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ARCH ANGEL MICHAEL:  MY warmest greetings to all Lightworkers and souled ones up Earth Shan.  I have requested that Anne give you this message today.  The reason I say this is because we are in the very last days of this civilization upon Earth. 

As you have been told several times, Mother Earth has gained mjch soul growth over the lst 4.5 billion years since she was created.  She has endured the greatest of sufferings and still is to this very day.  Her request to be graduated to 5th Dimension has been granted, as she has earned such to happen at this very moment.

At this present time all the Pleiadian Starships are in position ready to evacuated the people of Earth.  They are on Red Alert waiting for this momentous event to occur.  She, alone, knows  when this event shall happen, so we go by the sequence of events to know when we of the Lighted Realms can prepare for the protection of all the living souls upon Motner Earth. That time has come.  Our ships are prepared in every way to make sure that all evacuations will be perfectly done.  Our great advanced medical teams are, also, prepared for anyone being beamed aboard should they have any problems with a higher frequency.  The Lightworkers should have no problem.  It would be those, who are not awakened to the Truth but elect to step into the waiting beam of ,that could have a physical problem.  We are aptly prepared in every instant to take care of everyone. 

Should an unenlightened one choose to be beamed aboard, he/she will have gained much in soul growth.  There could be some ones that would lose their physical life, but these ones would be transported to their level of soul growth. 

Just remember this, the evacuation process is for everyone to choose.   The children under the age of accountability are beamed aboard.  Of course we take care of all the animals, sea life and living ones upon your orb.  You have no idea of our great ability to take care of all life upon Earth.

Great cataclysms are to occur as Mother Earth turns on her axis. Such uproar upon her surface would not allow any living thing to survive.  I say this as as she turns upon her axis she graduates to the high frequencies of 5th dimension.  Therefore, there shall be not one thing left on your planet that is in 3D, a lower frequency.

As you are told in Chapter 5 of the Phoenix Journal 5, the process of Earth evacuation is told most clearly.  I do not have to reiterate what is said, for that is up to you to be informed of such an event.  I am only telling you that it could be at any time.  That is why this message is important for all souled ones.

 We of the Lighted Realms and the 200 Star Nations observing have been waiting for this event for a long time.    We now expect Earth to turn immediately.  She has NOT turned over, as yet.  What has made her hold off this event?  It is because of what is finally happening with the take-down of the evil.   It is the great change to goodness that is now in process on your orb. 

Our Trump Card is being played.  You ones in the U.S. are now under military control of the take-down.  That was given to them by your President Trump, who invoked this most important legislation of the Insurrection Act so he could give the Military of the US to be in control, but under his direction.  He is still your President....not the CEO of the U.S. Corporation, but President of the Republic of the United States! 

What has been so beautifully displayed right now is the activation of Trump's Executive Order #13848 which demands that all foreign entities, counties that have interfered with the Nov. 3, 2020 presidential election shall have all their assets frozen.  The U.S. Corporation of the United States, aka Washington D.C., is a foreign corporation residing upon American soil.  Their assets have been frozen. They are done- finished- and bankrupt

You have seen the list of those arrested on house arrest, given life imprisonment exiled or executed.  The list you see is only a very tiny list of those guilty ones,for the evil has gone so deep it permeates every town and city in your nation.

The evil ones that have been executed or imprisoned have been replaced with a clone so has not to cause any upset or riot or civil war at this present time.  What you see before your eyes is a great movie.  Trump is allowing all these fake clones to pay out their evil to educate you sleeping masses to the great evil under which you have been living.

Also, you should be reminded again that Trump's Space Force in cooperation with Russia's Cosmospheres have protected you all from the missiles aimed at taking all of America by the CCP (China Communist Party)

For you ones who have not awakened I tell you this.  Look around you at the Truth staring you in the face.  The Truth has been given to you in these last years for you to wake up.  These are the Phoenix Journals or the article "Truth in a Nutshell" for you to read and realize the utter lie under which you have lived.  Awake from your slumber, for the day will come when you shall regret the placement for which you have designed for yourself.  It is not pretty, for you shall have to start over from the beginning to gain your soul growth thousands of years without memory before you arrive back at where you are at this present time.  Awaken!.

I guard the enlightened ones with my great sword of Truth, Wisdom and Justice.  These few of the Flock of Sananda are totally protected.  I am delighted to know that more ones are coming to the Truth.  Heaven rejoices with even one souled one finds the Truth.

You have one day at a time given to you by Mother Earth.  She is thrilled at the move to goodness, but how long, no one knows.   Just use each day you are given to the best of your ability to live the Laws of God and Creation (posted to best you can.

I love all of you with a great love.