-Tribulation nonsense. They base their predictions upon Satan's War Book--what we call the "Holy Bible"! Satan's troops wrote the prophecies, so why would they not occur as prophesied?

It is we who make the prophecies come true! With their great "wisdom" and insight, others tell us what they think will happen. We believe them and then shape our lives and our destiny accordingly to make our "Doomsday" arrive right on schedule. Prophecies are planned to trick us because we are the people of the "Lie."

Most prophecies have the same thread running throughout, that of attention given to only physical things and happenings. They deal only with what we can perceive with our five senses. Therein we are tricked into thinking that unless we can prevent or change by some physical means that which is predicted to happen, there is absolutely nothing we can do to alter what appears to us as God's will for mankind. So, we accept and "endure" our doomsday!

Our problem is a spiritual one. People may tell us what they think will happen, but we do not have to believe them. Our God-Spirit within is not limited to such physical speculations, because God is not limited in any way to the physical realm. There is no such thing as a catastrophe in the Lighted Realms of God! We make the mistake of allowing "prophets" to manipulate our minds into thinking that they are right, that the physical world is all that really matters.

An example of this is the prophecy concerning the formation of the State of Israel in 1948. The Jews have called themselves the "chosen" people of God. The term "Jew" was not coined until 1775 and refers to a political group of people who are not Judean or Hebrew but anyone. who is of the Khazarian-Zionist political philosophy. The "Jews" are not "chosen" anything! They are the "Pharisees" of Esu (Jesus) Immanuel’s day. Neither are the Israelites of the Bible "chosen" anything. The Israelites destroyed the Summarian nation, who were the true "people of God", and usurped the Summarian history for their own evil intent. Historically, the "Jews" have led people to believe that they were God's "chosen" people. They twisted the prophetic writings, and we believed the "Lie". We got out our war drums and our guns and we helped them take another people's property, and then gave it to the "Jews" for their "ancient homeland." We will even help with the building of their temple, even if it means the destruction of another's temple in Jerusalem. We have helped to fulfill Satan's evil prophecy---right on schedule! Then, there is the ever annoying question, "What have we done with the prophecy of "the coming of the Messiah"?

You see, prophets come in many disguises. God's prophets always stand as aLlight in the darkness and give warning of what will happen, unless we change our ways. God's prophets warn us to move back within the Laws of God and Creation---into balance and harmony of Spirit. They give forth Truth, but their prophecies need not be fulfilled. Those who walk the Lighted Path of God know this Truth. We can change our prophetic end by our thoughts and by our actions.

It should be quite obvious that if a people have been prophetically warned to move back within the Laws of God and Creation, and do so, that the prophecy of negative outcome is not fulfilled. Any society may avoid its "doomsday" by positive thought followed by positive energy in action, and change the entire course of human history. Should there be no common agreement to "deal" with a negative prophecy by positive mass consciousness, their "doomsday" will probably come right on schedule! Yet, one person, who wakes up and utilizes the creative power of his God-Spirit within, can defeat Satan. Satan cannot claim victory if one of his victims escapes his clutches. As Hatonn/Aton has said, "It only takes one!", for an enlightened being has the great creative power of Creator God Aton within to defeat evil.

As Lighted Beings aligned with Creator God, we recognize no limitations in our ability to change any prophetic scenario by our own thought-creations! God has no problem with the spiritual altering of human events and times and places. We do! As gifted creations of God, we have every capability of changing any prophecy! The physical life is only an illusion. Reality has no past and no future. Reality is only now. By the power of our God-Spirit within we can change our present personal evil circumstances into the Truth, love, harmony and balance of the Lighted Realms of God. We can heed the prophetic message and "create" Light in our darkness. We can create our own pathway to the stars. We make our own destiny, be it good or evil. We can choose to accept the prophecy and, by so doing, allow it to occur, or by God's power within we can thought-create that which we prefer to occur.

At this point we need to be reminded that we can not use our creative power of Creator God Aton within to go against another’s freewill. We can change the weather and stop the wind and waves of the sea as Esu (Jesus) Immanuel did. We can cause gardens to produce abundance, crops to flourish, and flowers to bloom profusely, even in poor soils and under adverse conditions. We can thought-create the most vicious animals to become meek and loving. We can "control" the evil demons and thwart the dark brotherhood, but we cannot usurp the freewill of any souled human being. We can remove all power and control of evil over another or over many persons, but such action will be reversed if the individuals by freewill choose otherwise. That is why it is difficult to bring positive change to a society that has freely chosen the darkside. Yet, it is still possible through thought-creation for one enlightened person to change the entire course of a nation’s history or even of a planet!

Our thoughts are very powerful for either good or evil. What we think about, we bring about. Our thoughts make it happen! The question then is, "What do you want to have happen?" Now, go to work and thought-create it! When we finally realize that we are the actors on the stage of today's reality, we will have found Truth. No longer do we need to simply repeat the script handed to us by the Satanic "enforcers" of our day. We can re-write the script, and play the "game of life" our way---that is, God's "Way"! We are, indeed the "captain of our soul and the master of our fate"!

There is one thing further to consider. The only prophecy that matters is from the Lighted Realms of God. That prophecy has been revealed again to us in our time through the "Holy Books of the Lighted Realms". We know them as the Phoenix Journals. In brief form this prophecy states that Esu (Jesus) Immanuel Sananda will return to Planet Earth and evacuate by starship the "enlightened remnant" when conditions become unsafe to remain on her.  God does not choose who will be beamed aboard the starships. That choice is made by each person prior to lift-off, and that choice is based on knowing Truth and living the Laws of God and The Laws of Creation.

This prophecy is absolute and can not be changed, because Planet Earth is moving into fifth dimension, and soon must be evacuated. God has decreed it so! Those who choose to ignore this prophecy will continue on the "wheel of reincarnations" repeating the physical experience in the classrooms of third dimension of confusion and ignorance and without memory until they have learned their lessons. All of God's created human beings must perfect their God-Spirit (soul) within to the point of becoming one again with God and Creation. Those who believe God's prophecy of the "end times" and act accordingly, will experience the wondrous fulfillment of the level of achievement of fifth and higher dimensions in the Lighted Realms of God.

In these final days as we await evacuation, we do not need to be subjected to the evil whims of the playwrighter, Satan. We simply re-write the script and enjoy a bit of peace and happiness as we present Truth to our fellow travelers. Could it be that together we could change a planet? Hopefully, many will heed God's prophetic message and obtain their "boarding passes!" Hopefully, you, too, will be one of those space travelers.

Resource: The Phoenix Journals , and especially: Phoenix Journal #95, Heave-Up,   Chapter 3 , pp. 43-53 (Doomsday 1999, A.D.)

The Phoenix Journals/Contact Newspaper, The Spectrum Newspaper Archives, and The Bellringer Writings are at