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by Patrick H. Bellringer

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quipment, and too much military and public apathy.

If we the people were aroused to the point of anger over these senseless wild fires, we would rise up as one great mass of living and breathing and caring humanity and demand that the U. S. military, with all their technology, equipment and military personnel, would immediately put these fires out in less than eight hours; or we would order the National Guards of all fifty states to take immediate action and have these fires extinguished within 24 hours, or we as a people would swarm to these wild fires and using our phenomenal resources, would if nothing else, literally stomp these fires out with our very feet. If we were truly enlightened, all this physical effort would not be necessary, for we would simply use our creative thought power within and control the weather to put the fires out. Remember, to control the elements of nature does not usurp another's freewill. We are not disturbed enough to put these wild fires out because we do not care enough about the Laws of Creation or our Planet Earth Shan.

So, too, the battle for the souls of the people of our Planet Shan rages on, and most people are totally oblivious to that Truth. The removal of the multi-dimensional Draconian/Serpent People in May, 2002 forever from Earth Shan, by the multi-dimensional Forces of Light, has removed the balance of power from the grip of the darkside and placed it into the hands of Earth Shan’s Lightworkers and Forces of Light. God Aton’s Plan 2000 has been moving steadily forward, but it now stands at a critical point in time.

We are at a moment in our history where man’s immediate freewill decisions can either move humanity forward at fantastic speed into the Age of Light, or delay the Age of Light for months and years to come. Please understand that God Aton’s Plan 2000 cannot be stopped, but only delayed, for God Aton wins---always! You may be asking, “What am I talking about--and who really has any power to affect God’s Plans?” I am talking about NESARA (National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act), and about you and your creative power within. The darkside is presently desperately fighting NESARA and you, who know the knowledge of your God-power within.

NESARA was born in the United States under the direction of enlightened civil and military individuals with the guidance of St. Germain and other Lighted Masters. This act was quietly passed by the U.S. Constitutional Congress in March of 2000, and all those involved placed under an order of secrecy until such time as a public announcement would be made.

NESARA brings back a gold/silver standard banking system to the U.S., as required by the U.S. Constitution. The darkside used the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to remove our gold-backed banking system and replaced it with the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) and a fiat paper money system. Through the Federal Reserve Banking System the darkside has managed to steal nearly all the wealth of all the countries of the world. The enactment of NESARA immediately removes the illegal FRB with its worthless paper money, credit, and interest system. NESARA immediately removes the illegal Internal Revenue (tax) System, and changes international banking laws so that all countries will have gold/silver backed currency. NESARA also places the United States of America back under its original constitution, and requires that the same rights and freedoms mandated by the U.S. Constitution for all Americans be established in all sovereign countries of our world. NESARA also removes the evil controllers from their positions of power as heads of state and of government, and NESARA removes the wealth from these evil controllers and re-distributes this wealth to the little people again.

Is it any wonder that the darkside is frantic? If NESARA wins, they lose! I cannot stress enough the importance of NESARA! NESARA is the most important happening ever in all the civilizations that have ever been on Earth Shan. NESARA is now, in your lifestream, at this end of the age, at this time of transition of Shan into fifth dimension. NESARA is the greatest miracle ever! NESARA brings the transition of Earth Shan’s people from darkness into Light, from lie into Truth, from bondage into freedom, from poverty into wealth, from disease into health, from chaos and fear into joy and hope and peace.

NESARA is God Aton’s Plan 2000! NESARA is like the “Trojan Horse” that the darkside never anticipated. Oh, they knew about it, and watched those who were involved, but the darkside never thought these Lightworkers could “pull it off”. They did not understand the Enlightened Ones power of thought—the power to create, and the darkside underestimated the number and power of those of the Lighted Realms who would come to assist Earth Shan and her people at this time.

So, what is the problem? Why has NESARA been delayed time after time? The real answer lies in choices and freewill. With God Aton’s “plan” it is never a matter of “if” but “when,” for God allows.

We live in a three dimensional world and we are here for our lessons in soul growth. Therefore, God Aton presents us with our lessons and we then choose whether or not to learn them. Those in charge of bringing NESARA to Earth Shan’s people have their own choices and lessons to learn. Not everyone is at the same level of enlightenment. Some make wise choices and others make unwise choices. Unwise choices cause delays, as time is needed to put things again into proper sequence. So, we become impatient and fret. What can we do to help bring the NESARA Miracle to the people?

WE can do many things. We can encourage those with responsibility for NESARA to act wisely by making phone calls and sending e-mails and faxes to them. We can discern the media lies and Truth and enlighten our neighbors. We can send positive energy into the ethers and to Shan, and we can use our creative God-power within to order and give permission to the higher dimensional Forces of Light to assist our 3-D people to act, and to act in our behalf.

Why has NESARA been delayed so long? Why does evil always seem to win? “Oh, ye of little faith!” Sananda (Jesus) Esu once said that to one of his closest friends, Peter the Rock! Guess what? It was then that Peter walked on the water of the Sea of Galilee!

I think of NESARA as a huge rock that over many years was chipped and hewn into a rough round-shaped ball. This was done by Lightworkers who lived on the light-side of the mountain. Their work of love infused this huge rock ball with magnificent Light. Then they proceeded to push this “Light-ball” up the mountain! The work was strenuous, some were hurt and even killed when the huge rock ball slipped backward. Sometimes the workers were so few they could hardly hold the ball in place. That is when they called for divine assistance, and the angels always came to help! Many workers grew stronger and more experienced, which made their work easier. Some became discouraged and others tired. They left for fear the rock would crush them if it came crashing down the mountain side.

So what is the point of pushing this Lighted Rock up the mountainside? Ah, that is the great secret of the story. The other side of the mountain is the land of darkness. The task is to reach the summit and allow the Lighted Rock to go crashing down the darkside of the mountain and through the darkside’s camp, spreading the Light of Truth everywhere. The Lighted Ball (NESARA) now stands poised on the very pinnacle of the mountain, stuck, because the Lightworkers cannot budge it loose.

You ask, “when is NESARA going to happen?” “When will the announcement be made on TV?” Tell me, what really have you done to help? How well do you know what NESARA brings to the people of Earth Shan? What will you do for good when NESARA finally happens? What are your lessons in soul growth that you should be learning at this time? Wisdom? Bravery? Patience? Fortitude? Generosity…

Push the rock, my friends, push! The balance of power is in our hands! Use your creative thought-power petitions and let’s send the NESARA “ball” plummeting through the darkside’s camp and bring on the Age of Miracles—the Age of Light! Maybe this is your time to take action, to take a risk and learn to walk on water as did Peter! Not until the people on Earth Shan choose good over evil, will evil finally be defeated. Not until then will the “Battle” be truly won! Aho!

Patrick H. Bellringer

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