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I greet all Lightworkers and souled ones upon Shan, Planet of Tears.   I have called Anne to pen a message to all of you at this most crucial time. I was the Creator Source of the Nebadon Universe, but have recently graduated to the position of creating a new Universe.    I am at my new post and in the process of creating a new Universe.  Since the new Creator Source is still on Earth, I felt it most important to have Anne pen a message from me at this time.

As you know, Sananda’s Flock is very small in numbers compared to the billions of souled ones upon your planet, but they are doing great work for the Light.  What I have to say is very important to all Lightworkers and even to you slumbering ones.

I spoke to Anne with straight forward words, as I told her that even though she longs for lift-off, as do many of you of Sananda’s Flock, that all of you are to stay focused and to the task for which you assigned for yourselves. Remember you are either going UP the ladder of enlightenment or DOWN!  There is no in-be-tween.  Where are each of you enlightened ones at this time?  The lessons get harder just like school! 

My words to Anne was that the messages that we of the Lighted Realms are having her pen are most important at this time. They have opened the door to the Journals, whom many think are trash and too old to be of any value.   That is why we have, with her permission, given current messages to all to bolster your courage to read the Holy Books of the Lighted Realms, which can help you in a time of need, and to keep you all on the Red Road of Truth.

Also, the Lightworkers have made prayers and petitions for those sleeping souls to awaken to the Truth.  These petitions have made an astounding wake-up call. Many, many sleeping ones are awakening!  What a joyful event it is to the Lighted Realms. 

Mother Earth is on hold, even though she is at the last tipping point.  She waits patiently for every sleeping soul to finally see the Light.

I know how anxious the Lightworkers are to come home, but you must stay the course.  The work done for these souls has to come from 3D enlightened ones and with the help of the Lighted Realms.  It the Lightworkers were to be taken home, who is going to get the job done?

Lift-off at this time is one thing that would be dreaded by the Dark Ones, for Satan and his evil demons have been uncreated. His  minions, are in rage and are doing his bidding as they have been taught well. That is why it is such a joy to me that many of these ones are waking up to the TRUTH!  They are losing their control and do not want Mother Earth to graduate.  What is now happening is that balance is gradually being restored to the good side, as Earth has been until the control of the Dark Brotherhood for centuries.

Where to YOU stand at this time?  I am speaking to the enlightened ones at this time.  Have you been kind and loving to those living with you?   Have you included them in activities that you do rather than by yourself?  Have you treated each other with respect and dignity and made them feel like they are not worthy of your company? Has your behavior with those you live with appropriate?  Have you spent individual time reading and meditating?  Have you prayed for Mother Earth and the travail under which she is going at this present time? Am I sounding harsh?  Maybe so, but this message I am given you is important!

Just remember, that every thought, every action that you do while in your earthly flesh is recorded in the Akashic Records, and you shall judge yourself against what you have done in accordance to the Laws of God and Creation before you graduate.

If my words mean anything, each one of you look at yourself in the mirror and ask those stinging questions.  Of course, there are ones to whom you have spoken the Truth that have rejected it.  If that is the case, you must let them go on their own pathway. That does NOT mean that you shun them, but that you love them even more, for the answer to all is LOVE and Forgiveness.

What did Sananda do?  He told the Truth and treated others with respect.  At certain times he spoke to the Pharisee and Scribes to refute their lies about him and let them go on their own path.   

Is it any different today?  Let me tell you this.  Whom do you think reincarnated into your evil government?  What?  You do not know?  Well I tell you that it is those same Scribes and Pharisees that tormented Sananda have reincarnated at this present time.  They attack Christianity and “Jesus” and have done acts treason. However, their real goal behind the scene is you enlightened ones!  That is the prize for which they long for in attacking you to snare you to their doom.  They have almost won! 

What?  Yes, they have almost won!  I said ALMOST!  It is a joy to me the again tell you that many souls asleep have awakened to the Light within.  For that I am most joyful!

The struggle, the lessons, get harder as the end of this civilization approaches, for the hours and days are but few left before Earth moves to a higher dimension where no evil can exist.

Take the hand offered to you to walk these last steps to glory.  Pray for Mother Earth, for those living with you, and also that this great battle of evil against good that is raging in the ethers, as well on Earth, to be won quickly by the Light.

Stay focused! Stay in LOVE and Forgiveness for those around you.    You can do anything with that Great God Spirit within, and take our hand of help on your path’

My message to day may sound harsh, but it is because I love you with a great love.  Know that in your heart!