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LANTO:  I greet all the souled ones upon Earth. I have waited a long time for Anne to pen a message from me, and I am delighted to have this opportunity to speak at this time. I am the second Cohan of soft yellow and have much wisdom to share with all of you this beautiful Earth day.

It is with great delight and concern that I have this opportunity to clarify to you about the Great Flame of Creator God that is within each souled being.

I have spent many lifetimes upon Earth in the past, including the Orient.  If you remember the movie series called Kung Fu, you can consider me as the teacher and you ones as the grasshopper.  I mean no offence by that statement.

Lessons never stop and continue on even when one graduates to the 5th dimension, as there are endless dimensions ahead, as you shall continue to grow in spirituality until you are ONE with Creation.

The reason you souled ones chose to come to Earth at this very last civilization was to gaiat soul growth.  Have you done so? Each of you have a mission and heaven awaits for you to complete the task for which you made for yourself.

I. too, continue on my pathway of wisdom and understanding, and I work with my brother, the Great Teacher, Sananda. 

Now, I wish to speak clearly about your great God Spirit within each of you.  When you were born you were given that God Spirit, the connection to the Lighted Realms.  It could be compared to a tiny flame of fire burning within. 

You can compare it with a fire that you would start when camping.  You start a fire as a small flame, but with the work of adding fuel to that flame it grows into a mighty fire to keep you ones warm. 

So it is true of that Flame you have within.  Have you fed the flame with wisdom, Truth, knowledge and goodness?  Have you awakened to the great power you have, the same as Creation?  Have you fanned the flame to burst into a mighty fire of love?  I do not mean the physical love of a man and woman, but a great love for all that Creation has made for you in every blade of grass, every tiny insect, the air you breathe and everything possible for you to live in a paradise made for you to live and grow in spirituality.

Everything you see in your world even the tiny blade of grass has a life and connection to Creation.  Have you cared for what Creation has given you?

By that I mean, also, your Great Flame within.  Do you have the fire of desire, determination and dedication to fan that God Spirit within?  Are you putting your soul and proper care of your physical body which houses your soul #1 priority?

How can you help others, if you have not done your part to keep healthy, get proper rest and good food?  Or are you, at the age of a young man or woman housing a body of an 80-year-old? 

Centuries ago, humans live several hundred years.  Believe it or not there are those in the Orient who are 400 years old.  Can you guess their secret to live this long?  Anne has contacts that prove what I just said.  I will give you an example.

There was a birthday party given to a gentleman.  A person that was attending this event wondered how old he was, as there were only 4 candles on the cake.  The answer?  Each candle represented 100 years.

I am not telling you should live that long, only to fan that Great Flame within by your life style, eating properly, rest when needed, and feed your soul with the Holy Books of the Lighted Realms by reading and meditating with your Great God Spirit in connection with the Lighted Realms for Love, Guidance and helpfulness.

The God Spirit Fire within you shall show you lessons to learn.  Some may be hard, but they must be cleaned out just as a fire would clean out a forest where the brush and trees were too crowded.  Yes, fires like that are a part of nature. 

I am an adamant follower of the Laws of God and Creation and I, too work with the Great Teacher, Sananda. 

May you fan your fire within as you grow in great spirituality.  Read about the 7 great Masters, who are here to help you if you but ask.  Here are their names and what they are.

1.     EL MORYA-- the Stateman –-

2.    LANTO-the Sage   

3.    PAUL THE VENEITIAN - the Artist

4.    SERAPIS BEY- the Architect

5.    HILARION - the Healer

6.    LADY NADA – Gender problems and Responsibility

7.    GERMAIN - the Alchemist



The First Ray is the way of Leadership; the Second Ray is the way of Education; the Third Ray is the way of Philosophy; the Fourth Ray is the way of the Arts; the Fifth Ray is the way of Science; the Sixth Ray is the way of Devotion; and the Seventh Ray is the way of Ceremony. The Esoteric Colors of the Rays are: Red, Light Blue, Green, Yellow, Indigo, Rose and Violet. Just for hasty explanation, all the members of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays are identified as being in the Amethystine Or­der. This is the violet or amethyst (purple) Ray.


All of you souled ones can learn from each of us, as we are only a thought away. Take some that the precious time to read and study and re-read again and again to gain a higher level of understanding.

My blessings to all: