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Patrick H. Bellringer

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Saul was born around the turn of the century 2000 years ago in the country of Galilee.  Galilee lay at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea between Syria and the Sea of Galilee.  Judea joined it on the south, and Batanea and Decapolis on the east.  At that time these countries were under the rule of the Roman Empire.  Rome, very nicely, controlled all of her acquired territory by using native puppet Kings, who were subservient to Rome.

Saul was well educated and highly trained as a Roman citizen, though he was a Galilean by birth. He and his family were well known Pharisees.  He spoke several languages as well as Latin, the language of the "empire". Early in his life he became a Roman soldier, and because of his nationality, he was placed in Jerusalem as a key person to both understand and help control the native people.  Saul and his Roman troops closely followed the developments of the "christian cult" led by Esu (Jesus) Immanuel in Judea and Galilee.

Esu Immanuel was a Judean, but he had several close disciples, who assisted him in his work, who were all Galileans.  One, "Judas Ischarioth had become disloyal to the teaching of Immanuel an7 he followed only his desires. He secretly gathered up among the listeners of Immanuel gold, silver and copper in his money bag, so that he could idly indulge in his life style." Juda Iharioth, whose father was Simeon Iharioth the Pharisee, observed what Judas was doing and informed Esu Immanuel of this, hoping to be paid well for this information. "Immanuel thanked him but did not pay him." Being a man of greed for gold, silver and other possessions, Juda Iharioth became very angry and sought revenge.

Saul was a friend of Simeon Iharioth, and when Saul learned of this incident between Simeon’s son, Juda and Esu Immanuel, he arranged for the theft of the scrolls of the teachings of Esu, which had been written and kept by Judas Ischarioth.  Juda Iharioth was paid 70 pieces of silver to steal the writings and another 30 pieces of silver to identify Esu Immanuel at night at his capture with a kiss---a sign of mockery to his enemy. Saul was personally responsible for the plan and gave assistance in the capture, arrest, trial and crucifixion of Esu Immanuel. Saul truly believed that the "christian cult" leader, Esu Immanuel, had been destroyed forever. As Esu Immanuel Sananda said years later, Saul was his greatest enemy during his life and even through all of history down to this present day.  Let me explain how this came to be.

Saul made it his business to know about any cult or new teaching or idea that might challenge the rule of Rome over the people. To do this Saul worked very closely with the religious leaders of the day, the Pharisees. The Pharisees were the dominant force controlling the economy and religious thought of the area. To identify with these leaders and to gather the information he needed, he joined their ranks. As a Roman citizen and soldier he held international power over people, and as a Pharisee he held local power over the Galileans and Judeans.

With this blending of authority the Pharisees used Saul to their advantage. Saul was encouraged to move swiftly against Esu Immanuel and his followers, who taught Truth to the people. He traveled to various cities to hunt them down and to arrest or to kill them. On his way to Damascus he was confronted at night by Esu and blinded by a light of burning chemicals which Esu had made to scare Saul. Saul was truly frightened. He could not see or speak for three days in Damascus, during which time Esu Immanuel escaped to India. Three days later, Simon, one of Esu's followers, restored Saul's sight and speech and challenged him to follow Truth.

Through this strange experience, though he had never been a follower and disciple of Esu, Saul convinced others that he was now a "disciple" of the Master Teacher, Esu.  Saul promptly changed his name to Paul to disguise himself as a deserter from the Roman army, and to fool other disciples of Esu, who had been his enemies. Though he had access to Esu's original scrolls stolen from Judas Ischarioth, Paul twisted these teachings of Truth because he was confused and had not listened closely to Esu’s explanations. This resulted in much mis-interpretation and mis-understanding of Esu Immanuel's teaching over the succeeding years. Paul began traveling from place to place, proclaiming the teachings of Esu. Even Esu's closest followers were fooled into believing what the "new missionary" taught.

Through financial assistance of his friends in Jerusalem, Paul set out on his first "missionary" journey, teaching his twisted version of Esu's new teachings of "truth". During his life he made three major missionary journeys through the countries bordering the east and north shores of the Mediterranean Sea, even as far east as Italy. Everywhere he traveled, Paul established groups of believers he called churches. Those more commonly known churches were Jerusalem, Ephesus, Antioch, Corinth, Colassae, Thessalonica, Philippi, Laodicea, Galatia, Athens, and Rome.

He changed Esu Immanuel's name to Jesus Christ to give Esu the status of deity, of the anointed one, or God's Son. He taught the lies about Esu that one finds today in  "Satan’s War Book", or more commonly called the "Holy Bible". He avoided many of the Laws of God. He taught the escaping of personal responsibility by believing in salvation from one's sins by "God's Son" dying as a ransom for one’s sins. The idea of a "rapture" probably began with Paul, the waiting for "Jesus Christ" to return in the clouds and the snatching up of his faithful believers and taking them to "heaven" to live happily ever after. Paul's writings of lies were so widely accepted that by 323 AD at the Council of Nicea, the Pharisees placed many of them into the "Cannonized Bible" of the day. Some of these writings today are known as Romans, I and II Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and I and II Thessalonians. These writings were letters of instructions to the "churches" which Paul had established at various locations during his missionary travels.

Paul tells much about his persecutions and trials during these missionary years. He was beaten, arrested, and placed in prison many times. He and his followers were run out of town and stoned many times. Finally, in Rome Paul was arrested and put into prison. He died in Rome nearly blind and while under house arrest. While reading these tales of Paul's travels the reader is enticed to feel sorry for Paul and angry at his persecutors. This is all part of the Lie.

The Truth of the matter is that Paul/Saul was a Pharisee, known today as a Khazarian Zionist. From the beginning of time their philosophy and life-style has never changed. They are evil Satanic controllers. They are a political group, not a religious group of "Jews" as they proclaim.  They are known as Zionist Jews today.  They use anyone and everyone for their purposes as set forth in the Protocols of Zion. Paul was no exception. Paul was persecuted because he broke Roman law. He was a homosexual. He taught that women were not equal to men, but were to be subservient to them. He taught ritual worship. The "drinking of the blood and the eating of the body of Jesus Christ" is nothing more than Satanic cult worship. "This is vampirism and cannibalism at best!" Paul was despised for his evil ideas and actions.

The Pharisee Khazarian Zionists always work quickly in a community to control the local economy and government, and throughout history they have established themselves as the elite; the bankers, lawyers, judges, doctors, politicians, businessmen, teachers, and religious leaders of the day. Their goal is control, and to control everything. Their goal is a One World Order. It is no wonder that Paul and his "christian" followers met with opposition in his day, and in every day. Their Satanic goals of ego, power and greed were repulsive to good people and even to the common citizenry. Paul was seen as a rabble rouser and someone to be feared.

Paul did no miracles. Paul did no healing. The account of Paul and Silas being released from prison by an earthquake and the Phillipian jailer converted to "Christianity" is a lie---a fabrication believed to be Truth. Paul was a parasite who lived off the people like a leach! He spread his cult garbage every where like a great cancer. Many evil people listened and believed his lies. Consequently, his followers multiplied, and in the 2000 years that followed, this cult has encircled the globe.

History records the great "Christian" persecutions such as that in Rome happening under the command of Emperor Nero. Many "Christians" lived in the catacombs under the city in order to survive---or so we are told. The truth is that the catacombs were used as secret places to conduct their Satanic cult rituals of human sacrifices and blood worship. It is of little wonder that these "christians" under-went great persecution in their day.

This is not to belittle the fact that there are those who have walked the path of the Christos teachings, and who have been most severely persecuted. Truth always makes Satan's followers angry. The path of the Truthbringer is never easy. The point must be made most clearly here that Paul/Saul was never a pure Truthbringer. He twisted Truth, and multitudes have been tricked by his deception. In reality he was a liebringer. By twisting the Master Teacher's words he aided the masses to miss the Truth.  Paul chose to dedicate his life to the Darkside. By doing so, he was used by the Pharisee Zionist camp, and served very well their master, Satan. For his service he has gained a place of honor in Satan's "War Book" and in the hearts of his followers of the Dark Brotherhood Brothers. Sananda spoke Truth when he said that Paul was, indeed, his "greatest enemy"!



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