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By Patrick Henry Bellringer

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concerning the evil One World Order and its puppets in the many sovereign countries of the world. We now know the Truth of the corrupt and treasonous government of the United States of America.

I say to you, "It is Finished!" The evil U. S. Government is finished. The One World Order is finished! The Darkside on Earth Shan is finished! We have won! The battle is over! The Light has won! Know it in your heart, my friends, that NESARA is here! Victory has been won!

Of the twenty-eight indictments given to U. S. Attorney General Gonzales by Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald this past week, one was issued against I. Lewis Libby, chief counsel to U. S. Vice-President Dick Cheney, and the other twenty-seven indictments were sealed to hide them from public view. Such action is unacceptable and shall not be tolerated.

We the People of Light now order the NESARA Team to mobilize and complete their Divine Mission. We are ready and our world is ready for NESARA, now! We know our power of thought. We know the power of our positive energy. By thought we can neutralize all negative energy. By thought we can create NESARA, now! NESARA is finished in the etheric. By our thoughts we now declare NESARA finished in the physical. NESARA is here! Know it in your heart!

Do not be fooled into 3D thinking. There are those who are now giving orders, who claim to be spiritual leaders, demanding that we, the Enlightened People, take 3D action to bring in the Golden Age. We are being told that America and our world are not yet ready for NESARA. We are being told that the military, the politicians and the press must do “the right thing” before NESARA can happen.

Write your congressman, write your editor, march in the streets, hold house parties and send letters to the clergy is how we are to get our world to do “the right thing” ---to be ready for NESARA. We are to listen and obey as Lightworkers because the orders come from a new “Ascended Master”. How so?

A truly “Ascended Master” is a Light Being with all the capabilities of 5D and higher. An Ascended Master acts in wisdom and integrity and gives Truth simply and clearly and in compassion to the people. An Ascended Master does not cause confusion and hopelessness for those struggling in 3D to understand their pathway. An Ascended Master would not be entangled in 3D landlord disputes or in 3D safety issues or 3D personal health problems or dietary issues. The Enlightened Ones must constantly be on guard against the Darkness of lies and ego and deception.

My Enlightened Friends, I tell you, “It is finished!” We are finished with marching in the streets! We are through writing letters to the media, the editors and the Congress. Earth Shan is not waiting for any more such 3D activity to convince people of anything. The end of Darkness is here! They have chosen.

The politicians have chosen by their past actions the pathway they now trod. The military have made their choices, and the people of the media have made their choices. Their time for decision-making is over! The fields are ripe unto harvest, and the wheat is now being separated from the weeds and chaff. It is finished! The time of sorting is here!

Our great nation of America has fallen into the abyss. It is now time to redeem her from the clutches of Darkness. The world’s people have suffered and died long enough at the hands of evil. We have prayed and marched for peace long enough. It is time for NESARA to happen! Our world’s people may not know the name “NESARA” or understand that such a law even exists, but they want all that NESARA brings and more. In so many ways they have spoken out for peace and justice and freedom and abundance. Make no mistake! Our world is ready for NESARA and the Golden Age of Peace!

We are not asking for a Santa Claus. We have been there and have done the work and have earned the reward of peace and freedom. Those, who have chosen violence and slavery and other inhumane actions, shall have their reward. We, who are the Enlightened Ones, are responsible for no other pathway than our own. We cannot save anyone! Our task is to save ourselves by living the Laws of God and Creation. We then teach others by our example, but it is their choice to follow either a pathway of Truth or of Lie. We cannot do it for them.

My friends, the faithful have done the work of 3D. We have now moved to the level of thought. We now use the spiritual power of thought to complete the mission. All on Earth Shan is finished in the etheric. Heaven has descended to Earth Shan in Spirit. We now use our thought-power to create Heaven on Earth in the physical. How do we do that? We think, “It is finished!” We think, NESARA is here! We know it in our heart strings! We see it! We feel it! We create it, now!

One person from Canada is so right. The people are ready for NESARA. Many appear to be spiritually asleep, but a little nudge will awaken them immediately to be about their Father’s Business. Others write from Australia and Belgium and France and elsewhere that “Now is our time”. As Lightworkers and the Enlightened of Earth Shan, we must use our thought-power to shine the Violet Ray of Love and the Golden Light of Truth on those key individuals, who are directing the 3D events of our world today. We have the thought-power to Create NESARA in 3D, immediately.

Do not be distracted and confused by the mon-hat-san jor-anda-salu-eagle spirit-christ-atmos ger-mich-di-main aelane-sa-son-santa garbled nothingness being dispersed for your reading pleasure. Go within for your source of Truth. The Indian prophecies of doom and gloom to be coming our way soon are unacceptable. We refuse to tolerate another storm to destroy a U.S. west coast city. We refuse to allow Earth Shan to toss and turn before we are ready. We shall move things along to keep pace with her. We shall not allow another terrorist war by the U.S. with Iran or Syria or Venezuela or North Korea or any country ever again. We are through with this 3D foolishness! We have moved beyond that point. It is finished! NESARA is here!

Once I said at the founding of this great nation of the U.S. of A., “Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?! Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” Today, I say, “Give me NESARA or give me death!” Unless we establish NESARA at this moment in time, death awaits the people of Earth Shan. Either we will succumb to the Darkness, or we will be over-taken by major earth changes, if we fail to act for the Truth. That, too, is unacceptable! We choose Truth, now! It is finished! We create NESARA, the beginning of the Golden Age of Peace, now! We are so ready!

Hatonn/Christ Michael said to Anne and I last evening, “All is truly in the power of thought. NESARA: It is finished! Know it, believe it, think it. You are not weeks or months away. You are not to carry your broomsticks and guns to the White House. You don’t have to march for peace and get arrested. All you have to do is THINK IT! Think, IT IS FINISHED!...and it is done. That is the power of thought from Creator Source that you have. Only believe!”

Our prayer for today has already been written by the “Medical Mission Sisters”.

“Come down, Lord, the world is ill,

Wracked with bloodshed the livelong day.

Man must struggle for peace until

You show the way, You show the way.

Lord, do not come to our house, we’re unworthy,

Speak and the promise is sealed.

For when Your Word, O God , is spoken,

We shall be healed, we shall be healed.”

Yes, indeed, we believe, Hatonn/Christ Michael! We believe we shall be healed!

Hatonn/Christ Michael: “It is finished! Amen. I, Creator God of the Nebadon Universe say: IT IS FINISHED!” So be it! Aho!

People of the Truth, through us Creator God speaks, and Earth Shan is healed. It is done! Think it! See it! Know it! Feel it! Believe it, and it is done! The Light has won! NESARA is here!

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