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SANAT KUMARA:  I was the CREATOR SOURCE of the Nebadon Universe for a millennium of time, and have now earned greater soul growth to move to the next higher level.!   It was with a great feeling of expectation but, not with a sadness of leaving my dear ones of the Nebadon Universe.

I have been commissioned to create a new Universe, as Hatonn created the Nebadon Universe.  My work is strenuous, but so joyful that I have not the words to express to you my feelings of joy and LOVE.

Before I left the Nebadon Universe to begin my new adventurous level, I promised that I would return when it was time to initiate the new Creator Source of the Nebadon Universe.  What I mean by time is when Mother Earth is ready to Graduate into a higher dimension.  That time is NOW, for the hours are numbered for this great event.

I will tell you of the present situation with the Petitions that are being said on a daily basis.  Let me give you an analogy.  Let’s say there is a great bowl brought forth and each time the petitions are said by all a drop of water falls into the bowl….drip, drip, drip.  The more the petitions are said,the faster the droplets fall into the bowl. THE “WATER” IS NOW AT THE VERY BRIM!!  Mother Earth is ready to graduate!   She has willingly given a very short time for more souls to gain great soul growth, but it is NOT long!  Whether you believe me or not, these petitions have helped untold millions upon millions of souls on the Astral Plane, as well as those in the entire Cosmos, to gain great soul growth and graduate to the Higher Realms!

Now listen to me carefully.  As you say these petitions, the frequencies travel by thought to the entire Cosmos with great effects to many people on an untold number of planets that have gained great soul growth.   This “wave” of goodness has traveled by thought to the ENTIRE Cosmo, and it is never ending, for it comes back to its source and back out over the entire Cosmos in an UNENDING wave!

The Nebadon Universe is a minuscule part of the Super Orvanton Universe, one of the seven Super Universes of this unending Cosmos!  In just this Orvanton (Milky Way) Super Universe there are 179,000,000,000 life-supporting planets!!  These life-supporting planets are within an untold number of Universes in the Orvanton Super Universe!  It is mind-boggling!

WAIT!  There are six more SUPER  Universes, as well.  Can you even imagine the number of life-supporting planets in the entire Cosmos of seven Super Universes?  It is unfathomable!

Yes, the frequencies of these Petitions have gone to the entire Cosmos Universes, for frequencies never, never end.  Do you now understand the importance of these Petitions for goodness to help the entire Cosmos?

YES!! The great bowl that is filling with drop by drop when these PetItons are said, is now full to the BRIM!  When the water flows out of the bowl Mother Earth turns.  I repeat myself.  The bowl is filled to the very brim! 

That is why I am back to perform the initiation of the new Creator Source!  That person has been selected by the great Council of Light.  I cannot express the closeness of Earth’s great Graduation for it is at that point NOW.

Did I say it was ok to stop saying those Petitions?  No, No and NO!  You are to keep saying then to the very end, for it is the ones, the 3D enlightened ones, that are required to make these petitions work fast and furiously.  We of the Lighted Realms cannot do it alone, for we absolutely need your help to do it together.  More soul growth is obtained if initiated by the souls upon a 3D planet and that is YOU, my enlightened ones!

Stay strong, balanced and calm.  Keep up the good work, for you are all needed desperately to fulfill your lessons in soul growth.  All of you are greatly needed and LOVED!!

SALU to all…