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Serapis Bey

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SERAPIS BEY:  Today’s message I shall speak of Truth.  This term has been twisted and tweaked to fit man’s desire and has lured many into the mire of lies deceit sprinkled with some bit of truth.   That is how the Darkside, the evil has caught so many in their tap.  This truth became the lie until Creator God stepped in to set things straight.

The LIghted Realms gave you Truth to set the record straight. For instance, there are 18 Laws of God and Creation not 10 as Satan’s Warbook claims.  Man has taken the Laws and twisted them to fit his need and desire.  Does that make it correct? 

They picture God sitting on a throne somewhere up there with a big stick to direct your life.  When you die physically, he judges you and if you were bad you go to hell.

The Journals were given to you to set things straight, and give you the proper Guide to living.  It is up to you with your freewill to accept the Truth or continue on with the indoctrination of the Guru mimicking the Truth to fool you. 

The evil ones have told you the Truth subtly through their movies.  Take for instance Dr. Seuss.  His books have now been banished.  Do you know why?  It is because the reality has been learned.  Agartha is the home of those whom Dr. Seuss wrote about in his “fictional’ books. That is that when you leave Earth’s atmosphere you float.  Those aboard the starships have gravity, just like Star Trek.  There is plasma energy between all heavenly bodies, and all is connected.  Even the tiny speck of Mother Earth has disturbed the entire Cosmos. 

Every aspect of living on Earth has been twisted and tainted with evil.  This includes the air, water, food, soil, and morals i.e. love, family,  marriage, and to the point of cutting and slashing at the human body to change sex. 

I have one word to say to the latter.  God made male and female.  No amount of cutting off body parts and inducing drugs can change that for the chromosomes stay the same.  You are either male or female, and nothing in-between.  Man may think differently, but that is his/her freewill choice. 

God does not judge you.  He allows you to decide for yourself with your freewill.  When your soul departs its “fleshy envelope” You shall judge yourself against how well you have lived the Laws of God and Creation.  Oh, how many have passed and have missed the boat. Nevertheless, your soul is eternal and you shall have many more 3D lifestreams to get it right.

Journal 27 explains all the Laws of God and Creation very succinctly. It is the ultimate Guide to proper living.  What more can I say but to read the Journals.  Start with #2,3, 5,7,27,and 47.  

Read them with an open heart and let them speak to you.   They are Truth and Truth hurts sometimes.

I am the Lion of Truth.  I love all of you with a great Unconditional Love encompassing all there is.

Take the high road to Truth.  Read and learn.  Time is very short now, for the ending of this civilization comes without warning and is very soon!










Greetings, old friend.  It is I, Serapis Bey, come at this time as a Messenger of Light so that God's promise to your world will be fulfilled and recognized by those who care to see and hear.

Yes, I come in the Light.  Thank you for asking for clarification!  Often the dark ones will indeed attempt to influence and trick you.  You can never be too careful or too cautious--NEVER!  This is a time when the adversary plays his tricks most skillfully and many are being deceived who think they are "above" such trickery.

I am asked to speak at this time about the need for a clear mental focus concerning the upcoming times on your planet.  Your world will soon be faced with the manifestation of great change.  The cycle has reached a point where there is no turning back to a less abrupt or less physically "harsh" solution.


The Universal Laws of Cause and Effect will implement that which is necessary for balance.  These Laws are divine guidelines that govern all of Creator's manifest creations.  They are the epitome of responsibility and ethics.  They are perfectly balanced in reason and simplicity.

This divine intervention, on behalf of all life everywhere, is what allows for events that will seem to be unjust to those who have not yet awakened enough to realize that they are part of an Infinite Whole that is the essence of Life.  These seemingly devastating events are dictated by the actions (or INactions) of your planetary society as a whole.

Let not the word "actions" be limited to physical actions, but allow it to include the non-physical actions taken (or not taken) in mental space.  There are many out there who dabble in manipulating others on astral planes, emotional planes, and etheric planes.  Many would call this "witchcraft" or "spiritual warfare".  Most are unaware of the impact they have on the state of their environment when they spend any amount of time wishing another harm.

You are directly affecting the entirety of humanity by your thoughts alone!  There is great wisdom in taking deliberate responsibility for the thoughts that you think and dwell upon.

This leads back to the subject of adversarial control of your world.  Why is it that your news media must continually bring you the most horrific events that have happened on any particular day?

From the purely material point of view, these negative, high-anxiety events are what keep you-the-people tuned-in, and that sells advertising.  BUT, from a less noticed point of view, the negative emotional thoughts that you ones are caused to experience, as a result of YOUR choice to "tune-in" in the first place, contribute to the overall negative "charge" of the planetary consciousness.  (And this is as calculated a reason for the presentation of negative events before your eyes and ears as is the money to be made.)

This charge is what manifests in the physical as dis-ease.  Both the inhabitants and the planet herself are experiencing many effects of this negativity.  The dark ones who control your planet utilize this "web of negativity" to maintain a fear-based control over you.

However, you, as one of the planet's sentient inhabitants, are as much responsible for allowing this condition to persist and grow as is any other.  You would each be wise to monitor that to which you mentally and emotionally subject yourselves (and thus multiply) on a regular basis.  Furthermore, note the addictive nature of the "news" you are fed by the media.  This is another way of saying that it takes conscious diligence on your part to supervise what is allowed to impact you.

Understand that you are MUCH more than a physical being, and even if you cannot perceive consciously the non-physical aspects of yourself or your environment, it does not mean that you are not responsible for that which you set in motion.

God does make allowance for genuine ignorance, and it will be out of ignorance that ones will say such things as: "God has punished us."  NO, God does not punish!

What you ones will be experiencing is the sum total of all of the negativity that has been allowed to grow and fester.  It is all of these "un-checked" thoughts that have created the conditions which now exist, and the Universal Laws of Cause and Effect dictate that when you stretch a rubber band to the point of breaking--because you did not recognize, in wisdom, the limitations of the rubber band--it will likely sting a bit in its recoil against your hand.

Your world is at the breaking point on many fronts, and the recoil will be quite devastating to those of you who are not prepared.  For those of you who think that you are prepared, I say to you now that your confidence will, for most of you, be the blind spot that will shatter your reality as you now know it.

I am saying that you would be wise to develop a flexibility of mental preparation that allows for unforeseen extremes.  In doing so, you will naturally realize that you cannot possibly prepare for every last possible outcome.

This is where that all-important Inner Guidance comes into play.

For instance, those of you in the warmer climates would not likely think that you would need heavy snow gear and such.  There will be changes on all levels, and the global weather patterns will continue to become more and more erratic, both due to man's tampering and due to planetary re-balancing.

This is just one specific example of the interplay of variables which are indeed great in number, and you will have no conscious way to accurately predict how each variable will impact you in the physical space, let alone in the mental and emotional spaces of your reality.

There shall come, as a result of these life-disrupting changes, a resurgence of spiritual connectedness.  This is mostly due to the fact that, while the physical, emotional, and mental planes of reality are being assaulted, the spiritual plane will be stable and calm.  Ones will gravitate towards this calming aspect of their being and draw strength from the connection.

Within this connection will come the Guidance and answers that ones will be seeking.  It could be said that the reward for having gone through these challenging times will be a greater understanding of self and the true nature of your being.

You Lighted ones are, from the spiritual plane, anticipating these coming events with excitement, for there will be great strides made in the overall advancement of both the individual and collective consciousness.  It is the very physical, ego-based, reactionary being who associates fear with the coming physical reality--NOT the Higher Knowing (Infinite) being.

We of the Hosts of God have always stressed the importance for each of you to learn NOW to connect consciously within to this spiritual plane of interconnectedness.  This takes mental and emotional discipline and determination and find, and once you "find" this connection within, you will wonder how you ever could have missed it.  The elusiveness only comes from your own inner beliefs regarding this subject and your sense of self.

This connection is perhaps the greatest tool you can cultivate and learn to use in preparation for the challenges that are coming.  The key to finding this connection comes in ALLOWING the connection.  You must allow the connection to be felt.  You cannot force it, for the frequency generated from the idea(s) of force will only serve to constrict the natural flow.

There is no magic or mysticism associated with this flow.  Just as you each breathe, you must allow the air to both enter and exit in order to take-in and re-give, and thus complete the cycle.  If you effort towards only taking-in, then you will end up stopping the flow.  Likewise, if you only effort towards exhaling (giving) without recharge, you will also stop the flow.

Effort toward balance and you will increase your capacity to both give and receive.  Allow for the Guidance to enter into your mind, and when you use this Guidance, you will be re-giving to the world--thus making it possible for the next step forward in your own growth as a being.

Again, as you grow, your capacity to "flow energy" will also grow.  There is infinite potential to flow energy.  As one flows energy, there is a multiplication of the energy, and thus a greater and greater abundance awaiting you all.

Please allow for the greater message here to be truly heard with the heart!  This message is meant to trigger within you a sense of knowing and a sense of truth.

I am Serapis Bey.  I represent the Ray of Purity.  My energy represents the balance between the lower physical self and the Higher Spiritual Self (the yin and the yang).  I come in service to The One Light Source so that Creator's Will be done!










Greetings, old friend!  It is I, Serapis Bey, Master Teacher of the Fourth (crystal clear) Aspect of Creator’s spectral expression.  I represent the fulcrum or balance point between the first three and the last three Aspects whom you ones commonly refer to as the Ascended Masters.

I prefer the direct approach to communicating my Messages, and therefore I am less "colorful" than are some of my compatriots.  Please do not be disturbed if my bluntness comes across too strongly.

Your world has entered the Cleansing Phase of the Great Transition.  This is a purification of sorts which will ensure that the like-minded, high-frequency beings of proper attunement and preparation will evolve as caretakers, along with your planetary orb Earth-Shan.

The evolving conditions of frequency increase will not be suitable for low-frequency energy systems.  Many of you are finding that inner stress is building at an ever increasing rate, and those "minor" annoyances that caused subtle irritation, even a year ago, will likely make you physically ill in a very short time this day.  The ever increasing frequency of the Earth-Shan planetary system is causing many a "rational" person to do quite "insane" acts.

There are, indeed, many reasons for this, not the least of which is the susceptibility of the physical body to damaging man-made electromagnetic pulse-wave frequencies, deliberate biological attacks, and various mind-control media propaganda.  All of these are designed to place and keep ones in a low-energy, low-frequency state.

"How"—you may be asking—"can I keep my frequency and energy level up?"

First and foremost is to catch yourself as soon as possible when you notice that you are feeling stress, frustration, anger, or any sort or negative feelings, and realize that you do NOT have to be in that low-frequency state.  Also, appreciate that these same low-frequency feeling-indicators serve you as a very sophisticated (yet simple to utilize) bio-feedback mechanism.

Recognize that these low-frequency states disconnect you from the Infinite Creative Source, and that there is rarely, if ever, a truly productive thought or idea to be had while in such a state.  As you move out of the anger, frustration, or apathy, and into a higher-frequency range, you will begin to open up again the energy-flow pathway (the natural position is wide open) and thus create a condition of greater potential for receiving inspirational ideas and thoughts.

Grief-stricken persons will usually walk around in a semi-conscious state, not fully aware of what they are doing.  Why?  Because this state is such a complete polar opposite to that of the Higher Self (the Soul-you).  One will become almost completely disconnected from Source due to the effects of such a low vibrational frequency.  Severe depression can also result in death or near-death conditions of the body-vehicle as a result of this nearly constant disconnect (lack of Life Force) resulting from that low-frequency state.

The non-physical aspect of you (the real you, your Higher Self, not the "outer covering") knows that there is nothing truly bad or negative which warrants lingering in such a low-frequency vibration.  As your frequency lowers, the physical you becomes more and more irrational, desperate, and disconnected from Source.  Usually this state will cause a rapid downward spiral of impacting negativity (as you attract more of the same).  If that negative state becomes chronic, the physical you can become seriously ill (especially cancers and heart troubles) and you can eventually cause a complete disconnect of your Higher Self’s Life-Force Energy from the body—resulting in death of the body.

We in the non-physical realms witness many a potential Ground Crew member sliding into these lower-frequency ranges.  This is most often due to the dwelling upon feelings of frustration and/or apprehension.  Many of you will lapse into these lower-vibrational frequencies in a subtle manner on a regular basis.  The regularity begins to breed comfort through familiarity, and then you ones will often begin to look for justifications for anger, frustration, or grief.  You can justify this situation as much as you like, however the facts remain that you become disconnected from Source, and thus BY CHOICE you move away from the natural high-frequency state of your true (Higher) self.  The result is inner pain and needless suffering.

These kinds of downward-spiraling habits—when you insist upon holding onto their "comfort"—will only serve to leave you behind and disable you as a viable participant in the unfolding growth opportunity available in the coming years.

There is no need to justify your anger, guilt, or frustrations!  Do you hear ones trying to defend their joy and justify their happiness?  Not too often—and if you do, it is because they are feeling guilty about something else that happened in their earlier experiences.

Your natural state is one of happiness and joy, for you are all born of that common vibration.  THE CREATIVE PROCESS IS OF THE HIGHEST FREQUENCIES.  THUS YOU WERE ALL CREATED IN THIS PURE, HIGH-FREQUENCY STATE OF DESIRE.  This leaves an imprint, a "genetic"-type of signature that in essence IS you!

From a high-frequency state you CANNOT feel depressed or upset.  Yet most of you find yourselves all too often in these lower emotional states of doubt and worry and such.  Why is this?

Again we get right back to very fundamental spiritual concepts: YOU have allowed yourself to slip into these lower emotional states, and then you will generally deny (to yourself and to others) that YOU had anything to do with it.  It "just happened".

NOTHING "just happens"!  There is reason for all that happens and for all that is.

Self discipline is the key to recognizing and understanding how it is that YOU got yourself to where you are this day.  If you are continually happy and excited about life and living, then this is because you have learned to stay connected to Source despite the conditions and vibrations of others.  You will also be the ones who will still be able to function quite nicely as the planet and all of her many inhabitants go through the Transformation.  You will be the ones who will rebuild and bring forth the ideals of "Heaven" and manifest them, in the physical, on Earth.

Among other challenges of this Great Planetary Transformation, there will be traumatic events which will cause many an "innocent" person to die (leave the physical).  You will need to be firmly grounded in your spiritual understanding that this dying is merely the stoppage of functioning of the physical apparatus—and not the end of the Soul being.

This situation is much like when you get out of your car (vehicle) and shut off the motor.  It will stop functioning and just sit there, still and non-moving.  But the vehicle is not you!

If you neglect (stay away from) the vehicle for too long, the battery will drain, the tires will rot, rust will seize the engine, and eventually the car will never work again.

So what.  You can always go and get into another new car and drive it around for awhile.  Just don’t get too attached to that "car"—again, because it is not you!

The point here is that you who appreciate these Messages will need to draw upon your understanding of the Natural Laws of the Universe.  Through such Inner Knowing you will be able to maintain your certainty that, though some of these coming experiences may be uncomfortable, each souled being had an opportunity to play a unique high-frequency role in this growth and evolution event.  Only those who where disciplined enough to see the value of keeping in a high-frequency state will be around after the completion of the cycle.

Learn to be able to observe severe (low-frequency) conditions without matching your frequency with the condition.  This is not an easy task, for most of you are far more empathic than you realize.

If you see a small child being yelled at in a public place, most of you would sooner get upset for the "poor" child, who you may view as a victim of "bad" parents.  Would it not be more productive (to you, and eventually to the child) if, when you view such an incident, you simply send an uplifting thought (prayer) toward both the parents and the child, that they might both grow in understanding of who they are and why they have chosen one another for their current challenges?

This is being in the world, but NOT becoming a part of the low-frequency aspect of the world that only serves to disconnect you from Source.  You each came forth wanting to be a high-frequency, high-energy uplifter, and to create a high-frequency environment, and show others how to do same.

You can only do this if YOU, yourself, are able to consistently maintain a high-frequency state.  You then attract others (resources) into your experience who radiate the same high-frequency state, and then there will be the necessary momentum generated to bring forth and manifest this desire.

The bottom line is: Recognize the true Nature and Potential of your being, and bring this high-frequency aspect out in all situations, despite the apparent negativity of a situation.  In doing so, you become the Light in the darkness, the calm amidst the confusion, and the one who will afford others a greater opportunity to grow.  You are all the product of Creator’s perfection!  Feel, understand, and KNOW this!

I am Serapis Bey.  I come as Teacher, Guide, and Friend to all who desire to have same.  I am born of the Light and I come as Representative of the Fourth Aspect of Creator God’s spectral expression.  It is my nature to be direct and to-the-point in my teaching, so that ones can more easily appreciate the beauty and simplicity of Creator’s Lighted Thought.