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Serapis Bey

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I have asked Anne to give you another message for all of you Lightworkers at this ending time.  The title may seem strange, but those are the words from many Lightworkers, who are tired, worn out and hanging on by a thread.

Yes, I realize that there are many of the Lightworkers who long to be “home, but until that time lessons continue to the very last moment.

When that time occurs, only Mother Earth knows, and I can tell you that is soon.  You do realize that every time a civilization has ended for Mother Earth, another 3D civilization has come aboard. I tell you now that there are thousands upon thousands of souls who were locked onto Earth from the beginning of Shan because of a sudden death, were killed in a war, or otherwise killed by another one.   The same is true of all animal, bird and ocean life.  These souls have wandered upon Earth for millennia.  Their soul survived the axis change to another 3D civilization, but now that Earth is to graduate to a higher frequency there is much danger that these souls may be destroyed by these higher frequencies.

Sananda, has, with the help of his Flock, have made sure that these souled ones can be brought to the Light.  This includes all souled humans. bird life, sea life, and tree and planet life, the fairies, gnomes and Sasquatch. It is all that has been created on Mother Earth.


When Mother Earth turns on her axis, everything is wiped clean of her surface and shall be no more.   That is why Sananda, who is in charge of this planet, has taken the effort to bring these souled ones to the Light.

These souls have been seen as ghosts who are among you.  Why?  They were on the Astral plane, but because of the nuclear problem, the Lighted Realms have cleared off the Astral plane.  Where did they go?  They came back to Earth to repeat a cycle they have been in for many millennia.  Sananda has “recused these dear souls.

They, too, shall judge themselves against the Laws of God and Creation.  How so?  Many of them did not even know Sananda, but the great Laws are lived by many, who have never read the Journals.  The Laws were just made known in word language, but they are eternal.

You could not fathom the animal kingdom that was killed deliberately.  Even every mosquito or insect humans and animals have killed have a soul.  The animal kingdom that has been taken to the Light includes even those ones that lived millions of years ago.  Can you image the number?  It is unfathomable!

Work is et to be done to help all these wandering souls. 

As for when Mother Earth turns, all I can say it is up to her. She is very grateful and much lighter, and she is biding her time until all is done.

In the meantime all those still slumbering have a bit of time to awaken.  As for those of my Flock, lessons continue.  Let me quote what I wrote in Journal 7.


When ye work with me, ye must know something; I do not allow of one to simply up and leave a crisis, a circumstance, or an individual that is not to his liking. He must stand, face and conquer his own carnal mind and misqualified energy by disciplining his consciousness in the art of non-reaction to the human creation of others, even as he learns how NOT to be dominated or influenced by his own human reaction. When ye master these things--(MASTER these things)--then ye shall be given the alchemical secrets of the "TREE OF LIFE"--when thee "really" grows weary of world of desire, have subdued the passions and polarizations, conceding only to "be still and know that I AM GOD. "

When this is done in perfection, then ye will get thy Ascension papers and Ascension bag and we will charge of it to the Gold Master-Card.

Thee will never make it through "pride". Ye will make it only through humility--divine humility (different than proclaimed "humility"). There is an act of "false pride" which manifests "false Humility" and causes individuals to appear humble whereas, in reality, they REEK WITH PRIDE. This false humility is often manifest in subtle ways and it is a mockery of the real--.

I urge upon all, then, that thee seek the banner of divine hu­mility. If the Masters and the Divine Presence of man, through the mediatorship of the Christ, have ever recognized any of the errors of men that have hindered them from becoming that which they truly long to become, they have recognized their "PRIDE". True humility is worn eternally. It is not a garment you place upon you for a moment, for a day, or a year, or when passing a test. It is an undergarment with which God himself is clothed, and unless it surround thee, thy hopes of attainment are slim indeed.


There, you have it.  I know that you shall pass every test and gain great soul growth.  I pray many sleeping ones shall open their eyes to the Truth.

Until then keep going, keep the faith and pass those lessons.  You can do it!  You have all the help Heaven can allow.